What’s been lost

About 16 or 17 years ago, my husband and I drove from Alabama to Wyoming to get 4 goats.  We located the Nubian dairy goats we wanted online and contacted the breeder.  She hooked us up with a family in Kentucky that also ordered a goat from her, and we agreed to bring their goat to them in exchange for some help on the gas.

We left Alabama in our Dodge Caravan with a load of peaches.  I know that doesn’t sound like it makes a lot of sense, but my husband grew up on the Birmingham farmer’s market and had, over the years, run several small retail produce enterprises.  He knew produce.  And he knew Wayne Franklin, a farmer in Alabama that grew beautiful, grapefruit-size peaches.  We bought a load of peaches and planned on selling them along the way, to help defray some of the expenses of our trip.

It was a long trip.

We stopped at the Kansas City farmer’s market to try selling some peaches, but got a bad feeling there.  There seemed to be people in power who had the market locked up, so we went on down the road.

As we started into Kansas, we pulled off at the first small town and found a mom-and-pop grocery store.  The produce manager was a black man whose eyes lit up when he saw that load of fresh Alabama peaches.  We sold him quite a few.

We must have sold some more along the way there in eastern Kansas, though my memory is not clear on that, because when we stopped for gas somewhere in the middle of nowhere, we had just one basket left that we were saving to give to the goat breeder we were going to see.  There at the gas station, we looked with wonder at the landscape of the Great Plains.


h/t SouthernPrepper1


I miss what has been lost in America. Sunday night watching the Wonderful World of Disney, ice cream trucks driving through our neighborhood, family restaurants and a common culture. I understand why the traitors who usurped our government had to destroy our economy, culture, family and religion. I do not understand why we allowed them.

I miss America and I also hate “homeland”. It reminds me of Nazi Germany. Even the Nazis were not so evil as to develop a worldwide pandemic and then unleash a “vaccine” that would kill and debilitate millions. And to think that their rationale is that we are the “terrorists”.

David DeGerolamo

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Thomas Angle
Thomas Angle
1 month ago

I have been thinking the same thing for a while now. Something died a few years ago. You can feel the change, feel the evil and the tension. The calm before the storm.

Not all is lost. There are still a few people left that are that way. Not many, but a few.

I would love to see the west. If anyone needs someone to pick up some goat from Wyoming, I would be willing to go get them. Also, if you could talk my wife into moving there…

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Thomas Angle
Thomas Angle
1 month ago
Reply to  Thomas Angle

In my thoughts (was born in 1970, grew up outside a town of 300 people and everyone knew everyone). I can remember the 70’s. People where different then. Neighbors watcher out for neighbors. Neighbors also where not afraid to discipline you if you where doing things you should not have done. Men stood up for things they believed in. You where still semi-free. Things changed in the late 80’s where I lived. People changed then. Not sure how, but there was a change. I think they fell for I am all that matters, screw everyone else.

I do miss the time where things where simpler and people where actually likable.

1 month ago

It’s amazing what’s been lost in the last 20 years. It’s amazing what’s been lost in the 20 years before that. Lord how I miss America.

Hammers Thor
1 month ago

We’ve made several cross-country trips over the years. As youngsters, my wife and I traveled from the southeast to the southwest a number of times. Santa Fe was a beautiful town, and the desert southwest is absolutely enchanting. We never worried about crime, never encountered anyone less than kind, and it was a great experience.

The last time we went west was back in 2011 to visit family in Arizona for Christmas. Nothing along the way was the same. The towns we had driven through were almost all dead. Poverty was everywhere, stores were empty, and small towns were like ghost towns… we saw one where the entire historic downtown area was completely abandoned. Even Santa Fe, where we stopped along the way, was just a shell of what it had been. A small town called Globe, AZ was decimated, and it felt like a wasteland. We have not been back that way since.

Even in short trips around the southeast, we see the same thing. Entire towns just wiped out, with the only stores open being a Dollar Store, the liquor store and a place to cash checks. This is especially true in South Georgia, although we also saw it in SC. NC not quite as bad, but whatever you do, don’t find yourself having to use the facilities at a gas station between major towns.

It beaks my heart to have seen this once-great nation brought to such dilapidation. For those who live in the cities, with the manicured subdivisions and concrete forests, maybe they don’t see it, yet. They will be the last to suffer, but when it comes (and it’s coming) it will be exponentially worse than depicted in the Road Warrior or the Zombie Apocalypse. Hell, they’re already preparing us with the normalization of cannibalism. It’s interesting that it’s the people who live in these cities, for the most part, and their liberalism and their psychotic idealism who are ushering in their own destruction, while those of us here, away from all that, only wished to be left alone to live our lives, love and protect our families, and honor God. I am grateful that when the burning starts, the gas stations will be closed for good and they will run out of gas long before the hordes get here.

We allowed them to do this incrementally. A slow boil. Enslaving us one mortgage at a time, one car payment at a time, one subscription at a time, one medication at a time. Most didn’t even see it coming, and those that did and spoke up were ridiculed and dismissed. Even now, near the end, you will see football stadiums filled to the brim, concerts sold out, credit cards maxxed out, and people will watch it all on their $200 a month platinum cable plan.

