What is the price of economic ignorance?

A recent article by Bill Sardi has raised some interesting points concerning the safety of keeping your savings in a bank. However this quote succinctly from Mr. Sardi’s article puts our economic crisis in perspective:

A major problem is that Americans grew up without significant training in how to handle money. This appears to be planned. Ask any American if they know what fiat money, debt-based money or fractional banking is and they are usually clueless. This makes it easy to fleece the public of their wealth.

We have no one to blame but ourselves for our economic collapse. We must stop blaming our lack of knowledge on a failed educational system or the media. Anyone can advance their knowledge with just a little bit of initiative. However, our nation’s lack of knowledge concerning economic and monetary systems makes it easy for politicians and banks to fleece the sheep. What is the price of ignorance? Economic enslavement to the tune of a minimum of $130 trillion. Each taxpayer in the United States currently has a liability of over $1 million.

What is the difference between economic enslavement and slavery? None. Notice that the liability of over $1 million per taxpayer excludes people who are not paying taxes. Now ask yourself who are your masters if you pay taxes?

David DeGerolamo

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