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The Aristocratic Illusion, by Robert Gore

They’re not as smart as they think they are.

If you draw your sustenance from the government—as an employee, contractor, or beneficiary of redistributed funds—the money you receive comes from someone who had no choice whether or not you got paid. Except for those jobs the government mandates, private sector workers’ compensation comes from employers who have freely chosen to pay it. The jobs they perform are worth more to their employers than what they’re paid, or the jobs wouldn’t exist.

Here’s a new definition of aristocrat: a person legally entitled to take money from other people without their consent. This definition focuses on what aristocrats do and have done throughout the centuries, regardless of their labels.


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Our Corruption Coma

On the eve of what might become known as the Great Unveiling, it is interesting to ask ourselves if the desperation of good people will be replaced by Sacred honor and courage?

David DeGerolamo

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Charity Begins at Home

Charity Begins at Home.

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Image result for propaganda posters muslim
The following survey is from Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair, Democratic National Committee. I have added my labels in red. The following issues were not included that are important to me:
1. Propaganda in the media
2. Muslim immigration
3. Illegal surveillance on people
4. National debt of $20 trillion
5. Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Russian Dossier, FBI/Democrat collusion in the 2016 election
I still have hope for a better future. After the dust settles. What we rebuild is up to us.
David DeGerolamo


Thank you for taking a moment to complete our survey! Please rate the issues below according to importance. Your feedback is important — winning in November starts with all of us making our voices heard.

Continue reading

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Consequences of Immigration

The mainstream media is in a uproar after President Donald Trump allegedly referred to “s**thole” countries during an immigration related policy discussion. Stefan Molyneux looks at history of competing scientific theories, the differences between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and the importance of looking at the science of Intelligence disparities to have an informed discussion.

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This Can Be Any Country’s Future If They Allow Their Government Unchecked Power

It does not matter how rich your country is, how good the people are or what their perceived future will be. What matters is if the people let their government become their master. Is it so hard to see this future for the United States? Remember: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Even though that vote included illegal voters which made her majority. We dodged a bullet in 2016.

For how long? Our enemies include the government, media and Socialist apologists. I don’t want to chase down a meal so that the elite can live in luxury by stealing our freedom.

David DeGerolamo

More perspective

Shocking Footage Shows Crowd Of Hungry Venezuelans Slaughtering A Cow In The Open

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Image result for shithole

I have had an epiphany today concerning the end game of Democrats and Rinos. They want to make the United States a #shithole nation in order for them to rule over the people.

Something else to consider: only Dick Durbin has stated that President Trump used this phrase. The President denies it. Republican Sens. David Perdue or Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas, in the same Oval Office meeting Thursday with Durbin and Trump, say they don’t remember the president using the words. The media feeding frenzy based on the word of one Democrat senator from the corrupt state of Illinois shows the grave situation this country is facing.

shit·hole defined:

an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.

Is this not an appropriate description of the countries from which illegal immigrants originate? It is not our fault that these countries are in the position that their own people accept and perpetuate. The United States is the world’s superpower today. Two hundred and fifty years ago, we were a backwater colony of England. Fighting for freedom, the American dream and our children’s future has given us rewards that the rest of the world wants to reap. Or more appropriately, the rest of the world wants to rape.

Which brings us back to my epiphany. Whether President Trump said shithole or not is completely irrelevant. Whether we allow the political elite and media to destroy our nation and heritage for their own personal gain is the only question to be answered.

David DeGerolamo

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U-Turn or Detour? by Robert Gore

The election represented a triumph, after decades of mockery and defeat, of a voting bloc Donald Trump identified, validated, and vindicated.

Repudiating the elite and its supporting institutions—government and all its rackets, the media, academia, Hollywood—is the necessary first step to reversing America’s full-speed-ahead plunge into a Grand Canyon-size ditch. It has ruled America badly and corruptly, lining its pockets while maintaining its phony pose of moral and intellectual superiority. Trump is the decent besieged’s desperate call for a U-turn before the reigning establishment leaves the country smashed on the canyon floor.

Understandably, Trump’s supporters have celebrated their victory, basked in the establishment’s discomfiture, and mocked their foes. That a less-than-zero like Hillary Clinton could gain her party’s nomination (although she might not have if she hadn’t cheated), gain the endorsement of virtually everyone that “mattered,” and even win the popular vote (if the count is to be believed) gave Trump’s side plenty of targets and material.


