These Communist Have Stolen And Killed America. The Republic is Dead. We Will Now Have to Fight Our Way Out of Communism.

So many emotions. I’m not even sure what to say at this point. I’m disappointed, angry, disgusted, sad, and heartbroken. The Republic is Dead. This country is done. We will now have to fight our way out of communism. If you do not bow down and kiss the feet of this government, you are now a terrorist and an enemy of the state.

Trump blew it yesterday. He had an opportunity to present his evidence and “Release the Kraken”, instead we got a rally speech. It was funny listening to the speakers yesterday who are under the impression that we can vote our way back out of this in two and four years. Makes me laugh. I don’t think they understand that voting is now useless and we will be told who will rule over us from now on. Georgia anyone? Yeah I caught a lot of flak for Georgia from those who still wanted to believe. At least Georgia finally opened some eyes and put that final nail in the coffin of our vote meaning anything.

Trump is still President at this moment, yet he is doing nothing to save our Republic. People are still begging him to do something. Not going to happen folks. He is all talk and no action. Yesterday should have proven that to you. If he was going to do something, yesterday was his shot. He had maybe half a million people there to back him. All he had to do was lead. Did he really think his words would make the leviathan cave and beg for forgiveness?

We have a lot of weak people on our “side” that are calling for us to remain peaceful in our protest. Our constant insistence on being peaceful is why we are in this mess. All these people who were supposedly on our side condemning what happened in the Capitol, you can piss right on off! Kurt Schlichter I’m talking to you.

All the shit you have peddled for the last twelve years or so, and you are calling for people to be arrested for their actions yesterday. Kurt Schlichter has made a lot of money off the Right, sadly I have bought most of his books, but he enjoys his DC cocktail parties as much as Pelosi. Like Lot’s wife, they’ve grown so comfortable living in Sodom they’ll have to be dragged out kicking and screaming and even then they’ll look back at what they’re losing and blame us. They never meant for us deplorables to take their Right-Wing rants and support for Trump seriously. They only expected us to be “a little pregnant.” But now that things are set in motion that they claimed to champion, they’ll attack us even more than the Left because that’s who they actually share a world view with.

The time for action is now! We will never be any stronger than we are now. The Conservative grifters who have egged this on but want to put the brakes on it now that they see it’s serious, and will cost them their lucrative gigs and cocktails at the DC watering holes with their Liberal buddies need to be outed and shamed. Bye-bye. Accept it, you grifters have lost control now and your days of swindling us are over.

We need to do to every state house what was done at the Capitol, and then some. It’s time for us to play by their rules. “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Our enemies are the most scared of us at this point that they’ve been in a year. THIS is the time to strike. Who will lead it?  Here in North Carolina our Governor Cooper is momentarily off balance (his news conference hinting at coming lockdowns was annihilated by actual citizen action). But if he has enough time to regroup, he’ll double down to teach us a lesson. We’ve GOT to go after him before then. If a state will go after their lockdown Governor within a week, Patriots in other states will be inspired and hopefully follow.

These Communist have stolen and killed America. Best get your minds wrapped around that. Their Pravda decry us as violent, and cheaters, trying to steal an election. When in fact it is them that has stolen this election in broad daylight and have dared us to do something about it.

I’ll leave you with this:

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.” Thomas Paine


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45 Responses to These Communist Have Stolen And Killed America. The Republic is Dead. We Will Now Have to Fight Our Way Out of Communism.

  1. rlm4765 says:

    The truly evil wanted to broadcast a sacrificial ceremony from the Capitol building for all the world to see!

    First there is a young woman shot so she bleeds out inside the Capitol building as a blood sacrifice!:

    Then a heavily tattooed man wearing a set of horns on his head is allowed to breach the inside of the Capitol building and stand in the highest position of power in that building where Vice President Pence was standing a few hours ago!:

    The evil who presently control the world were giving us a subtle hint as to the god they really worship who is called Lucifer and represented as Baphomet!:

    It won’t be long now before the last 8 years commence:

  2. DRenegade says:

    Going after Cooper will not be an effective strategy. Give me some time this morning. The phone, messages and information is definitely a distraction right now.

