The Disappointment Grows And Reality Needs To Be Faced

A Rally with strong words and catch phrases isn’t going to save our Republic. Sending emails asking for donations and that you need our help isn’t going to save our Republic. Calling people liars on Twitter isn’t going to save our Republic. Asking people to vote in a rigged election in hopes that the Republicans can retain the Senate, isn’t going to save our Republic. I could probably continue to list things, but you get the idea.

Is this it? Is this all President Trump has? Saying be there and be WILD, isn’t going to stop TPTB from reading the Electoral College Ballots and anointing Joe Biden the Presidency. Is this all Trump has? So far it looks as if he has no intention of executing his executive order or invoking the insurrection act. I grow more and more disappointed with each passing day. It should be obvious by now that this will not and cannot be won in the courts. They won’t even hear the cases. It is also very depressing to keep hearing from people, “What can we do?”

I think it’s time that people start facing reality. As of right now it appears that President Donald Trump isn’t going to do anything to save our Republic from this fraud of an election and the theft of our country.

And don’t tell me just give it two more weeks! Anyone else tired of hearing that? We’ve heard it all year!

There is no one coming to save us. It is going to be up to us, the dregs of society, the deplorables, and whatever other names these communist like to refer to us as.

I’m sorry to be writing such a depressing article. Things are getting dark and there isn’t much joy for this Holiday season. We have petty little tyrants everywhere across our land trying their best to restrict everything we do in our lives, and people for the most part are complying. That deeply saddens me. It’s hard to stand up, but just try it!

People keep saying that you are not alone. I understand that, but our numbers seem small. Unless we rise together en masse, they will take us down one by one! The sad thing is, is that someone, somewhere, has to be first. No one wants to be a martyr, but if we do nothing, then nothing happens and our country is lost. I have no idea how this goes and I’m terrible at predictions and scenarios. But I’ve heard the analogy of it being like popcorn. Something happens here, something happens there, then there, then here, and eventually it all pops off. Seems plausible. But that first kernel has to pop.

I will never accept this fraud of an election. And swearing in Joe Biden will be an Act of War! After January 6th we are going to know which way the wind blows. It will be time for our cold anger to turn hot! It will be time to stand and I don’t mean hold rallies and protest, for those actions mean absolutely nothing to the other side. This evil throughout our country must be eliminated, right down to the very smallest of local levels. It’s not going to be pretty. Millions of gallons of blood must run the streets. As the saying goes, the Tree of Liberty is looking mighty thirsty. Once this starts, it is going to be messy like nothing you’ve never seen. Best harden your hearts and get your mind wrapped around that. Do not even think of shedding a tear for these domestic enemies. They are enemies of our Republic and they hate everything that we cherish and stand for. We tried doing things the right way. We have exhausted all our options. The cartridge box is all that we have left now.

I’m not even sure why I write anymore. I feel as though I have said all that needs to be said. But I keep coming back to let you know that you are not alone. There are other people who have the same thoughts you are having. I’ll keep fighting and the fighting is about to get ugly. I’ve made my decision long ago. Some of you need to make the decision now. We are going to be fighting in our own backyard. I will never submit to communism and evil.

Our Founders were willing to die for the rights espoused in the Declaration they crafted and signed at their own peril. Now it’s our time. Our time to pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

May God have mercy on us all.


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    • Novashift says:

      Did it ever occur to anyone, that possibly TRUMP is in on all this?? I mean let’s just think seriously for a moment. If he does nothing that helps, then where does he stand? It is either one side or the other, period. Wouldn’t that be a massive depressing disappointment to learn that the one person people thought of as who could fix everything was actually a team player for the very people he publicly claims to be against. This may not be very likely to many, but is it so far fetched that it is not possible people? C’mon, really think about it. If he really loved this country would he have just let all those people destroy our cities for so long? I can tell you if the decision was mine I would have had the military eliminate those pukes in one fast swoop over night and put an end to it. Is that not the America we are supposed to be? Are we not supposed to put up with that kind of crap? Are not our forces, sworn to protect against enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC!!?? And speaking of foreign…..China is proven to have helped steal the election AND attacked our country digitally with a massive hack, and we just apply more sanctions!?!? Lets be real…..folks… real retaliation is going to occur, we are only going to slip further down the turd drain, likely because they are all sold to the communists, all parties. America, what it was supposed to be, meant to be….is long over. I HOPE AND PRAY I AM WRONG. I REALLY, TRULY DO. Because if I am not, we haven’t seen anything yet and the worst is yet to come by far. If I’m right, hug your family tight while you still can. And PRAY!

      • rlm4765 says:

        You are not far from the truth because no matter who sits in the oval office, a banking cartel has been moving America since 1913 toward a climactic last 8 years that will likely commence this decade:

      • Chris Craig says:

        I think your thought has logic behind it. He chooses one Deep state Globalist then fires him only to hire another. He knows how the CIA and FBI are full of infiltrators but does nothing in 4 yrs to move any of these people out. Then we have Si op Q anon . We are still waiting for the 100 thousand indictments. The vaccine was the first item that lead me on this road of not questioning Trumps motives. He knows Bill Gates is heavily invested in these vaccine companies. But he trust Bill Gates and the vaccine as if he cant read any of the warnings about Bio Genetics to control the mind? I gave him the benefit of the doubt as to may be he is afraid for his families lives. But If the main deep state goal is to get our weapons and put us in internment camps not much better way to deny culpability then to cause leaks of distrust and provoke the right into starting the violence . This way we kill each other ,expend ammo , make Christian Patriot terrorist list legit in worlds eyes, and give left legal right to remove weapons via UN troops. Win Win Win for Globalist without doing a thing but leak Dominion and harmful vaccine effects. If we stand down we still have our guns and we can draw the left out to do illegal home invasions for guns and loose support of the eyes of the world.

        • laura ann says:

          I soon realized Trump was deep state, did not drain the swamp or have anyone arrested, He let J. Kushner who has friends in deep state, run the gov. ongoing telling Trump what to do daily, then Fauci pushing covid rules on everyone. We have lost this country and it is over and done. Civil War is next. Lets see what Oath Keepers do on Jan 4th in D.C. w/ other militia groups meeting w/ rifles. Get your house in order and affairs now, this is going to get worse.

          • Kevin Robert Lewis says:

            If we ignite in this day and age as soon as our reserves are low the UN or China and Russia will move in and take what’s left of us out like sitting ducks. In fact I think this is what they are waiting for and why ammo is short every where.

          • DRenegade says:

            May your chains rest heavily on your shoulders for you are no countryman of mine.

          • Miguel Palafox says:

            Laura, I agree with you. I read Wes’ comment and feel the same way. It’s torment thinking, “OK, just one more day and Trump will really let ’em have it”. At the end of the day, nothing. The fear and frustration is real. Pretty much ALL states have militias. I’m waiting to see what they’re going to do AFTER the 6th of January! I trust in Jesus, yes, and pray for our nation. Yes, starting to set things in order of personal affairs. God bless everyone who believes and willing to fight for the good of our posterity!

          • Dennis Kelly says:

            More and more I’m afraid you’re right. I agree Jan. 4 5 6 will be defining days.

      • kevin james says:

        Amen brother. I assume you are a countryman brother… Sick of it beyond words. Let it begin. Not behind Trump or any party for that matter. I just want justice. I want to see us citizens hauling off criminal lawmakers to the gallows. I want to see street justice and a power in the hands of us the people.

      • LoneWolf says:

        I’ve wondered the same thing. We’ll probably never know…

      • Cosmo says:

        Not very likely? To my mind it’s a certainty…Warp Speed Vaccines for a ‘virus’ that’s never been actually isolated whilst massive data regarding the Depopulation Plan of Agenda 21 indicates the fake virus/Plandemic is THE culling & if he’s our Saviour.why did he cut an ad for Bill Gates GAVI and give multi millions of Govt. money to them? Do research on Fauci…he’s a known liar and was one of two who are responsible for killing millions of AIDS patients w/ AZT; a chemo agent removed from the schedule due to its toxicity. Trump’s The Pied Piper…leading everyone to their destruction via loss of freedom: job, savings, home, health & most of all HOPE. Meanwhile he’s strutting on the stage spewing his same Rah Rah with nothing being done to help Americans. Remember, at his innauguration, he recited an extremely inappropriate poem “The Snake”…and the memorable last line: “You knew I was a snake before you took me in”…..Last: Watch the vids and visit the website for that Dr. Strangelove character Klaus Schwab and his WEF World Economic Forum…Quote: “You will own nothing & you will be happy”…The plan to kill most of us and use a method called transfection via vaccine to manipulate our DNA to ‘Become One With The Cloud”.in other words, half human half robot…Klaus Schwab is a certifiable maniac but check who attends his conferences at DAVOS every year…Trump was there…Whether he remains or matters little..we’ve been auctioned off and sold out. Do Not Take The Vaccine, if it doesn’t kill you quickly it will kill you slowly or, for those rare individuals whose systems can handle it, it will change your DNA & the Nano Particles in the crap will be activated by 5G. They will track you via your own system responding to AI via 5G. How is it so few know and/or understand what has been happening whilst everyone supports MAGA. Trump is owned by the banksters & Wall Street…he owes multi-millions & this is his last gig. He’s likely made a deal that protects his family & their children and the hell with everyone else. Get informed…if there’s any possibility of escape from what they plan…First you must know what they plan. Everything I’ve written here is available online…every word. I pray for all of us. God Bless America now, when we most need it.

