Why I am in the TINVOWOOT camp.

People often ask me why I laugh when they talk about how important voting is. They can’t seem to understand why I think an armed Revolution is going to be necessary.
Let me tell you how I came to be TINVOWOOT.
When Obama got re-elected I decided enough was enough. I had to get involved. I found that there was a local Tea Party group that met once a month locally and decided to go. At this first meeting that I attended the topic of the night was The Tea Party wanting to change their name from Tea Party to something else, anything else. Now this was my first meeting, I didn’t know a soul there. It was a good crowd about 50 people. I raised my hand and was recognized and given the microphone. I introduced myself and then proceeded to dispense some harsh truths. I told them that it didnt matter what they called themselves it wasnt going to change the Hatred that would come their way. It wasn’t the name they hated. It was what we stood for. I told them it was time to stand up and fight and be proud of our values and not try to hide them and be covert with some silly name change. That’s the short version. And just like that I gained my entry into the Tea Party. After the meeting was over the leaders of the Tea Party spoke with me afterwards. They wanted to know where I had been all this time etc. Anyway I continued to attend meetings and work with the group. Then I was asked if i would like to be on the Executive Committee for the local Republican Party. You see the local TEA Party group had practically gained control of the Republican Executive Committee and they felt that they could get me elected to the committee.
Long story short I was elected to the Rowan Republican Executive Committee. Next I was elected to be in charge of their website and social media platforms. A decision they would come to regret later. The executive committee in my eyes didn’t do much. We planned Lincoln-Reagan dinner, fundraisers, etc. But as far as what I thought they should be doing it was non existent. So after a year or so I decided to to ramp things up. I had written a Censure of our Congressman Richard Hudson, Please READ it HERE. Richard Hudson is what is commonly referred to as a RINO. You can see his voting record HERE. At one of our executive committee meetings I took to the floor and introduced and read the censure. A great debate erupted and you would have thought I was wanting to commit treason by the RINO’s on the executive committee. However the TEA party had the majority on the executive committee and a vote was brought to have it on the next months agenda for a vote to formally Censure Richard Hudson.
Fast forward to the next months executive committee meeting and everyone of the executive committee was present at the meeting and expecting the vote on the Censure. The Tea Party had the numbers. This was a done deal and in my eyes we were finally going to hold a representative accountable for his actions. After the usual opening procedural stuff for the committee the Chairmain of the committee banged the gavel and adjourned the meeting. All hell broke loose and we told them we wanted our vote on the Censure to be held. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I’m still unclear of why we never held the vote. The Rinos stormed out of the meeting and the rest of us were stunned.
It was over. The following month would be the convention and the RINO’s brought out all the money and the country club and Voted us out of Power. There was only one Tea Party member left on the executive committee.
I was done. You know they say all Politics is Local. Well even at the Local level the Deplorables get squashed.
There are very few that Value Freedom. There are even fewer willing to fight for it.

Links: https://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=10476



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2 years ago

Exactly right. We will never be part of the political elite without becoming what they stand for: expanding their own power. 2019 will be a year to remember.

2 years ago

I had the same experience with the Mississippi Tea Party, except I figured it out sooner.

2 years ago

What does TINVOWOOT stand for? I’m pretty sure I am one though. LOL.

Wes Rhinier
Wes Rhinier
2 years ago
Reply to  nancyccta

There is No Voting Our Way Out of This

2 years ago

Well, I can think of a few reasons why TINVOWOOT ……..

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