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A Common Sense Solution

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And the Answer Is?

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A Rallying Cry For Justice?

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan

The article below concerning General Flynn’s “guilty” plea may become the capstone for restoring Liberty in our country. Most people do not realize the tactics the federal government employs to serve up their brand of “justice”. Federal prosecutors currently have a conviction rate of 99.8%. Consider the following information:

The presumption of innocence is often touted in the United States as the fundamental principle shielding an accused person from being unjustly convicted of a crime. The basis of that claim is that to overcome the presumption of innocence the government is required to present substantial evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant’s guilt of every essential element of his or her accused crime(s).

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees a defendant has the right to a jury trial. That looks good on paper and makes for a good sound bite in a 4th of July speech. However, in 2015 only 1.6% of federal court defendants whose case was adjudicated had a jury trial. and 0.8% of defendants waived their right to a jury trial and elected to be tried by a judge. Consequently about 1 of every 63 defendants in federal court is convicted by a jury — and 1 out of 42 is convicted after a trial of any kind. State courts aren’t appreciably different, since about 4% of state court defendants are convicted after a jury or bench trial.

While this is only supposition, I believe the judge will show that the Mueller investigation withheld evidence showing General Flynn was not guilty (exculpatory evidence). Blackmail by the federal government to extort punitive damages and imprisoning innocent people have been used to enhance careers in the United States’ justice system for too long.

Let us hope that this case and its consequences will become a rallying cry for people against government tyranny.

David DeGerolamo


In Unexpected Twist, Judge In Flynn Case Asks Mueller For “Exculpatory Evidence”

The federal judge assigned to the criminal case against Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has ordered Special Counsel Robert Mueller to turn over any “exculpatory evidence” to Flynn’s defense team.

Oddly, however, Flynn’s legal team did not make this request. Instead, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan issued the order “sua sponte,” or at his discretion, invoking the “Brady Rule” – which requires prosecutors to turn over previously unfiled evidence that might have a material impact on a defendant’s case. Interestingly, two days before the order Mueller filed a motion for an agreed-upon protective order regarding the use of evidence in the case, including “sensitive materials,” provided to Flynn’s lawyers by the office of the Special Counsel.


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Russia May Be Laughing but the Democrat Party Is Crying

The shooting in Parkland, Florida overwhelmed the news cycle last week. This week will see a return to political malfeasance media coverage under the Obama administration. Pending another unforeseen news cycle shift, this week should see a return to the following:

1. DACA compromise.
2. FBI collusion and incompetence.
3. Uranium One Treason by the Obama administration.
4. John Brennan’s role in the Deep State. John Clapper’s role will be on display in the coming weeks.
5. The waste of time and money by the Mueller commission.
6. Mitt Romney lack of private parts.
7. Gun control: it’s for the children.
8. How people caused Lindsay Vonn’s defeat in the Olympics for stating that she disapproved of President Trump.
9. Which Hollywood personality abused other Hollywood personalities.
10. Which Donald Trump tweet caused the most liberal heads to explode.

David DeGerolamo

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Overhaul or Disband?

Disband the FBI. It is the only way to be sure that this arm of the Deep State is vanquished. “Special Agents” who can prove that they can represent law enforcement for the protection of the people will be sent to both Northern and Southern borders as ICE agents.

David DeGerolamo

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A Republic without Morality Will Not Stand

St. Augustine wrote this in 426 A.D. but it might as well have been written yesterday, to us.

via WRSA

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State Property, by Robert Gore

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal wrung from the trauma of the 1930s a lasting legacy of economic and social reform, including the Social Security Act, new banking and financial laws, regulatory legislation, and new opportunities for organized labor. Taken together, these reforms gave a measure of security to millions of Americans who had never had much of it, and with it, a fresh sense of having a stake in their country.

From the dust jacket description of Freedom From Fear, The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945, David M. Kennedy, Oxford University Press, (1999)

When one man’s security becomes another man’s chain gang.