  3. Joe Tittiger says:

    I doubt if we fight. Americans lack ball and backbones. The churches even seem to be in on this demonic evil.

    • laura ann says:

      Joe: The apostate gov. controlled 501c3 churches (all denom.) are also controlled in the seminaries and nat. hq, and sermons must be pol correct ot else their tax exempt status is revoked. That should have never started anyway (1954) church leaders fell for it and they are controlled and infiltrated with the left for decades Few patriots left now of fighting age w/ backbones. The Republic is truely dead in the ashes of history. Nothing in the new test. says to form a gov. corp. partnership w/ the churches. All churches should be independent of hierarchies anyway because these hierarchies are controlling and muzzling the leaders.

      • Jack B. says:

        Laura Ann--is right on, these 501c3 corporate churches couldn’t preach the truth if they wanted to, they are muzzled by the state. Billy Graham once said if Jesus doesn’t return soon he will have to apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah. We are worse than Sodom And Gomorrah, I don’t think they were performing sex change operations there! America has become a loony bin. (Its downhill from here, fasten your seat belts.)

  4. Hunter says:

    This is sad! I have lost hope in this President… He had his chance! I agree. Why did he not drop the “hard evidence ” he mentioned? Why would he tell ALL to come, it will be “WILD”🤔…We are being played and I’m personally embarrassed and angry at the evil running rampant…Smh Wish I had some Local Fl boys to at least “talk abt the games” with..

  5. Jonathan Hartley says:

    Seems like at this point the trump phenomenon was a trojan horse to draw out the enemies of the central planners not the other way around as the Qult would have you to believe. Qult leadership probably in on the plan the entire time is my guess. Spent the majority of this week about a day in mid august of ’10 i had this ominous feeling that i couldn’t shake for a few days and was seriously considering dropping everything and heading west just to see if i could get out of the system to the extent possible. But i didn’t. Because of fear. Fear of failure. Blew all the cash, got older and regret not taking that shot while i had the chance. Don’t know if would have mattered by the time all is said and done if we are to take these people at their word for the plans they have in store for us. Don’t fear what’s coming, they should fear what’s coming but they’re not wise enough to see it.

  6. hannahruth1947 says:

    America, parts of Canada, Australia were sold to the Chinese a while back because of debt according to Benjamin Fulford. There are more countries as well but i cant remember.
    Trump, Biden Obama Clintons Nethanyahu and the rest, are all in on this great plan. It is one big hoax called covid19 whilst you were sleeping.
    The proposed nuke war begins 2024 thru to 2028 China Russia attacking USA and then the rest of the world…….this is true and all principalities are complicit…..they will flee to their prepared underground cities whilst billions above ground will die.

    • Bill says:

      Sorry , I don’t agree with your premise .. but I will tell you this no matter who played who here, the good thing is this, the fear factor of people is all gone now, now the war begins and they will not be peaceful anymore, the patriots are going to full force with millions of patriots around our nation to confront the enemy as well as a form of guerilla warfare to remove all of these sadistic evil entities, there are hundreds of thousands of hunters and thousands of ace shooters that will rout out all these traitors, this year will be one of patriots building a new armed army and since the anti christ Jew Schumer who was the one who gave the order to gun down an unarmed women is the shot that now begins the purge of all of these evil dirt bags. Pray that our Lord guides us all in the defense of our nation and our constitution.

    • B Stone says:

      I totally agree. Parts of the US are owned by China too because of debt & insider deals. It’s now apparent that the CCP also owns many American politicians.

      Yes, within a few years Russia will attack America with a nuclear strike from submarines parked right off our beaches on the East & West Coasts. Then they & China will invade with ground forces. Several US pastors have prophesied this since the 1980s. God showed me the nuke attack on NATO European countries & the US in a dream over 30 years ago. He asked me to warn people, but no one has believed me.

      Note that with the Communists in power in DC now, American armed forces can be ordered to stand down & not launch a nuclear counter attack or fight back during a ground invasion!