        • Marti says:

          I went back and checked out the inauguration speech and could not find the quote you reference. Trump did make the speech about the snake at the CPAC meeting on 23 February 2018 and it created a stir as it was reportedly referring to illegal immigration. Are you sure he also said this at the inauguration? If so can you provide which section of that address? Thanks.

          • cookcook18 says:

            cosmos is incorrect. If I recall, he made the snake poem part of several of his campaign speeches -- or maybe it was his rallies? not sure. But it wasn’t at his first inauguration.

      • Samsha101 says:

        Finally, you Trump people see the light!! Why do you think Trump relinquished control to FEMA in April and extended it in October? Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rockefeller’s, Trump’s 9th cousin is Hillary Clinton (he talked about how much he respected her and Bill at a dinner a short while ago) and he spent Christmas with George Soros in 2009. They are stalling patriots until they can take over. He rolled out poisonous vaccines and turned a blind eye while people died from suicide and overdosed and lost their businesses due to the Coronahoax. A war needs to be fought, but not against the left, they divided everyone on purpose. Anyone that can see the truth must unite and fight the globalists… now.

        • NO. The “Left” is a worthwhile target all by themselves.
          The LEFT should not be spared whatsoever. THEY promoted the coronaHoax and made life hell for every conservative nationwide the last 30 years. They need to be eliminated lest they spawn all over again.

          The LEFT promotes and condones everything that I would fight and die to stop.
          Abortion, Immigration, Gay Marriage, Transsexualism, Drag Queen Story Time, Pedophilia and on and on.
          Time to cull the Leftist brood once and for all.
          E-7 Ret.

          • laura ann says:

            Husband ret. army ’81 (non combat personnel spec.) He said if we had more men w/ spines who would resist it wouldn’t have gone this far. was in 69th Armor div. in Viet Nam ’71.

          • Samsha101 says:

            You are falling into the trap that the globalist want you to fall into- they want us fighting and killing off each other, not looking at where the problem started, making their job easier. They are pushing buttons so a Civil War can be started and they can send in their UN Peacekeepers never to leave. End of us as a Republic. From there the UN demonic army will be placed everywhere else on earth. Game over for humanity. Your fight right now is not with the left- the media and globalists are programming a divide. The fight is with the Globalists, WHO, the global corps, the UN, the Workd Economic Forum and politicians who have been planning this for a very, very, long time.

      • sue says:

        He will have to prove it. We’re waiting.

      • Pistol Pete says:

        -Project pogo, Project zyphr-

        Although created as a psyop the premise is still valid.
        Put your faith in the man standing at your shoulder, the one that has skin in the game -- we the people, trust no others.

      • windler says:

        I have thought that as well. The only other option is that he IS giving the orders but no one is willing to follow them. I’ve long thought he was not really in charge because of who is around him. Either way, this will have to be decided at the bullet box now.

      • Wray says:

        Novashift…Yup, that thought has started to cross my mind in the last few days. Especially when I heard about a Rally, I’m thinking a rally for what? Unless he make a move before Jan 6, and I agree with the article, it seems less and less likely, there is nothing to rally for. We just keep hearing wait for this or wait for that, big news coming, but just more of the same. Like the DNI report, has that been issued, I know it isn’t a public report, but the President was supposed to have it on the 18th, and now it is the 22nd and we don’t know. We just hear rumors. But regardless if Trump is or isn’t a Patriot, even if he gets in, it is only for 4 more years. The demoncrats have been patiently and consistently putting their agenda forward for decades now, 4 more years won’t matter, they will eventually get back in the Whitehouse and continue our downfall. So many people are deceived, they will welcome their destruction, and not even know life as we have known it is over. For them it will all be for the betterment of humanity. I look at what the Bible says will be happening as the church age draws to a close, and it’s happening! It is my opinion that Satan is implementing his end times one world government, whether that takes another year or 10 more years, it is going to happen. I also am not 100% sure about the rapture, I’m praying it is pre-trib, but preparing in case it isn’t!! And you’re right, the one thing we can all do is Pray!!

      • Bubby says:

        He is in on it. He has not drained the swamp or built the border wall in 4 years, people! Look at what he hasn’t done, not his words. He has not walked the walk. He is not the savior. We cling to the Lord Jesus and defend our country from these communists, on both sides of the aisle.

      • miforest says:

        trump is not in on this. they have focused the entire media, both parties, and the whole deep state apparatus on attacking him for 5 years. It has laid bare that our government is completely bought. there is no way they wanted that to happen.

    • Martin Lisota says:

      I’m with U all my brother’s!! And I’m willing to do what is necessary!
      We just have try and get this ball rolling!!
      I’m tired of being steamrolled by traitorous assholes!!

    • Samsha101 says:

      Finally!!! You Trump people see the light!!! Many of us saw the political theater for what it was and wondered how you could not see it!!! Trump pulled out of WHO and put his money in GAVI- both are funded by Bill Gates. He never stopped the shut down of churches, he never called out the fraud of the Coronavirus even though the psychological torture measures straight out of a communist handbook. He was pulled out of bankruptcy by the Rockefeller’s years ago and spent his 2009 Christmas with George Soros.Oh, and by the way Trump relinquished power to FEMA in April and extended it another six months in October. Hillary is his 9th cousin and he went to a party of hers not long ago and said how much he respected her and Bill. Did I mention his Warp Speed injections he could not wait to get to the people? He was put into office to betray us all. He is a bad guy, one of the worst in my opinion. Glad to have you on board.

    • L. A. McDonough says:

      We can’t expect more than 3% of adults to stand up against these Marxists. Majority adults knows nothing about the reset globalist plan or the infiltrated Marxists since early 20th century that must be takendown or this country is no longer. By mid Jan this country will either fall to Marxism or get back on track. I see little hope becasue the average person is really stupid. (I have cut all ties w/ former friends/relatives stuck in stupid.)

      • cookcook18 says:

        L.A. -- I hear you -- and wish you weren’t so right. It will be a small number who resist -- it was that way in our War of Independence’ -- very few stood up, most hunkered down and hoped.
        I too have little to nothing to say to those who’ve ‘drunk the koolaid’ -- I mean, what can you say to those who’ve abdicated their thinking?!

    • The Capitol will be surrounded on January 6th, 2021.

  2. Rifleman1775 says:

    It is time and it has been time for a long time. We need a leader, true organization, and logistics.

    • TOMS says:

      Indeed. The first revolution was planned in taverns, churches, and eateries…which coincidentally face the tightest controls. Hmm…and yes…there’s no stomach to go it alone, nor is there any kind of organization. Here we are, a few million all waiting for “someone” to do “something”. I just don’t see it, being objective. Though I loathe the thought of this being passed to my kids and grandkids, I’m not getting any younger. I see lots of great memes and motivators, but that’s about it. May God provide what it will take, while He tarries. ‘Til then, give me a heart more zealous for my Christ Jesus.

  3. woody8834 says:

    I have to believe President Trump has more is in the works than this, and I trust him but being a person of reason. I’m beginning to believe our the legal means when dealing with the forces of Satan is becoming a mute point — -So its almost time to go Gen Sherman on the liberals and make them s——- . All we need is the word and lets see where that takes us — to the door step of congress? and supreme courts ?first or the capitals of the States? anyone of these destinations would be fine — where ever, when ever the vermin eradicated == like BLM

  4. SFC Johnny US Army Retired says:

    Mr Wes you are dead nuts on and your thoughts are exactly what most of us are feeling. Thank you so much for writing each day for patriots need water the same as the tree of liberty.

  5. RAFO says:

    I can’t believe Trump put this plan into action with his EO of September 2018 to catch the bastards in the act, and wouldn’t follow through with that plan. What then was the purpose of catching them in the act if not to do something about it? No, I have to have faith in God, Trump, and my fellow deplorables. Trump is a genius and I believe he’s simply letting the left extend themselves to their full measure of evil. He knows by now SCOTUS Judges Roberts and Kavanaugh are part of the problem. This whole thing has been orchestrated to expose ALL the evil, which it’s done. Be patient and have faith… the hammer is coming down soon. Trump has been patient and waiting to get all the traitors to expose themselves. It’s almost time for the round-up to begin.

    • Scott says:

      Good question, if Trump does not act right now. Biden will involk the Insurrection Act on us.

      • Virgil Caine says:

        I have been thinking the same thing Scott. If we wait till they get the power “officially”, we probably will not stand a chance. Things are a little easier having our guy as commander and chief. Once the dems have all three branches + military, it will probably be over…

        • laura ann says:

          It IS now over. Oath Keepers and other militia groups w/ rifles will converge on Wash DC 1/4/21. All Oath K have rec’d emails on this.

      • TOMS says:

        Perhaps…that is exactly the motivation we will need. We have had it too good for too long. We’ve grown soft. Very soft. Hard time make hard men, good times make soft men. Perhaps when we begin to suffer, go hungry, have our precious “stuff” taken form us, then maybe we’ll act. Not being wiseass either…being purely objective.

        • laura ann says:

          Toms: generations (several) have been softened up thru gov. education (real patriots homeschool or find other solid schools) socialism pushed in schools and msot churches (501c3) apostate clergy/FEMA response team members leftist controlled at the top hierarchy levels (all denom.) people are apathetic, nihilistic and stuck in stupid. Older ones many have given up in their community because people refuse to hear facts. Others are worried people will lable them conspiracy nuts or will lsoe customers. Few patriots left today alive, that’s is the worst part.

