WRSA Radio Ep 130 – Corporate Tyranny

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11 months ago

I’m listening to Money & Markets with Catherine Austin Fitts & John Titus. Week after week, they describe the current destruction of our country by the “federal” Reserve Central Bank (primarily the NY fed).
It’s rich people’s banks that are failing because they allowed the whale deposits into their banks that were held by private depositors who purchased the fed’s Covid QE non-monetary bond purchases. The FED is the problem -- full stop -- going back to 1913.
Small banks are fine right now… and the fed heads are spewing completely false, jargon heavy descriptions that will float right over the head’s of most Americans.
I don’t know if you remember the change shortage at the beginning of the scamdemic. John Titus (YT Channel Best Evidence) still has his video up about it. He has clips of the Head of the Mint stating that they are above any previous production records… while at the same time, he has a clip of the Head of the Fed is saying that the US Mint can’t keep up.
The whole change thing was just another military grade psyop that most people would never figure out and Mr. Titus produces the proof that the parasitic Federal Reserve bank was lying all along. I tried to imagine the two of them running into each other at a reception… would the Head of the Mint be angry that his organization was being blamed by the organization responsible for this problem?
I just finished Margaret Stout’s second book on psychopathy: How to Outsmart the Psychopath Next Door (2020). Her last chapter is on organizational psychopathy, and she provides the worse case scenarios like Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. I know she has to have connected the dots on the C19 bio-weapon global democide brought to the world by the US Dept of Defense/DARPA… under the complete control of the Luciferian Central Banking Families:

  • Goldman Sachs Family
  • The Rothschilds Families of Paris and London
  • The Rockefeller Family
  • The Warburg Family of Hamburg
  • The Lehmans Family
  • The Lazard Family of Paris
  • Kuhn Loebs of New York Family
  • The Israel Moses Seif Family of Rome

They OWN the corporations through their banks. These are the people who own the “US Federal Reserve” central bank.

11 months ago

The public are providing sustenance to the elites (an unnatural and inverted system) because the corporate Christian church system along with the non-satanic side at large despise, are adverse to, or feel that governing is for the ‘others’ (the established hierarchy of authority). Conservatives and liberals alike allowed the stratification of skills due to economic standing in education (high tech instruction went to the monied, as does soldiering by not having a draft, and parenting with both parents in the workplace, the furthering of corporate strongholds and declining workforce by allowing a low-wage paying service economy to dominate the socio-economic and political landscape of a supposed constitutional republic/democracy (which can’t possibly maintain the participation required, being too busy managing poverty); the usurpation of industry and innovation to meet the needs of and partner with government entities (such as a Silicon Valley being an appendage of the government, and in fact all the intellectual and artistic capital has been hoarded by such and corporations for instance as with computer coding and according technologies effectively entrenching the technocracy), and what defines the realm of science has been redetermined and the arts have been co-opted effectively being rendered as forms of totalitarianism, and with what constitutes church and a church service being an unquestioning and subservient base for, and at the whims of the established protocols and varied policies of a misaligned republican party, military-insustrial complex (largely realizable by having a standing army) and medical-industrial complex, i.e., Covid-19 theater of operations; on-site mobile vans to vaccinate congregants, the unscientific social distancing and mask wearing, ultimatums of getting injected to attend a service or related activities, etc. It’s all freemasonry, or freemasonic-routed (the energies and abilities and the flow of money) to serve the elites. This country is too backwards to preserve itself and will prove to be unworkable and unfixable for other countries as well. Hence, the coming multi-force invasion.