The satanic monsters that run everything have planned well, and it may take nothing less than a cosmic natural disaster to end their reign. Mark my words, the number of people who die over the next several months due to “unknown causes” will be epic. And all the talk about “doing something” will only lead to being the moron who took a gun to FBI headquarters, then got assassinated in a corn field (metaphorically speaking, of course… I don’t believe that story any more than I believe the FBI was looking for classified records related to nuclear weapons at Mar-a-lago).

Are we doomed? Not necessarily. People are waking up. But it’s only August. The “October Surprise” is just around the corner. Best be ready, because whatever they have planned will dwarf EVERYTHING they have done to date just to hold onto power. They are doing this not because they think they’re winning. They’re doing it because they are terrified that they are about to lose, and that was never an option for them. They are terrified of us. They destroy our civilization, then blame us for exposing them for who they are. They are sick, they are evil, they are narcissistic sociopaths. They are also very, very dangerous. Brace yourselves. It would be suicidal to underestimate them.

“An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground… to rule over the ashes.” --Sun Tzu

1 month ago
Reply to  Hammers Thor

Having only two extremes (options); 1) “while those of us here, away from all that, only wished to be left alone to live our lives” and 2) Mad Max type of warfare, when the former doesn’t pan out is bent thinking (that which gave the land to the enemy). In and of itself, it shows that the people didn’t even understand their own Constitution, no matter how much one could recite it, memorize it, talk or study about it, but rather necessarily rendered it ineffective without an engaged and socially active public, which is a prerequisite for its functioning. In effect, it is completely at odds with hyperindividualism as it relates to capitalistic usurpation. The lifestyle of wanting to be left alone generally only works when mostly everyone is experiencing a general sense of well-being, otherwise it’s an invitation for revolution (internal and external). This is why conservatives, Christians, cultural Christians, many non-satanic and apolitical persons (essentially everyone who could have otherwise fought back against wrongful authority), have positioned themselves as sitting ducks. All of these groups were subverted by their own largely, by those who didn’t feel governing, the teaching and instilling of civic duties and responsibilities thereof were needful, but that somebody else would do it, namely ‘their satanic leaders’ who they glorified, touting that the nation “pray for their leaders”, defer to, and do what what they say. This goes to why so many disdain Christianity, the religion that stole their country from them (as is was the only social platform remaining).

1 month ago

“I understand why the traitors who usurped our government had to destroy our economy, culture, family and religion. I do not understand why we allowed them.”

1) Expecting anything other than this when institutions of falsehood were partly foisted upon the people, and also directed and steered by another faction (controllers) of the people, then there was the hierarchical level, consisting largely of freemasonic infiltration, influence, and duality that went undiscerned as the churches didn’t teach how to recognize error as applicable to doctrine or the practical application thereof, nor was critical thinking encouraged, but rather, singularly, submission to authorities (all of them), is not reasoned thinking, particularly in terms of the constitutional postulating many espoused.
2) Allowing abortion, which encouraged murderous behavior in men and women (extending to relationships) rather than taking responsibility for the life they procreated, which garnered hatred and disrespect between the sexes. Additionally, people would talk big talk when it came to their guns, and militias, but couldn’t and wouldn’t protect the unborn.
3) The reactionary posturing of conservatives to every outrage over decades, with no according plan for action, left the other side which was wholly prepared to affect and enact policies, set trends, shape the views, ideas, and thinking of the philosophical and ideological landscapes. Where was the cultural counterpart to the Tavistock Institute, for instance, or for the Frankfurt School; why weren’t proper economics taught? Expecting civically unequipped persons with untrained minds (via teaching, repetition), and no experience with what is supposed to be their own, and collective understanding of how to conduct national affairs is unrealistic. If people don’t even understand what their government is, it would be hard to take control of it.

1 month ago

Michael Savage has written that a nation cannot BE a “Nation” without three essential things:
— shared values
— common language
— a defined and protected border.
Yet, what we have witnessed for decades, via both legal and illegal immigration, has destroyed all three.
That slippery slope we all hear about? We are standing on it, wearing socks and it’s covered in banana peels.

a follower, working on it.
a follower, working on it.
1 month ago

Our memories (many) are clouded by forgetting these are from our youth.
What did we know or not know back then?
What were we aware of?
i wonder at times how much Truth is in what we now think we know! Internet , peoples opinions, Photo chop, Scripts, narratives, False flag ,excuses, fear, other peoples fear, and anger washing upon us daily, victims, complaining?
Be grateful each and every day, for all His gifts. Yahusha Machiak
Seek elements of good every day, you can still find them!

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1 month ago

Our old way of life is never returning as well as leave it to beaver sitcoms and alike, our government despises this type of lifestyle in these old shows and if they could they would burn all the old tv reels of everything wholesome that used to be American.
We all await patiently for our Lords return so he will put an end to these evil doers for once and for all, he’ll is in enlarging itself with these entities that inhabit people.