      Time to head for the hills…literally. Stay safe.


  7. wayne stinson says:

    lets look at what 1776 did bring us. Declaration of Independence, That whenever any Form of Gov. becomes destructive, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, it is their right , it is their duty, to throw off such Gov. How is this done, What do we do? What is the proper Order?
    Go back to the basics, Teach.!! Preamble, Grand Jury, Common Law = 7th Amen,
    We the People of the U.S,in Order(order is in the middle of the sentence the O is capitalized) to form a more perfect Union,establish Justice,(stop right there for a second or two).
    Common Law is mention twice in the 7th Amen, I believe two different definitions are required for these U. S . States.
    The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, A representative form of gov. with a three vote rule, a common Law(7 Amend.) , & barter type of system. (Article1, sect.10),Those that are under oath to preserve & defend, are under contract.

  8. Ace of Aces says:

    👍 Thank you Wes for your stand and your articles,
    NKJV Judges 6… Psalm 68, Psalm 94, Psalm 91 Malachi 3:16… 4:3…
    To the strong but discouraged who could be thinking suicide -- don’t -- give all you are to YAH. Then stay tuned He is the master warrior of all warriors, and He has a plan to involve you. Some of you have really messed up. NOTHING -- Absolutely NOTHING -- will separate you from the love of YAH. He will forgive all just as He did for King David -- He will do for you. 1 & 2 Samuel

    If you haven’t seen these videos -- they are worth it:
    Catherine Austin Fitts 2 videos within >

  9. Carol says:

    Yesterday was ‘Trump par excellence.’ BIG Talk -- BIG Do Nothing. Why are you surprised?
    “Lock her up” should have been the big clue. But still everyone hung on, worshipping
    this fallen man, instead of Almighty God. Trump scammed us yesterday -- and it cost an
    American patriot her life.
    What about Kracken? Lin Wood? Sidney Powell? All the hype worthy of phony QFiles.
    Just enough fire in his words to keep the MAGA worshippers bowed before him.
    Before you shed your tears for Trump, remember He Saw To It That 5G was approved for
    the USA; 5G has the Same Symptoms as covid non-pandemic. (Gee, we’ll be told we have
    to wear the face diaper in our coffins!) And . . . never forget: TRUMP APPROVED “WARPED
    SPEED;” sending our military to destroy the DNA of every American. Revelation 13/14.
    And YES . . . ‘vaccine’ and A.I. are the Beast: the Mark is allowing them to put it in your body
    in multiple injections, ensuring the permanent destruction of God-created DNA. There’s no
    turning back once you take it . . . . . .
    Satan’s Trump Card: until, of course, he is forever destroyed by Almighty Lord, Jesus Christ.

  10. Ann Nonimus says:

    Comments elsewhere duly note that the commies have beaten us at every turn.

    Lesson should be, adapt. Don’t reject an idea just because your enemy arrived there first.
    To that end, a memory of my college commie sociology professor comes to mind. He loved to contrast Weber and Marx, social change. Weber, forget the name of theory now but lets call it peaceful social action to bring about change theory. Marx, straight up conflict theory, which personally i leaned towards. Both have merits. It appears the former theory has been exhausted through the election, legislative and social process.

    This past year we watched much gain for those that will embrace conflict theory. Look at the millions attained by BLM alone offered by corporations. Not that we want their money. But we will take their loss thereof to remind them of their place in the order of things.

    On any side of a conflict it is vital to observe and learn from enemy activity. What are their gains and what are their losses. Can we exploit their losses? Can we attain like success by adapting our own tactics?

    There is a very loud vacuum at present. Leadership.

    All is not lost, yet who will lead?

  11. TheTruthBurns says:

    How much did the Chinese pay Trump to Quit like a LOSER yesterday? I would have preferred to see the Crapitall Building Blown Up. Welcome to the Disunited States of Ching Chong Chicom, Yellow Skin, Slant Eyed, No Soul, Snakehead Demons. The Chinks will Sell Anything or Anyone at Anytime for Any Reason. The Chicoms are Satan’s Demonic Army & They Will Kill ALL Americans so they can Infest Our Land.