      • Paul R Muessig says:

        Got THAT right! The minute they shuffle Uncle Joe off the stage to feed him his oatmeal, Commie LaHarris will declare martial law in any state (read “Red States”) that dares to put up ANY resistance to the globalist agenda. CA? NY? IL? MI? WI? All fine. AL? WV? FL? TX? Sedition!!! Treason!!! Like Lincoln she’ll bring the full force of the US Gubmint on them to “quell the rebellion”. Obey or die. We need to be ready for that.

    • John Schuurkamp says:

      Yes, President Trump has disarmed the enemy to the point where they feel victorious and emboldened, yet the hour is near and the wraith of God’s will, shall be unleash through his modern day David, his anointed one, President Trump and this evil scourge will be scoured from the face of the earth !!!!

      John Schuurkamp

      • What you are declaring is totally right. This is what the Lord told me to say: There is nobody like my God
        King of Kings and
        Lords of Lords
        He is a man of War!
        and to declare: RESTORE, RESTORE. Not to stop saying it. Our words are very powerful when spoken with faith. They are like heat seeking missiles. That is part of our warfare. We will win if we do not lose hope and faint. The other part of our warfare is to have courage to pick up our guns to defend our families and country.

    • Chris says:

      Trump and family have been demon rats their whole live..includes now he’s quite the Trojan horse guy to usher in the NWO. Take your Trump vaccine, mask up surfs.

    • laura ann says:

      Trump is controlled and manipulated as all puppet presidents since W. Wilson in early 20th century. Leaders are threatened incl family members and other guidlines used to keep these puppets in line for the deep state control freaks. It is so obvilous now that he is one of them. No insurrection act ever will be called. Many have been fooled and this was all planned.

  6. He doesn’t need the insurrection act! All he needs to do is appoint Sidney Powell as a Special Prosecutor and she will have the power to subpoena and order arrests. She will be able to give the order to seize voting machines without troops in the streets (Without overkill potentially triggering a violent uprising by the left). THINK MAN!

    • Jay Dee says:

      I relish the thought of a “Violent uprising from the Left”.
      It would give us the excuse to wipe them out to the last creepy leftwing scumbag.

      Shoot a commie, save America.

  7. Space Commando says:

    I’m with you 100% Wes. The question is, if we choose to make the ultimate sacrifice that you refer to in this post where is that action to be focused on to get the best result possible? It’s one thing to be willing to sacrifice your life to defeat communism, evil and tyranny but it’s entirely another to do so where that ends up being a meaningless gesture, especially when you consider the fact that anyone that chooses to do something like that will instantly be branded a crazy person or some lone wolf nut. And that’s if that story is even covered and gotten out to the people at all. One thing patriots should focus on right now is an alternative way of communication that doesn’t rely on big tech or other means that are easily controlled or shut down. If like minded individuals can’t communicate regarding these issues the battle is going to be lost before one shot is fired.

    • Samsha101 says:

      Do not go after the so-called left… people need to unite together- both left and right, put aside their differences and go after the bankers, politicians, global corporations and the globalists!!! We must do this to win for all, they are playing this game all around the workd with divide and conquer.

    • maria says:

      If we don’t act together as a group, we have no power to change anything, and they will pick us off one by one.

  8. Terrence Devlin says:

    I’m in my fifties. I think people my age or older are willing to sign up and go in there first. I am ready.

  9. AsheDina says:

    Trump should have arrested the Communists and their GOP allies on Jan 21, 2017.
    He only has about 28 days to do so.
    I am sorry, but I dont believe he will and Obama is already leading amnesia brain Biden and trampy Kamala.
    That horrible drek is going to be the ‘leader’.

    The only thing Trump had to do was arrest them all. All of the evidence from Wikileaks, the murder or Seth Rich and many others.
    This is going to become a hell on earth.


    • Deborah says:

      Trump’s a pretty smart man and he has constantly displayed his love for this country. There’s plenty of time to implement the plan I’m sure he has. I believe these arrests will be conducted by the military sometime soon. Stand tall and keep the faith.

  10. Greg says:

    Trump is a 5 time draft dodger. Why would anyone ever expect heroism and leadership from this turd.

    • domackis says:

      And you know someone else who put their a$$ on the line with so much to lose besides the founding fathers? You think his sacrifice isn’t serving the country more than serving in a BS war in Asia? Wake up!

      • Greg says:

        I had two uncles come home from Vietnam in coffins…Trump fights his personal Vietnam War by staying in the States and attempting to not get a venereal disease…my brother comes home from Vietnam as a paraplegic. In my humble opinion, Trump and his “sacrifice” don’t quite measure up to the real sacrifice my family members made in service to this country along with the many thousands of others who also sacrificed…your comment is absolutely INSULTING.

        • laura ann says:

          Greg: that Viet N. war was rigged, there was no gulf of Tonkin incident, husband over there in ’71 69th armor div., my sister’s fiancee killed, several our classmates also. We had no bus. overthere, Lady bird Johnson made hugh rofits off that war w/ her investments her and LBJ- president. wars for profits, war justified to defend this country only not other people’s country. My uncle flew bombers ww2 over Japanese islands in the pacific. Now many drive their cars. All about money it seems.

          • woody8834 says:

            Unfortunately for all we lost a lot of Good American over their and everyone feels loss differently and all that lived during that time see things differently but one thing for sure -- We all lost something during that war — Faith in our Government — we began to see it differently — every war is fought and the real debt falls on those in the classes that can’t pay off the man — I myself remember my friends going -- drafted, not a lot of volunteers in the later part of the war — and we all know why-- but it still doesn’t lessen the hurt that those who lost family, nor does it allow us to tell them why they shouldn’t feel anger toward people who ducked out — right or wrong — because we are all human -- The real criminal here is the men behind the curtain who use people like poker chips — I spent 22 yrs playing the game and know it well — Hopefully we can all come together now at this minute and see one common enemy

    • Jim Wood says:

      I think President Trump was allot like most wealthy kids at that time but I also think that his life was transformed sometime where he understood the meaning of service — as a vet in the mid 1970s -- I remember kids at 18 going to Nam — and remember their feeling of Dread after everyone found out it the truth and losing their family — After the war — they let all those Traitors come back from Canada — now we are Trading partners with the North and those who sent us off to come back in body bags became rich and now they are running DC -- So President Trump is my Hero now — He is our last hope -- and has showed more Balls than most everyone in the DOD — Pray for him to be wise and use the force he wields with care but swiftly without mercy until the Republic is saved

    • Quatermain says:

      Draft dodger is a badge of honor. The illegal and unconstitutional draft was destroyed by massive non compliance and monkey wrenching. we can learn a lot from that episode in order to take down the entire government if needs be.

      • Tom Groesch says:

        Too bad you weren’t a replacement in the infantry for one of the badge of honor winners
        who ran as soon as they got shot at.I was there, and you don’t know what your talking about.No,
        I didn’t kill women and children,I gave them food because they were starving.

        • Quatermain says:

          No disrespect intended for anyone who served their country. No smear to our military implied, and I am not sure how you got any of that out of what I wrote. i was merely calling the draft out for the gross illegality it was. The draft was destroyed by activism and is a good model to start with on how to bring down the current mess. I was there.

    • Virgil Caine says:

      I couldn’t disagree with you more Greg. Trump VOLUNTARILY walked away from a kush life and walked into a hornets nest. When he leaves he will undoubtedly have a life full of lawsuits, smear campaigns and have to live the rest of his life knowing he had the full power of every institution in our government steal an election. To me, that is a leader I can get behind and support. When you are attacked from all sides, you must be doing something right…

  11. Fed up says:

    Count me in as well. I for one am damned sick and tired of the corruption, sleaze, grifting, and most of all the tyranny. You are spot in no one wants to be the lone martyr, myself included. At this point I’m ready to jump but will try to find the patience until Jan. 6th. If nothing happens to stop the steal by that day I believe our only true course of action will be for the patriots to take it back ourselves. Hold the line brothers in arms, the road forward is going to be bumpy. God Bless us all.

  12. JoAnn Smith says:

    I have to say after this weekend the 20th of December, I had hoped Trump
    To dissolve this threat by force. Evil only listens to a bigger bully.
    We need a big guy general to come forward. Organize the troops
    First. Thier intimidations have been given way to much time!!
    Iam concerned very concerned. Anyone watch the movie “glorious 39”?
    When England was infiltrated by Germany to regular English people.
    Some became spies some became patriots. First they killed all of thier pets.
    Trying to escape England too…

    It gets worse, we who don’t know how to deceive or even to begin to understand deception
    usually become deceived.
    For awhile!! Have not we learned our lessons.

    I cried today…stumped at Trump. I read he has a hard time trusting
    Anyone in his cabinate anymore. GOD CAN come at the last minute..
    Or minutes…but he does not always, Chinese Christians are going
    Through hell. I just wanted to voice my concerns. War is colder
    And darker than most of us yuppies know, we have always had
    Our military on our side?? Iam 72 I really am sad today. I love
    My country,, my 1950tys songs, and Christmas carols.
    Is our flag going to still wave? Star Spangle Banner…I hope to
    Still sing

    • Jay Dee says:

      “Christians” have zero business living in China.
      Stop the worldwide proselytizing and “Christians” have no worries.
      Not everyone believes in the your sky fairy.

      • GenEarly says:

        Simple enough, Christians can come to the USA and You can go be comfortable with the godless Chicoms.

        • Gunny HiWay says:

          The Chinese are not “Godless” you fool, they invented Confucius 500 years before Christ and No, I will stay in the country I served for over 25 years.
          I tolerate Christians just fine. The CHINESE DO NOT.
          LEFTISTS DO NOT.
          I am NEITHER.