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Wilderness Medicine Emergency Management in the High-Risk Low-Resource Environment: February 16-18, 2018

Personal Defense Strategies, LLC

Wilderness Medicine
Emergency Management in the High-Risk Low-Resource Environment
February 16-18, 2018
Murphy, NC

By definition, “Wilderness Medicine” is based on the concepts of emergency medical help when separated from definitive care by distance, time, or other circumstances.  That situation could easily be the backcountry, another snowpocalypse, civil unrest, or an active shooter incident; all situations in which medical help may not be readily available.

Wilderness Medicine is training in emergency first aid for people who aren’t professionals and forms the basis of our tactical medic program.  The training consists of an informal meet and greet on Friday evening followed by two days of lecture, discussion, hands-on, and scenario-based skills practice.

Our goal is to provide you with an assessment process that is simple, easy to understand, and one that does not require you to purchase everything from an ER catalog.  Rather, the class provides you with a roadmap to address life-threatening injuries in the proper order and one that ensures the best possible outcome for both yourself and your patient.

All courses are taught by professional educators and experienced medical providers who will work to make sure that you leave class with the information and skills needed to react with confidence.   Learn to respond to medical emergencies, treat injuries and illnesses, and improvise solutions in a high-risk low-resource environment.

The cost of the course is $250 individually or $200 each as a couple.  Advanced, full-payment is required to reserve a seat in class.  Due to limited class enrollment, payment is non-refundable and rescheduling will be allowed for the next available class only if space is available.  Cancellation on the day of the class is considered a “no show.”

Payment can be made via PayPal at or by check to:

Personal Defense Strategies, LLC
226 Gainesville Highway, Suite C
Blairsville, GA  30512

For more information, contact Rick Klopp at or 706.781.4526

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After The Fire – T.L. Davis

The deep state, the intelligence and investigative apparatus of the United States has been used to attempt a coup on a then prospective and now sitting president. This is as dangerous a time for the republic as has ever been in our history and it goes by with a shrug. Maybe these people will be held accountable, maybe they won’t, but we are irreparably damaged by the knowledge of it. It is why so many of us saw the ultimate election of Hillary Clinton as a demarcation point in our willingness to go along with this sham of a government.

There is some thought that Sessions will ultimately, through a special counsel or some other functionary get to the bottom of this coup, but the true fact is, they should already be lined up against the wall. What Comey, et al did was much more serious than a few felonies, the violation of FBI policy, or something akin to crossing against the light. This was an attempt at the highest levels to rig an election, overthrow the government and install a permanent police state much more aggressive than we have already seen. The startling fact of it is, they thought they could do so without a shot being fired, except at those like Seth Rich. And, they were right. It nearly worked.


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By Daniel Greenfield

Prime Minister Thatcher once famously observed that socialists “always run out of other people’s money.” But what actually happens when socialism runs out of money?

Venezuela, a once wealthy nation with black gold coming out of the ground, is a test case.

The socialist regime ran out of other people’s money, and then out of money, years ago. The government met protests by its starving population with a 40% minimum wage hike. That’s the usual socialist solution to what leftists call ‘income inequality’. The problem is that 40% of nothing is still zero.

The “Strong Bolivar” introduced by former dictator Hugo Chavez, who died of an overdose of Cuba’s socialist medicine, leads the world in one economic category: a 3,000% inflation rate. Currently a dollar will buy you 111,413.23 bolivars. Wait a while and there will be a better bargain in bolivars because economists are forecasting a 30,000% inflation rate. In Venezuela, even the poorest American can become a millionaire in bolivars. The only question is why would anyone actually want bolivars?


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Forest for the Trees

Forest for the Trees.

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2017 Was Second Best Year Ever for Gun Sales

When Trump won the election, most people believed that the Obama inspired boom in gun sales was over. Early gun sales statistics in 2017 seemed to support that theory. Now the final numbers are in and it turns out early speculation was incorrect. 2017 was a fantastic year for gun sales.

Paul Bedard reports at the Washington Examiner:

2017 gun sales surprise: Second best ever, 25 million, more ‘socially acceptable’

The long predicted crash of the gun market following President Trump’s election victory over gun-banner Hillary Rodham Clinton never showed up and 2017 became the second highest year of sales after 2016, the FBI reported Wednesday.

According to the agency, there were 25,235,215 gun background checks conducted in 2017, and many in the industry say the National Instant Criminal Background Check System is the best gauge of sales.

Only 2016 was better since the system began in 1998. More than 27.5 million background checks were recorded last year.

The year of gun sales surprised many especially in May and August when monthly sales records were set. December was the top month with 2,586,138 checks taking place.

Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms has more on this:


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