BREAKING: Run on the Banks in China – Long Lines in Henan, Shanghai, and Dandong

People are reportedly lining up for hours in China to obtain money from their bank accounts in China.  The large cities of Henan, Shanghai, and Dandong are three cities where the lines are long.

After years of COVID mandates and a government that the average Chinese down deep doesn’t trust, the people of China are scared that they will not be able to retrieve their life savings.  In some cities, people are standing in line for hours to receive their money from their bank.



All three Asian markets that are open are down. People are clearing the shelves in Kaliningrad after Lithuania cut off access to this Russian province:

I wonder if people in Russia and China know something that we do not know.

David DeGerolamo

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gail jansen
gail jansen
1 year ago

Hear tell we may know mid-week.

Roth Harbard
1 year ago

If one studies history, one will see rhymes. Example: Hitler invaded the Sudetenland to liberate/protect fellow Germans. Not drawing any comparison as to moral character, but Putin’s SMO was commenced in order to liberate/protect fellow Russians. Now Lithuania is foolishly threatening the well being of Russians in Kaliningrad. We tend to look at historical wars as things that occurred suddenly. In fact, they did not. They ratcheted up gradually. Many folks maintain we are already in WWIII. I would have difficulty arguing the point.

tom finley
tom finley
1 year ago

Even in China they know more about reality than the dumbed down sheep in the communist states of America. A compliant and cowardly population of slaves, it is mind numbing to say the least, willing to take a kill shot for a plandemic that is 99% survivable. And send their children to the globohomo government schools to be indoctrinated. And still, they classify me a terrorist for believing otherwise, the goons are watching every website for dissent and making their lists, while we wait for our doors in the early morning to be kicked down, with thirty jack booted goons to take us away. Well good luck, take as many as you can to their deserved death.

Last edited 1 year ago by tom finley
1 year ago
Reply to  tom finley

Copy that.