          BTW… The 1st commandment was “Thou shalt have only ONE God.”
          You didn’t read the memo.

          E-7 Ret.

  13. CS says:

    Trump hasn’t said that he not going to use the insurrection act….

    He’s declared quite publicly that he’s not going declare b martial law…. He’s very specific in his language. Martial law isn’t in the constitution.

    Declaring an insurrection doesn’t need martial law, but can still move the trials to military tribunals
    without declaring martial law, and Trump can do everything he needs without martial law. He probably finds it funny that he can “fake news” that phrase and call Bolton “stupid” for suggesting it …

    Having cellar foreign election interference, arrests of energy diagram can be made, and all done under clandestine operations … I think Trump is using his time and letting the Constitutional process work …

    • John Woodell says:

      Amen brother. I’ve also come to the same conclusion.

    • Mrs. Moldthan says:

      Can he do it in the next 11 days? Because once Biden vote is certified on January 6th it will be too late. Am I mistaken? Please let me know as I would like nothing more than to find out I’m wrong.
      I wanted to thank the author of this article for writing it. It touched my heart deeply to read such a heartfelt gut wrenching declaration of grief, frustration and sadness. It’s a very difficult thing to watch. You have spoken what so many of us have felt. You have voiced our concerns and listed each one accurately. I thank you for that. I feel closer to my fellow Americans than I ever have before, a greater compassion, love and I am thankful that there are more of us than there are of them. In fact, I believe our President won by such a landslide that there’s a lot more of us than we realize! So we have less than 30 days now. We know this. But one word of advice to you all and I pray you take it to heart…

      Don’t count the days. Make the days count.
      Embrace your children, tell your spouse how much you love them, turn off the tv, the phones and spend quality time as a family. Pray together, work together and put your trust in God alone.

      • KS H says:

        Pence has to read the electors votes in January and he can stop this bullsheet. Will he?

        • Mrs. Moldthan says:

          Mike Pence leaves to go on vacation January 6th. He is going to Europe. It was headlines yesterday.

        • maria says:

          Pence is not to be trusted. He was meeting in secret with traitors McCain and Romney back at the beginning of their term

          • Mrs. Moldthan says:

            You are right. Less than 24 hours ago I saw the report in headlines that he was going to Europe on okthe 6th specifically Ireland. He went there last year. Now suddenly that story disappears and the new story is he will got to Israel on the 6th and then several other countries.

  14. Gregg W says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing for the past several days. I even don’t sleep well thinking about all of this. My ONLY thing I cling to is God. I keep praying for help through all of this but we have to wait. I think God is allowing this so we will draw even closer to Him. We Americans consider ourselves pretty self-reliant. Well, guess what? God wants us to rely on Him no matter what. Does that mean we all survive? No. What actions we should take are still not clear. At some point the enemy may come to us and we will be forced to act. I can’t get away from the belief that all of this is the beginning of God’s judgment on this nation (and then the world). We have been warned for decades but nothing has changed. Our sins have gotten worse (as a country). We’ve been betrayed by our “leaders”, courts and businessmen; Gods judgment will hit them too. I know there are good people in this land but there are so many traitors and liars.

  15. Angry Sovereign Citizen says:

    Excellent and realistic article. It’s time for us to rise up and push back. We need a coherent movement with patriotic organizers to begin the uprise. As individuals we can begin with civil disobedience which can rapidly morph into larger acts of civil disobedience and eventually decide if we can carve out a territory of our own in the existing continental United States with a new set of leaders and political orientations. None of the existing political parties care or will help us. It’s all been a carefully scripted psych op to demoralize us and weaken us while the real agenda is rapidly implemented. We need to get started prior to the inauguration otherwise it will be too late. The pandemic has been well documented that it’s really a plandemic/scamdemic as a cover for a new global neofeudslistic economic system. This system will usurp all national interests, constitutions, and common laws resulting into world slavery system. This insane plan is now feasible for the elite mother corporation and all its subsidiary corporations due to the exponential rise in technology and surveillance. This is truly humanity’s last stand. We all need to stand and be counted in our resistance to this psychopathic agenda. Μολον Λαβέ.

  16. Jay says:

    We have to live with that which we are willing to tolerate. We Americans have allowed ourselves to be seduced into tolerance of evil by the enemies of our soul and of our country and many have scoffed at those who attempted to tell the truth, labeling them conspiracy theorists.

  17. Mike F says:

    If Trump does invoke the resurrection act, that would definitely get the battles started. The left would start their rioting. That is when we can step in and do our part. It will be ugly and bloody, but if Trump can get the majority of the treasonous leaders arrested, I believe we can win this thing i ALL of us step up. this will not work with a few martyrs.

  18. Adrian says:

    Jesus already came to the rescue…..but if psychopaths come, it will be to do greater harm….

  19. Hangem High says:

    I wouldn’t write Trump off just yet. Non-kinetic warfare is difficult so we don’t want to quarterback it. I think Trump has planned for this and the trigger will be pulled at the appropriate time. Then we’ll all be busy fighting the useful-idiots as well as any incursions into our nation by Chicoms, Russkies, et. al. So hang on there will be plenty of time to die for the the cause upcoming -- no need to hurry it along too quickly…

  20. Thomas says:

    I’ve said these comments on many websites and each time it falls on deaf ears. Our nation has a SIN problem with the blood of over 100 million babies and counting, pornography, drug and alcohol addictions, child sex trafficking, corrupt politicians and corporate leaders and on and on. Now ask yourself why would God allow a nation such as ours to continue in our sins defying God’s laws?

    It would have been better if we never knew him. Our many churches have become corrupt and God’s people will not repent for their sins of idolatry, fornication, blasphemy, love of money, etc. Our sins represent the government we get. God showed me this would happen to our nation because of our pride.

    I m as frustrated as many of you are but Trump can not save America. If the nation will not turn from their wicked ways then the nations of traitors domestically, Russia, Iran and China will be the instrument of judgment for our sins.

    • Jay Dee says:

      RUSSIA is 10000X more “Christian” than the USA.
      Russia is the ONLY “Christian” nation on earth.
      You better get some education.
      You sound stupid.

    • woody8834 says:

      Maybe this is the beginning of the crucible of a change-- while we have committed sins and god knows we aren’t perfect — we still are the best bet to save man kind on this planet — so maybe — Maybe he knows a little bit more than we do-- I think we fought a war killing many good Americans to right an injustice and maybe he’ll take that into account — have faith — we aren’t that bad as individuals people go — But our current government and some of its people are rotten to the core — Edward Snowden was a hero — He showed us that how corrupt our Government is -we didn’t listen and now we realize it — Pray for wisdom and peace — war doesn’t need help its always the easiest path -- thanks Trump for protecting us and if need be give us the support we need to be successful

    • Thomas Hanna says:

      Correct. As it is written, so it shall come to pass.

    • cookcook18 says:

      Thomas, you are correct.
      But I keep praying! Asking for mercy -- and that Father will act, on behalf of 1) Jesus and 2) His remnant!!
      Onward ~

  21. Patricat says:

    Organize your state militias.
    Each state has its own unique needs.
    Local leaders will need to be A-Teams to form smaller units from regular folk in counties and towns.
    It can be done that way very effectively.
    If the rule of law fails, people will then be ready.

  22. oldtimer505 says:

    So far Trump is the only individual that has been able to standup to these tool-bags. I can’t remember ever seeing any other individual at this level survive like he has. I don’t know his plan but, he seems to have one. He doesn’t like to loose so I am backing him to the end. I am wondering if any other individuals at a high leadership level are going to emerge to aid in the battle against this corrupt and illegitimate administration elect.

  23. Mike Warren says:

    The old saying “A big mouth doesn’t make a big man” holds true for Trump. His army is composed of lawyers; his armament are law suits; and his flag is his ego. This doesn’t save the Republic. It’s obvious he got what he wanted by being President and can now leave. Trump has become part of the problem.

    • Mike Warren says:

      The next five days will tell us whether Trump is going to initiate all the plans that have been put in place to save the republic and stop the CCP takeover of America.

      If nothing big happens by this coming weekend, it’s probably over for America.

  24. Ferd Berkel says:

    Top Down not bottom up.

  25. frank j kane says:

    It is clear by God’s Holy Word that He alone appoints the leadership of a nation. If a nation becomes wicked,evil,self indulgent,full of pride,liars,cheaters,and murderers then what you sow you most certainly will reap.I am distraught with the prospect that we may have finally run out of grace,mercy, and blessings from the Supreme Soverign Almighty one and only true God of the universe and that it may be time to pay for our iniquities. I believe God gave us a foreshadowing of this a couple of years ago. Anyone remember the Houston Astros cheating to win the World Series? A few slaps on the wrist and they got to keep their crown.You don’t get anymore American than baseball.Not only that ,but anyone taking any retaliation was severely reprimanded.God help us.

  26. Virgil Caine says:

    Good article Wes! The fact that hundreds of people have been caught red handed, laughed in our faces and are still openly walking the streets says it all to me. How is it possible that not one ballot feeder in Georgia, activist judge, city politician, newspaper editor, community organizer, county clerk, radio host, county canvasser, secretary of state, state AG has not been permanently retired? These people live where we live, shop where we shop and are part of our communities. It’s not like they are impossible to get to. So much as one person from our side makes a comment, wants to testify or god forbid say there was fraud, a whole army shows up in front of their house, threatens their family, etc. Hell even judges have come out and said they felt threatened by the left. Nice guys finish last and in our case, we lose our country…….

