Blueprint to End Humanity

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11 days ago

Naomi great. Alex….don’t like listening to him. The only reason I watched the entire show was for Naomi.

11 days ago
Reply to  EddieHnatko

Know what you mean. Alex’s comments are usually off the wall, inappropriate summations of his interviewees’ comments.
Wolf tries to present information; Alex wants the sensationalism punchline all the time.
He’s a distraction and often real information becomes tainted by his participation.

Hammers Thor
9 days ago

Thank you for posting this, David. It was an outstanding interview, and although Alex can be irritating with his constant interruptions (maybe causing us to miss an important point Naomi was trying to make) overall I think it was well worth the time to watch in it’s entirety. I do believe we are facing an evil that is much more than just bad people. We are facing an existential threat, and only with action directed by divine guidance do we have a chance of prevailing. We are fighting a demon that is actively ending our existence.