  12. Brian Peterson says:

    Sorry, truth be told, Trump has always been one of them. The Joker, the devils advocate. They always tell us what they are going to do to us before hand. It’s their creepy code, perhaps set forth by God. Consider the magicians assistant. What is their job? To provide the distraction. To make possible the illusion. And we followed along just as we were supposed to. As though he was some sort of human messiah. Eagerly engaged, yet uningaged. Mesmerized by his boldness and audacity. The soothing words that gave us hope. When this happened, all hope had been lost. We had been led to the slaughter. Believing all the way to the gallows our blessed national savior. Their plan worked so well that I wonder if even they are amazed at the effectiveness of their scheme. At every turn the alarms in our core blared. One swamp monster after another was appointed and no one was ever held accountable for the highest of crimes. Yet, somehow he was going to get it done. They showed us everything we know to be true and just and noble and told us we need to fight for it, yet we never heeded the call. All along the misguided path, mesmerized by the brilliant colors of the snake. Any surprise we all got bit?

  13. Time to Fly says:

    All that is needed it to neuter the propaganda networks. Don’t have to shoot anybody, just need some wire cutters and a sledge hammer… And hell, it’s misdemeaneor.

  14. Ralph Hauenstein says:

    Together we stand strong divided we fall apart Time is now or never Free again

  15. All very true, there was hope for a while that the inevitable could be delayed another four years. But with the immorality of the masses it was not to be. I invite those looking for a safer place to check us out.

  16. Kathy Gotto says:

    I understand the disillusion but I don’t think it is helpful to kick a man when he is down. President Trump has been piled onto like no one in my memory. Do you really think he would continue to be pursued with all the hate of hell if he was complicit in what happened in Congress yesterday? I won’t give up on him until Jan. 20 for two reasons: (1) he gave Congress the chance to do the right thing but they didn’t, but he still has options to strategize; and (2) my hope and expectation has not been in President Trump as he has clay feet just like the rest of us; my hope has been and will continue to be in Almighty God. He will lead and guide.

  17. Blather says:

    Nobody wants to enfarce the law. Not even Trump when he became President pursued one of the greatest traitors to our country. The Clintons. Why should we expect him to have a change of heart now.

    But he did leave the country in shambles for them and the greatest debt ever seen? Was this brilliant on his part? I don’t know or wanna know at this point.

    I just wondered why he didn’t have a change of heart and start HANGING them when he had the chance.

    Patriots, are you willing to enfarce the law and hang them or do you want to become lawless like them?

  18. Donna says:

    The Lord’s reprieve is over. His hand has lifted. Just as it is written in Revelation, we are on a time line. Daniel saw the great “beast unlike any other” and was sick for days. Apostle John saw it, the “beast” government, the false prophet and the “mark” in order to buy or sell. Jesus said that the people who saw Israel come back into the land and the wars, pestilences, earthquakes in diverse places, “would not pass away until all these things come to pass.” What is taking place now, is the various elite groups of rich and so’called powerful who bat for the other team. What gets me is how they wake up each morning, look out at a new day and all they can think about is how to destroy instead of doing good. President Trump fought the good fight of faith. Walking away from a battle is not the same as ending a war. There will be others who fight the good fight and many will do that on bent knees. God bless.

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  20. The March of time says:

    Let me throw my dream into this mix. On 4/12/2011 I had a vivid dream. I was in a bookstore, in the sale bin was a Bible-which I opened and found a map on the inside hardcover spread over two pages of the US, the south including Texas was broken out from the rest of the nation and the southern states were broken out further & separately and each trimmed in gold. I studied it more and noted an old style script stating” The New Confederate States of America” Under that it said President Rand Paul. I woke up and turned on the news.I was watching a network morning show and the host was in Charleston for the 150th anniversary of the Firing on Fort Sumter. That is the part that amazed me the most, I was unaware of that approaching anniversary completely. I even emailed Rand Paul who emailed me back and said the dream was interesting but he was duty bound to the constitution.

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