  27. Steve says:

    Thought about that too , I think Regan would not waste a second to quell the doors and restore irder. You can’t think your way out off this mess it plan .Action shows your true colors.

  28. Stormy says:

    Your readers might want to visit this video, and get an idea on what Trump is ready to do;
    and then, they may want to visit the website of Simon Parkes at
    to view his other videos in describing what Trump is faced with and why the delay in taking back our country from the DS.

    • NO.
      If these worthless maggots cannot WRITE IT DOWN, I am not interested.
      VIDEOS are a waste of time and 99% WRONG every time.
      Keep your videos…

  29. DennisBerean says:

    Tenth Amendment to the Constitution: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.” Question: Is the power and right of individual States to secede from the union, prohibited by the Constitution? Answer: No, it is not! Therefore, it is reserved to the States, respectively, meaning, individually. Pres. Lincoln lied and was an evil tyrant and the worst mass murderer in American history, who unlawfully sent 620,000 men to their deaths, waged war on the civilian populace, and indirectly ushered in twelve years of martial law in the South, before they were forced back into the union at gunpoint. People, we have been a conquered nation since 1865. The good news is that we still have the 10th Amendment, and the right of States to secede. So, what is stopping us? Whatever happens, it is the only possible, peaceful solution. We are a totally divided nation, and the “twain shall never meet” between a Constitutional republic and Communism. It’s time for the conservative States to “come out of Babylon,” and secede from this once great, now sleazy whore, of a nation.

  30. Wes. I appreciate your articles. I’m no writer by a long shot. Seems to me things are just like in the movie saving private Ryan. They were in fighting holes as the tanks approached with the ground shaking all around. Every thing in their body was saying RUN. Those WW2 vets kept their wits and nerve. I know that was a movie but similar thinks happen in all war. Steely nerve and patience now then strike when the time is right if necessary. Keep writing. We the unsung who will bare this burden need you. Thanks brother.

  31. kevin james says:

    Faith that Trump is going to do something is not a game plan. We the people will have to start the revolution. Do you have children? What will you do for them? Jesus confronted evil everywhere he went. Time we start acting like our Savior and confront this wickedness.

  32. GenEarly says:

    The Con-gress is passing another gaseous rebate to politicians and friends bill, almost 3 trillion, it’s OVER….
    We threw Trump in to DC to Disrupt the Swamp, but it seems the Swamp disrupted him more than he disrupted them. It was a last ditch attempt at a Voting solution, and with the Steal in 2020 it appears We have been given the Royal Finger. TINVOWOOT
    This Feral Government is Irreformable and Unsalvageable. Stick a fork in it, it’s Done, Fina, Kaput., dead man walking. You know it, I know it, CYA, it’s time to get in the lifeboats. The Cold North Atlantic is preferable to the Titanic’s ballroom, because the $- power is about to go out (Reset-crash), the water is on the deck below us. Run, don’t walk. TEOTWAWKI
    Sheesh, the Sheeples say, “It can’t happen HERE!!!

  33. JadedFlower says:

    Trump was a Judas from the beginning; no one would have credibility amongst patriot groups if the media didn’t vociferously attack at every opportunity. As others commented here, he was the perfectly timed Trojan Horse and the amount of damage done to freedom movements everywhere by maneuvering them into supporting the man/system as opposed to the Constitution is enormous. Trump proved to his bosses the public was ready to fall for an even larger psyop (the virus, for one) and now a growing amount of folks cheering on martial law for this man should be confirmation. We’re in massive trouble because folks sat back expecting he was an enemy to the system instead of another of its creations.

  34. Anna FAy says:

    In 2008, Kim Clement prophecy spoke about having two presidents and oil prices will drop. Also, we will discover a new energy source. I trust Gods Plan.

    • Sue says:

      Anna, do you trust God’s plan even if you get beheaded for your faith? It doesn’t sound like it.

    • Thomas Hanna says:

      Anna I know God’s plan. I know that God’s plan warns us of many false prophets like KC. If it ain’t written, it’s not God’s plan. Worse than two presidents are two messiahs. King Saul and David are the types in the Word that will inform us of the anti-types to come.
      If you need a man to tell you which Jesus to worship then pray for discernment and read for yourself.

  35. Roger says:

    So now we can clearly see what a pathologically dysfunctional, criminally corrupt govt we truly have and apparently must endure. Please stop talking of civil war and violent insurrection. It is an affront to our Constitution. One thing we can do is encourage our brave young Americans in uniform, the best amongst us, to turn in their discharge paperwork before they issue a stop-loss order, and for those who may be thinking of joining to rethink their options, because these America-haters will not voluntarily put on the uniform themselves to defend what they are creating. They want the deplorables to continue to do that for them, in spite of their contempt for us. They will squander your lives on what lies ahead. Come home and defend what is yours.Your country needs you here. A rapidly contracting military will take the arrogance and belligerence out of them, and force them to make some really unpopular choices. AOC’s Green New Deal will quickly morph into green battle dress uniforms for all. We’ll see how popular a draft is with these Marxist-educated soy-boys and girls who never learned what it means to earn the privilege of being an American and think so highly of these pseudo-democrats now. I served in the Marines during the draft in the 60’s. There were and still are harsh ways to deal with those unwilling to serve. No, it’s not ideal, but it is what they deserve.This will collapse on it’s own, and those who advocated for it and educated our young to believe in it will be held to account. These are the true enemies of our Republic, and we can relish in making governance difficult or impossible for them. After all, they did the same for us. It is the least we can do in return.

  36. Mrs. Moldthan says:

    I stand behind my President tonight but I can understand the frustration so many are feeling right now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say It again -- President Trump will go down in American history as a Churchill or a Neville Chamberlain. It’s a decision he must make. We can’t make it for him. We must all pray for him.
    It is the Lord Jesus Christ who is able to turn the hearts of kings and presidents. We have to petition God for direction on how to pray about this. Plead your case at Gods courtroom
    and wait on His answer. Pray for our President that the Lord would strengthen, guide and protect him. Pray for that courageous American woman Sidney Powell who has demonstrated what it is to be an American -- to be bold and fearless in the face of evil. May others find strength in her valor. May these vicious attacks against her encourage her that these communists recognize her as a formidable foe!! Pray that the Lord would lead her to discover anything hidden and that the truth will prevail in spite of men and devils. Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Our future depends upon it, America. It is prayer that moves the hand of God. Have faith and put your trust in God alone. With God all things are possible.

  37. Mark Petrey says:

    Trump has never followed through on anything, nothing. Trump also stated that he was a populist, and a globalist. He was bailed out of bankruptcy by Rothschild. His Commerce Secretary is a Rothschild agent. It’s fair to say Trump is a great salesman, who depends on suckers to buy into the snake oil he sales.

    • Mrs. Moldthan says:

      What you say is true. It was said that while bankrupt he did obtain a loan which originated with Rothschild. But tell me what were you before the Lord found you and cleaned you up? What were any of us and yet? God loved us while we were yet sinners. Trump has been surrounded by false Christians since day 1. It’s as if the devil said I’ve had him all these years and once I get him to betray 300 million people I’ll cause some accident and off to hell he will go! I have a better idea. Let’s pray hard that the Holy Ghost convicts his heart, that he has a genuine encounter with Jesus Christ and is saved. Once he is saved? He will be like a lion. Let’s pray.

      • Mark Petrey says:

        Dear Father, why have you foresaken those of us who believe in our time of travails? Amen.

        • Sue says:

          Dear Mark, why do you believe God has forsaken you? These are just the words of the prophets being fulfilled. You’re one of those sunny patriot Christians, are you? Sounds like it. Get some balls, boy.

          • Mark Petrey says:

            By the rivers of Babylon we sat down, yea we wept, when we remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof. For there they carried us away captive required of us a song; and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion.How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?

            Sue, your a whore. I forgive you for your ignorance, but He may or may not…

    • Sue says:

      Not completely true, but somewhat. Think Biden will be better? Nope.

  38. Garry F. Owen, Trooper says:

    “And the LORD looked for a man who would stand in the gap on behalf of the nation, and HE was astonished that there was no one.” HE will not be astonished as long as I draw breath.

  39. Frank says:

    Yeah I realize Trump hasn’t done diddly. When TPTB seen how weak and pathetic the American people were they struck and struck hard with suspending our Constitution and bill of rights for a flu virus and now they are drunk with power and no one did a thing to stop all the governors treason. They have violated every right we used to have like we never had those rights to begin with and most sheeple complied. It really hurts to say this but America as we knew it is already gone. We collectively turned our backs on God and so America has been left to the devil. May God have mercy on us in the coming days, weeks and months. We are really gonna need it.

  40. Mrs. Moldthan says:

    Mark, I don’t believe God will forsake us. Our President might but not God. He loves you and he has got you. You just keep trusting in Him. You’ve given me a lot to think about with your comment.
    Thank you for that.

  41. Bob says:

    Listen up! What if!?! WHAT IF….. it has already started? What if, in some state… somewhere a capital is burning? Would we know? What if that one POP already happened? The controls and restrictions (even in Alt Media) that our government has the capability of could turn the beginning into a whimper…. a rumor…. would the rest of us even know it has already begun…… think about that…. really think about it. There will be no martyr…. we may never know that we had the chance… the opportunity to join our brethren in one last battle to save the republic….. that is my fear.

