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Consequences of Government without Accountability

North Carolina currently has a budget deficit of $3.7 billion and owes the federal government another $2.6 billion in unemployment benefit borrowing. We can thank Gov. Perdue’s eagerness for this debt: it is a direct consequence for taking stimulus money from … Continue reading

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Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) ARRESTED!!

There is a Birth Freedom March on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 to show law makers that we want them to license CPMs in 2011 and to show our support for recently arrested, Amy Medwin, CPM. Click here for details.

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Default of the Government Schools

What industry can sustain 25% failure rate and still exist?  The average graduation rate across the country in our government schools is 75%.  In cities like Detroit (21.7%), New York City (38.9%), Baltimore (38.5%), and Milwaukee, where teachers are protesting … Continue reading

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Workers’ Rights Are Human Rights”>httpv://

What a productive way to spend a day by standing right in front of a crowd of people chanting “Workers’ Rights Are Human Rights”. However, this enlightening experience continued as the speaker in the following video explained why North Carolina must satisfy … Continue reading

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North Carolina Is Out of Compliance with International Law”>httpv://

The following video outlines the viewpoint of real democracy voiced at the SEIU bus tour in Raleigh, NC on February, 2011. The speaker’s contention that North Carolina is out of compliance with international law since collective bargaining is illegal in … Continue reading

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Rev. Barber Outlines the People’s Budget”>httpv://

The Rev. Barber headlined the SEIU bus tour supporting the Wisconsin unions in Raleigh on February 21st, 2011. You can hear the counter protesters in the background of his speech voicing their opposition to an assault on our freedom. His … Continue reading

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The Jasmine Revolution Comes to North Carolina”>httpv://

The SEIU bus tour supporting the labor unions in Wisconsin was in Raleigh, North Carolina on February 21, 2011. This is the closing statement from Rev. Barber concerning the rights of the people and solidarity of the unions with the … Continue reading

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3% vs 47%

During the course of the Revolutionary War, approximately 3% of the colonial population was actively engaged in the fight for their freedom. This small number has always been a source of inspiration to show how passion can achieve great results. … Continue reading

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The United States Is Under Attack”>httpv://

The Democratic National Committee and Obama’s Organizing For America are responsible for directing the protests in Wisconsin. As these “union” protests spread throughout the country, Twitter and Facebook are being used as the social network tools for the administration’s efforts to destabilize our own … Continue reading

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What Happens When the Banks Close Their Doors?

The following articles dealing with banks are all less than three weeks old. While we are focusing on the emergence of “Democracy” in Egypt, a global financial collapse is ignored and our stock market seems to be unstoppable even though … Continue reading

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A Last Stand for Fiscal Responsibility Collapses

The following excerpts from Bloomberg Businessweek outlines what happens when unions are asked to take a cut in benefits:  Thousands of teachers, students and prison guards descended on the Wisconsin Capitol on Wednesday to fight a move to strip government … Continue reading

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Making Government More Efficient or More Socialist?

Thom Tillis is proposing a cap of 10 public bills on the members of the North Carolina’s Representative for each session as outlined in the following article: Members of the North Carolina House of Representatives will be allowed to introduce no … Continue reading

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Origin of Law, By: John Ainsworth”>httpv://

What is the Origin of Law in our country? A few quotes from our founders will help us, “We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and … Continue reading

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Glen Bradley Interview”>httpv://

Glen Bradley is the newly elected representative for NC District 49. httpv://

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Brian Bock Interview”>httpv://

Brian Bock is the chairman for the board of commissioners in Chatham County, NC. In the November 2010 elections, Mr. Bock, Pam Stewart and Walter Petty won the three seats that had been held by the Democrat Party. To put this … Continue reading

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