  42. Kevin says:

    We need to organize pick a state such as Texas with room to move in and evade and move out from there to make citizens arrest and find a patriotic judge to try them we must be organized and have leaders willing to keep us on the path to fight for are freedom and I mean fight without organization we will be divided and conquered it is time it is now

  43. Thomas Hanna says:

    The deadly wound spoken of in Rev 13 to the one world beast system could easily be the fall of this nation in war. No wonder the whole world is watching us.

  44. North Woods says:

    We are ay past the time for old ideas; things like a new political party, civil disobedience, gatherings and marches… One need only look to the VC (Viet Cong) to see what it will take to rid a country of it’s unwanted overlords. Sadly, there appear to be none that are willing to pay that price to achieve their objectives. It is over, and they have won.

    • Mrs. Moldthan says:

      What have they won, Northwoods? Besides eternity in hell which they have been racing toward as if it were heaven? This is not the beginning of some utopia for the liberals. They were used to achieve an agenda -- a communist takeover. Throughout history of communism those are the first people to be executed. You see the wicked are God’s sword and he will use them to execute his judgment and correction but once that is accomplished- he will destroy them and the land will be cleansed. Jesus Christ is coming
      back for a purified bride without spot or wrinkle. We shall go through the fire. Yes. But we won’t be staying there. All those including spies, military, the deceivers among us who have no conscience left? Pity them. Because the future they are facing will be so terrifying that the Most realistic Hollywood movie about demons and hell won’t scratch the surface to it. You don’t want to see the real hell. And it’s real. Very real. If you don’t know for certain that you are saved, now is the time. To day is the day of salvation. Not next week.

  45. Tommy O. says:

    Why are we marching/fighting for a man who clearly doesn’t want to win, but does want to run the clock out? He has the power to do something, but has chosen not to.

  46. Ma Moral says:

    I think millions of us are armed and ready waiting for the “Go Ahead”! Now Who is going to give that “Go Ahead” is the one million dollar question!

  47. doug1943 says:

    It’s very important to be able to face reality, which often means being willing to hear the Bad News.
    So here is the reality: there is not going to be any sort of ‘patriotic uprising’ anytime in the next few weeks. A few people may get themselves shot, others may get themselves imprisoned — and if so, I guess there will be fundraising for them, draining money from patriots to lawyers.

    No. The realiy is, Biden will be our next President, at least nominally.

    We then have to start organizing. Millions — tens of millions — of people are waking up. This takes take. Human consciousness is the most conservative factor in history, and most people subconsciously still believe they are living in the ‘old America’ of the rule of law, honest elections, an objective mainstream press, an America where the police protected law-abiding people from violent criminals.

    That America is gone. But tens of millions of good people have not quite realized that yet.

    They will.

    In the meantime, we need to raise holy hell over the cynical persecution of one of our own, Kyle Rittenhouse.

    Go here:

    Spread this website’s address all over the web, via your accounts on social media, anywhere you post etc. We want the jury in his trial to have heard the truth over and over. This is something each of us can do right now.

  48. JAY SWIGER says:

    I’ve read your blog now for a while and find myself in agreement with you on quite a lot. However, one thing we have ever disagreed on is Trump; namely, his desire to actually do something…anything of substance. He talks a good game, does the things that require little if any true heavy lifting and claims much that simply isn’t true.

    That, however, is not specifically germaine to my reason for replying to this post. You mentioned no one wants to be a martyr and that is probably true; but someone is going to have to step into the gap. Are you volunteering? Do I see myself volunteering? What about your other readers….who has the spiritual discipline to be the spark….the first popped kernel of corn?

    Not to decide to do something, is itself a decision. Indecision is the handmaiden to tyranny.

    My final thought is this: we are all alone in this decision; no one can hold our individual hand when it comes to choosing our path. However, once chosen that path leads to communal support and a brother/sister-hood of like-minded individuals. It is much like how Christians become and support other Christians: we come as individuals but we live as the body of Christ.

    Maybe, in the end, what we need is a bunch of ones; a bunch of first-popped kernels. A diaspora of individuals called to serve; for service is what this will be. Maybe, just maybe what we are…all of us….is the Imago Dei of God (His image). And just maybe, faith in Him and faith in His plan is what calls the diaspora together.

  49. Joann says:

    Be careful, all of you…what you say…quietly jupiter orbits the
    Earth, when she decides to show up…wow…
    Be united like those gases of Jupiter..that is bigger than
    You know. For division is just confusion…and divides.
    Than you have for sure lost the game.

    • Mrs. Moldthan says:

      The Apostle Paul said, BE CAREFUL FOR NOTHING. Who shall
      We listen to? The King James Bible or you?

      • Joann says:

        Iam sorry you feel mislead on what I said. People divided among patriots
        Causes even more confusion. Be united…as one strong force as Paul
        Would have christians united. In our message of faith. He lived during the Tyranny of Rome and Jewish law…between alot of divides and confusion. Yes we should speak about our tyranny! But what i have heard
        On this forum, is alot of casting doubts and taking the decisions into thier
        Own hands. No leadership at all. No unity. How do you fight a war
        Like that. You just kill each other. Maybe that is what the left is doing.
        BlM, Antifa groups, drugs, leftist mayors and governors do that…

        But we are Patriots…Patriots fought in a revolution with God in thier
        Struggle. Alot of these do not believe God at all?? Just thier own
        Judegments rule them. No law, no bible, no Trump, nothing…just thier own guns and confusion rules in these forums.

        Anyway that is when you get a China, or a North Korea, or a Iran
        And A Obama like president. Anything goes!! Confusion.
        I thought that was what a patriot was against. So I was only saying bring some law, into your own conversations. Some thought and patience
        To wait. Either way there will be a war if united there is a chance
        Under one man, Trump and our God. Anyway hopefully you heard me say something about Paul too…
        Paul was killed too, and rememberd…a great man held in a prison
        Loved his by his commands, his God and His Israel.

        Jupiter does rotate around the sun…by the way. 😄

        • Mrs. Moldthan says:

          I was responding to your warning: -- be careful what you say -- all of you, Jupiter is slowly revolving around the earth. -- end quote
          No where in scripture does it tell us such a thing. In fact, it is the opposite of what Paul said. With that, Jupiter has no effect
          on any of us. We don’t answer to Jupiter. We answer to the
          Lord Jesus Christ who is God.

  50. judy klatt says:

    Hello my friend, I can and will be the first to pop!!! I do have a problem, no one wants to help me because I say the right words that will get me killed, oh yes! I even wrote a song of these times and it tells the truth. I will sing the song, I will do it along with saying no I will not be vax. If you want strength and have the guts to help me to get it out. The problem I see is the things I will say and do will upset the BIG world power. I also think many would say know to me. The best thing I am not a great singer, I am older and do not sing as well as I had when I was younger and I have nothing to gain to do this. You are right! Some one needs to be the first and I can and will if you can (no money) help me find someone who is willing to get it out.

  51. Richard Mooney says:

    I personally and others, have been warning for 5 years that America was headed in the wrong direction, and toward its own orchestrated demise. Few chose to listen. The Holy Spirit inspired me to write a book of warning to America. The title says it all. “America: A Captured Nation; the Fall of US and Failure of its Churches”. The time to act was decades ago, but Smeticans, especially chose to remain complacent and apathetic, preferring to warm pews on Sundays, rather than act. It didn’t help our pulpits were more than happy to preach their “seeker friendly” message of passivity and compromise to this ever increasingly corrupted evil world. Now the chickens have come home to roast, surrounded by wolves in sheep clothing telling us everything is fine, God is Love and in control! No reason to worry, much less get become a participant in God’s will. I tell you, now is the time to accept Jesus as Lord If your not saved. To those who think wrongly they care saved, but not, it is time wake out of your stupor. Pray, seeking God’s face, and to know your truly saved and in HIS WILL! Read and cling to the promises in Psalm 91 for protection during the coming storm. Tha Almighty WILL BE your only refuge and fortress.

    • Greg says:

      Millions of Ukrainian peasants died of starvation during the Holodomor and God didn’t lift a finger to help them.

  52. Blather says:

    IF the Demoncraps will not take out that WUBBISH Mr. Moe Bitem then we have to do it ourselves. There is NO WAY we are going to let that corrupt POS senile wubbish from taking that office.

  53. Grant says:

    Wes please keep writing as long as you are able and moved to do so. I’ve never posted before, but have been reading you for years. You are an inspiration. We are preparing to stand up in Texas. January 6 will be a benchmark. Suppose January 20th will indicate if it is nut cuttin time. God bless you brother. Merry Christmas and be of good cheer! We are going to die anyway right?!

  54. Elias Elias says:

    I also agree with the lead article and the comments. I’ve been thinking about it in the back of my mind for sometime. I’m bummed for sure. No real joy. Unlike many of you I am not ex military. Yet, I believe a war is required to get the country back. Starting with the democrats and the liberal left and media. Public executions or just phantom disappearances. Something has to be done. I’m not young by no means but I am armed and will defend my family. I will not get the vaccine at any cost short of them putting a gun to my head in which case they’ll have to pull the trigger. It’s sad to say but blood will need to spill. We will need to fight them as dirty as possible. In the end though, it is God’s plan and will. Not ours. Focus on prayer faith and hope. The Lord is King regardless. If the end is coming I hope it’s soon. But yeah, we’ve been hearing just wait and I’m sick of hearing about it. God be with us all.

  55. John says:

    Bad Times Ahead

    Read this right now. Time is almost up. Act now.

    I’ve seen numerous comments in various social media platforms about how a second civil war is imminent, and how it may play out. There’s a right way to engage in this activity and a wrong way. I’m not advocating violence against anyone or any organization. However, if the pro-constitutional patriots find themselves with only two choices: enslavement or resistance, then the resistance must be conducted the right way. What follows is an abbreviated overview of how it should be done. Each aspect of what lies below should be thoroughly and quickly researched. Much responsibility will lie on our senior law enforcement officers and veterans, especially special operations veterans. If that’s you, consider yourself a de facto leader in what follows. Current active duty patriots should be ready to support the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the American people when the time arrives.

    First, every patriot must be prepared. For anything. I’m talking old fashioned end of the world preparedness: beans, rice, clean water, bullets, etc. If you don’t have a clue about how to do this you are way behind. You must get started right now and learn. Be prepared to redirect all of your non-essential funds into this, preparedness, even on a budget, requires money. On top of basics such as food, water, and security, include communications, medical, handyman, farming skills, gear, and supplies.

    Other preparedness includes keeping all insurance up to date, having a patriot friendly lawyer, and a subscription to a concealed carry legal assistance group, such as the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.

    Finally, update your home security. Ensure that you and your family can defend against and defeat any physical threats that may present themselves on your property.

    While taking care of the preparedness issues, patriots should also be creating teams and groups. Not all groups and teams are the same. There will be two general types of group: a support group and a direct action group. The components (people, facilities, resources) may be interchangeable between the two groups, but the two groups have very different roles. Support groups do just that- support the members in any way possible. Direct action groups are organized to do something, to accomplish a mission.

    A natural support group would be an extended family. These family groups are excellent for moral support, logistics support, temporary housing, and even security in a pinch. Another readily available support group can be found in church groups.

    Direct action groups are organized around a specific mission. For example a political action group is formed for the purpose of influencing political events. In the current social climate, FFG must also, sadly, create security teams. These teams will be created to provide defensive security for members as well as to carry out actions against specific targets, be they people, organizations, or facilities. Defensive security should start as a neighborhood watch. Consult with your local law enforcement department as to how to do it right and legal. Become friends with them, it helps to have a 2 way dialogue with them. Most are decent people.

    Remain engaged in the political process! There are still many ways that the Republic can be saved without resorting to violence. Become politically active, insist that your political representatives support the Constitution and the rule of law. Get off your assets, get involved, recruit others.

    Establish an intelligence collection network for your area. Build relationships with key people, especially law enforcement, other first responders, political leaders, church and business leaders, etc. Collect information on who is anti-constitutional, their supporters, activities, pipelines of income and supplies, homes, hideouts, families, etc. Collect intelligence on resources in your area: food, supplies, arms, communication assets, transportation resources. Get with your local law enforcement and keep tabs on local and regional gang activities. Gather information on local, state, and federal government agencies and offices in your area. Keep track of how they are engaged in the current low intensity conflict between patriots and traitors. Gather information on their personnel, their addresses, families, and who they network with.

    At this point let me emphasize the need for operational security (OPSEC). This means doing nothing via the Internet or on your cell phone. Compartmentalize your information gathering and distribution activities. Assume people who hate you are eavesdropping, because they probably are. Say nothing operational on social media, become a “grey man”. Record keeping should be encrypted, sparse, secured, and easily removed to a new secure location.

    As you begin doing all of the above you will also find out who is pro-constitutional. Network with these people, keep your network compartmentalized, or “cellular”. You will find that certain cells are more proficient at some skills than others. Work with what you have. Encourage your cell leaders to cultivate new cell leaders who will create their own cells.

    Engage in civil disobedience. We’re talking sit-ins, protests, marches, rallies, etc. Expect to be given all kinds of horrible labels by the media and cowardly anti-constitutional politicians. It’s part of their MO. Never stop sending your pro-constitution message by any means available. Have a dedicated public relations person or team that is skilled at getting the message out to the public. Give them positive material all of the time and never stop sending out the message. Remain engaged with political leaders, law enforcement, and other friendly organizations. This is a team effort.

    Once patriots begin engaging in civil disobedience the enemy will dramatically escalate their attacks on people and organizations. Expect violence, expect it anywhere and at any time. Expect doxing, social and economic punishment, etc. Have a good patriot friendly lawyer. Have sympathetic money donors to help defray the costs. Work in teams and groups. Use any actions against patriots in the PR messages going out to the public.

    History is a ruthless, unbiased teacher. It teaches us that our enemies, those who are anti-constitutional, pro socialist, pro communist, will not stop their assault on our country unless they win (even then they continue on with persecutions, pogroms, and genocide), or unless they are imprisoned or killed. This has been crystal clear throughout history. History proves conclusively that these people must be imprisoned or killed. The idea of socialism/communism must be extinguished completely. It has an all or nothing philosophy, it can’t coexist with civil society. Those who work to install socialism and communism believe that they will be part of the inner circle that personally benefits from it. They will not stop for anything, they have staked everything on success.

    I wrote the above paragraph to point out that even after engaging in all legitimate, legal means of activism to protect and preserve the constitution, patriots will most likely still face a ruthless enemy within the country that is well financed, deeply entrenched, and deeply resolved to do whatever is necessary to achieve victory. It will be at this point that a kinetic conflict will erupt. Using current events as waypoints, the enemy will attempt forceful subjugation of everyone between Inauguration Day and the mid-term elections in 2022. They have committed high treason by openly stealing the 2020 election and everyone knows it. Their regime will be illegitimate. They know this. They can’t afford to take a chance on the mid terms. During this 21 month window they will either “fish or cut bait”. They’re too dedicated and have risked everything on this one, naked, illegal act to stop. They will push it forward to the point where patriots will have no choice but to fight for their own survival. Signs of this are already showing up, specifically the resurgent aggressiveness of the BATF. Using the Covid19 virus as cover they will seek to disrupt normal life and intimidate the public into compliance. Further infringements on liberty will be conducted under the guise of public health and “common sense gun laws”.

    So, here we are, finally, at the real point of this essay. Patriots will be given no alternative but to engage illegitimate government force with return force. War. It will be the worst experience any living American will ever endure. It will not have a clearly defined beginning. There won’t be any formal declaration of war. It will be a gradual escalation of conflict as government forces begin trying to disarm Americans under various pretexts invented by feral politicians or agencies such as the BATF. The primary excuses will be the pandemic and “common sense gun laws”. As ordinary citizens begun to refuse compliance, jack-booted thugs will begin rounding up the “racists, crazies, murderers” or whatever names are applied to ordinary freedom loving Americans. Once these arrests begin they will NEVER stop, and most patriots understand this. Therefore armed resistance will begin. It may not be effective at first because the patriots are behind the curve in this war.

    The organized teams and support groups mentioned earlier in this essay will need to convert over to actively supporting and carrying out a guerrilla war. It MUST be an offensive war, to play defense against the Marxists is to lose.

    Targets will need to be prioritized, which will actually be difficult for a couple of reasons: first there will be a lot of them initially, and second, they will be clustered in certain areas. Patriot groups must be willing to travel in order to do their work.

    First priority among targets will have to be the jack-booted thugs illegally arresting Americans, AND THE POLITICIANS WHO AUTHORIZED THE RAIDS. It’s a two front attack on the Marxists: those political leaders who are openly authorizing illegal arrests and the operators carrying them out. If a county government allows federal raids within its borders, it has tacitly authorized those raids. The same with mayors, governors, sheriffs, etc. To declare “neutrality” is to support the enemies of the constitution. The operators conducting the raids will also need to be targeted. Once they are eliminated in the field their bases of operation must be stormed, looted of all gear, supplies, and intelligence materials, then destroyed or converted into Patriot bases if tactically feasible.

    During this opening phase or armed conflict it is absolutely critical that patriot groups keep up with educating the public about why events are unfolding, the evils of socialism/communism, and how the Marxists are the ones committing treason against the constitution and the people. Support from the community will be essential for achieving the eventual patriot victory. Patriot leaders absolutely must discern the political stance of all law enforcement and military assets in their part of the country. Outright recruitment of entire LE and military units, with their gear and supplies, should be a top priority of all patriot groups.

    Another aspect of the conflict that patriot groups will have to master is cyber warfare. During the opening days of sporadic, disjointed armed conflict the patriots must interrupt the enemy’s ability to communicate, provide media spin, fund, and operationally control their forces. Interception of valuable information that could aid patriot groups should also be a priority.

    As kinetic operations escalate patriot groups must also meet the “felt needs” of their communities, regardless of how people voted. Unless a person is proven to actively be engaged in treason against the constitution and the people of the US, patriots should do all they can to ensure everyone in their areas have food, clothing, shelter, and safety. The patriot PR folks may also use this to educate others about the sincerity and good will of the patriots.

    One thing I must warn you about: the escalation of kinetic operations will happen very quickly. Once patriots begin armed operations, it’s all or nothing. The enemy will not hesitate to bring their full might against anyone they suspect of being part of the patriot “treachery”. Once patriots start kinetic operations they must organize themselves and their operations on the fly while keeping up the tempo of operations against enemy targets. Targets should be eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Patriot leaders should conserve their human resources, avoid frontal assaults on entrenched enemies. Use fire as a poor man’s explosive and burn them out if necessary. Work quickly, begin coordinating with other patriot groups. Never stop until every communist sympathizer is either dead or in prison. This goes for their troops on the ground, their political leaders, their bankrollers, and their propaganda assets, know as the MSM.

    During kinetic operations it is critical that patriot groups avoid committing atrocities. The enemy will commit numerous atrocities and ascribe them to patriot groups, expect this. Be prepared to counter this disinformation. Patriot groups must treat fellow Americans as fellow Americans and not commit atrocities, even if they are not supporting the patriot groups. Enemy personnel should be allowed to surrender. Trials and punishment will follow victory. Summary execution is to be avoided.

    Patriots can expect high casualties, especially early in kinetic operations. This will be due to several factors: lack of combat experience, lack of resources, intelligence, preparation, etc; plus the entrenched enemy has been undermining the country for decades, has many sympathizers implanted within law enforcement, military, and intelligence organizations, has plenty of money and resources, and it has the MSM providing cover, obfuscating their true intent, and distorting any resistance.

    Let me interject a thought about foreign agents and assets colluding with the enemy. Any foreign born personnel found to be in collusion with the Marxist forces should be executed on the spot. This goes for spies, political operatives, consultants, military personnel, and drug cartel members. They have not earned the right to a trial, they are enemies of the country, it’s people, and the constitution. If there is any doubt, imprison them for future investigation. Any foreign country found to be actively colluding with the enemy should be considered at war with the US and dealt with accordingly. If this is the case, victorious patriot forces should be shrewd in how they conduct operations against foreign enemy countries. Total victory is essential to teach potential enemies a lesson, but may not need to be achieved through a costly nuclear war.

    How will patriot groups know when they have achieved victory? When there’s no one left shooting back or holed up in a locked compound. Once this is apparent, patriots must work ceaselessly to restore the country back to economic and military stability. The rule of law must always be respected and preserved. It is often stated that we are facing the end of the “American Empire” whatever the hell that is supposed to be. I say we can rise again from this battle and remake our country stronger than before. Some key components of this rebuilding will be:

    -don’t seek to replace the “system” wholesale, seek instead to modify it in favor of the people and the constitution.
    -reduce centralized power at all levels of government: local, state, and especially federal. The federal government should exist to protect and defend the people and territories of the US and that’s about all.
    -eliminate the ability for politicians to profit from foreign investment/collusion, directly and indirectly. No more charitable trusts staffed by family members, etc.
    -eliminate or reduce federal agencies. Their is no reason for the BATF, IRS, NSA, HHS and Department of Homeland Security to exist.
    -eliminate all entitlement programs, including the federal involvement in healthcare.
    -education should be removed from federal control and made a state or local level issue, with homeschool given equal rights as other forms of education. One component of education should be made mandatory: the teaching of civics, US history, and US government. A big part of why we face so many deluded fools working for the enemy is their utter lack of understanding behind why we fought the revolutionary war, why our constitution was written the way it was, and how civil society is supposed to function.
    -health insurance should be allowed to compete across all state lines. Government involvement in healthcare should be avoided at all costs. It is a commodity, not a right.
    -term limits for every political office in the country should be mandatory. No more than two terms for each office should be allowed. Those who hold political office should be barred by law from working afterwards as lobbyists.
    -the Second Amendment should be amplified: the NFA should be deemed unconstitutional, because it is. Every American citizen who is not a convicted felon should have the ability to carry whatever firearms they deem necessary, without restriction or modification. The original intent of the Second Amendment should be taught to every school aged child in the country.
    -the First Amendment, unfortunately, will need to be modified: speech, written or verbal, political or religious, that promotes socialism, communism, collectivism, or any of their key components that are in opposition to the constitution or Bill of Rights, should be outlawed. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow, but we have seen that unfettered, this type of speech inevitably seduces the ignorant and envious and creates a destructive movement that can be fatal to the republic.
    -those enemy personnel captured during the coming war should be put on trial for treason and sentenced according to their crimes. This goes for members of the MSM, technology leaders, financiers, political leaders, troops, volunteer poll workers, everyone. This threat to our nation is too severe not to hold everyone accountable for their actions.
    -anyone who is suspected of aiding or abetting the enemy, be they Americans or foreigners, should be sought over the entire world and brought to justice. There should be no safe havens.

    Share this far and wide. Time for patriots to prepare is almost over. The enemy have flown under the radar and are inside our OODA loop. If you read this and realize that patriot action is necessary, get started NOW. Right the hell now. Put down the remote or the cell phone, get off your a$$ets, and get moving. Now!


  56. Worker says:

    Of the many replies to this good essay, we can see the disconnect and divide within the anti-left movement and unless ‘something’ does happen to set of the ‘festivities’ this divide will kill us (in my opinion). What percent of a population, historically ever takes part in a ‘revolution’? That should give an answer to who you (and I) can depend on .. the rest is pure guessing work.
    I believe that our once great country has become soft, weak (due to may factors) and has very few if any principals (or values) left: easy ‘entertainment’, food availability, fairly good living conditions (abet somewhat falling apart these days in some area’s) and the ability to obtain those things that are required for daily living. Take these away, and the mob (that would be the ‘everyday’ person) will demand a return to ‘normal’ (whatever that might bring to mind) -- a very dangerous situation for every side of the aisle.
    I am thinking (since about 2008) that the slow roll out to where we are now has given those ‘forward thinkers’ enough time to actually prepare for what is about to happen because be sure that ‘it’ is going to happen: the how, where, and who are a bit unclear at this point but it will happen like it or not: I for one have that ‘tingly feeling’ like going on patrol in the killing fields when you just know that the shit will (not if) hit the fan …….
    God bless all and be safe ….. hope to see others the ‘habitat’ sites like this on the other side however that may work out ……………

  57. doug1943 says:

    Don’t worry about ‘Satan’. He’s just a figment of your imagination. Nor is Trump going to save the Republic. He might … just possibly .. make some grand gesture that will trigger all the fools and bring them out to be shot down or imprisoned. But my bet is that he’ll retire to somewhere safe and spend his remaining days chasing women.

    So … is it over? Hell, no! The problem with most conservatives is that they are … conservative. They are basically — until very recently — content with society as it is, at least in its fundamentals. So most of them — even the conservatives who read books — don’t study revolutions closely. It’s not a subject which is congenial to them.

    Which is what needs to be done: the study of both successful revolutions, and unsuccesful attempts at revolution.

    A good place to start would be one of the earliest, whose outcome made the American Republic what it became: The English Revolution, more popularly known as the English Civil War. A very good, easy to read book on it is Blair Worden’s The English Civil Wars: 1640-1660. [ ] At the moment you can get a used copy there for $5.00.

    Read it with an eye to how the two contending forces — King Charles and the royalists on one side, Parliament on the other — did right things, and wrong things, to increase or decrease the number of people who supported them — and the difference beween having people support you, and support you if you initiate a civil war.

    Above all note how long it took for mis-steps by the ‘Deep State’ of the time — the monarchy — to finally provoke a large section of the population to actively rebel.

    There are a good dozen more conflicts which are worth studying, from the point of view of learning what to do, and what not to. (I’m not talking military tactics, which are actually the least important aspect of revolutions. They’re the end point. But the problem is getting to the end point.)

    But the one you really want to read, if you read nothing else, is Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution, available as an eBook from Of course it is biased, like any history book. If you’ve got the time, read the books by Daniel Pipes and Orlando Figges for views from the other side. But the Trotsky book is the one for someone who is interested in making revolutions — it’s a superb understanding of changes in mass psychology, and how to influence them. And a change in mass psychology is what patriots need.

    But in between reading, get out there and spread the news about Kyle Rittenhouse, an American hero, and someone we must not let down.

    A new website has finally been formed to defend him. It’s at — this URL should be spread around everywhere, so that people can learn the truth about this brave young man.

  58. Ruby says:

    So far he is still acting under our CONSTITUTION. Jan 6 Pence has to count… since the electoral votes are sealed we cant see them yet. However once they have certified votes on a state in litigation then they have the crime and signature…. they have the electors then guilty of treason also. If the 6th doesnt pan out he has his executive order. However some of us believe he wants everyone to know for sure that HE didnt steal it…
    Bottom line we dont let them take the white house… if we do its done.
    I think that’s why he is asking for EVERYONE that can go to DC on the 6th of Jan… a show of patriot power… ??

  59. paul bartron says:

    Trump is in death’s valley so to speak. If you follow Sun Zue”s “the art of war” If he surrenders to Biden he will be hated forever by American patriots. He might even be executed by the Marine’s. If he walks away now he will go down as America’s worst traitor.

    • woody8834 says:

      I agree 100 % and have faith-- don’t ever surrender -- the only thing I ask you-- what will you do — no BS aside — reading allot of these posts makes me realize the number of people in this world that haven’t been in the fire — President Trump is not an emperor -- so he going by the only thing he can — The Constitution and we would be no better than them — if we didn’t and if your asking me to give or take the ultimate sacrifice — then by God we need to know we did everything we could before it begins — but I also say -let them come — and all of them -- I’m not afraid

  60. AngryPatriot says:

    Here are the initial challenges patriots face: organization, communication and supply.
    1. We are not organized -- mobilization requires organization and there is no organization structure, recruitment, authoritative leadership or means for planning operations and means of establishing top-down communication. Also, the organization has to be free spies or a way to weed them out.
    2. Communication -- being able to mobilize requires rapid communication that is secure so that OPSEC can be maintained at all times. How can a secure, broad, and rapid communications system be setup?
    3. Supply -- operations are not only expensive but require a means of supply before and during operations. You can’t send troops into battle without the three Bs.

    These are just thoughts from my past experience and should be built upon by greater thinkers than myself.

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  62. Amber says:

    Here’s a sensible way:

    Get in the direction TOGETHER that the Colonists showed us — while both cutting out and side-stepping ALL THE CORRUPTION that got us to this point in the first place:

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