The above paragraph concisely sums up conclusions about the New Deal that can be found in thousands of textbooks, histories, and articles. You can guess that the tome (it’s 858 pages, SLL has not read it) reflects the reigning academic ideology, an impression furthered by its Pulitzer Prize. Pulitzers are awarded to fans of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New deal, not critics. If the latter stood a chance, Amity Shlae’s fine critical analysis, The Forgotten Man, A New History Of The Great Depression, might have received one.

Putting food on the table has a large place in human history. So too do governments. More often than not, they’ve worked at cross-purposes. Governments don’t produce, they take. Whatever they take means less food, and everything else, for those from whom they take it.


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More Wisdom From Thomas Jefferson

Image result for To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

It is easy to give examples showing how the government has become sinful and tyrannical. The incredible horror of aborting human fetuses for the sale of their body parts with the support of the government is the definition of sin. The forced health care mandate is an example of furnishing funds for an idea which is not Constitutional. A law that is enforced against the will of the people is tyranny.

I believe Thomas Jefferson understood the purpose and consequences of debt better than any other President in our history. The government has accumulated over $20 trillion in debt. The real number is over $100 trillion with unfunded mandates added. The consequence is the enslavement of the people and our children. Chains do not have to be physical in order to restrain Liberty. Chains do not have to be physical in order to maintain Tyranny.

David DeGerolamo

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Nunes Memo Presents a Bipartisan Problem

To be left alone is the most precious thing one can ask of the modern world.”—Anthony Burgess

The mainstream media has been running tons of coverage about the so-called “Nunes Memo Freakout,” much of it centered around how the memo has made Nunes the most hated man in Washington among Democrats. While this appears to be true, it is obvious that the Left despise Nunes for a very different reason than the Trump administration.

For Democrats and the liberal press, the Nunes revelation makes all of their nonsense about Russian meddling in the election look silly and myopic. For the FBI, who were behind the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, it makes them look guilty of crimes far more serious than anything Trump himself has been accused of since his inauguration.

But this doesn’t pose a problem for Democrats and the intelligence community alone, rather it is a bipartisan issue. The FBI’s abuses of power concern us all, whether one is a Democrat, a Republican or anything in between.

The memo should be of particular interest to libertarians who value autonomy and privacy. For those of us who put a premium on liberty and political freedom, the Nunes memo represents a gross infringement, demonstrating just how far they are willing to break their own rules in pursuit of digging up dirt.

Hours before the memo was released at the start of February, President Trump tweeted, “The top Leadership and Investigators of the FBI and the Justice Department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of Democrats and against Republicans – something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago…”

The president’s words echoed the sentiment of others on the Right who see the FBI’s actions as a clear sign of anti-Trump animus at the bureau. House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes’ bombshell 4-page memo explores the controversial surveillance of campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page whose business ties to Russia raised eyebrows at the FBI.

Although the FBI and the DOJ applied for a surveillance warrant to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court and were subsequently granted permission to spy on Page, the Nunes memo suggests that the court did not properly vet their surveillance.

Furthermore, the memo alleges that the Steele Dossier, a notorious document by a former British spy, “formed an essential part of the Carter Page application” and that said application omitted information that weakens the dossier’s credibility. One pertinent thing that wasn’t disclosed in the application was the fact that the dossier was funded, in part, by Democrats.

The memo also points out that the application was renewed several times so that Page could continue to be scrutinized and that one individual who signed off on a renewal was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the same gentleman overseeing Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, suggesting a rampant partisan conspiracy of sorts.

It isn’t the first time the bureau has been caught doing questionable things, nor is the Nunes memo the first memo to uncover such misconduct. Last year, a declassified memo proved that the FBI shared spy data on Americans with unauthorized third parties.

The NSA has also been illegally spying on US citizens; these violations of constitutional privacy protections have been a major concern for quite awhile and groups like the ACLU are doing their part to educate the public about the unwarranted probes we are facing.

It is disconcerting enough to think that they could potentially violate our right to privacy as individuals, but it is even more perturbing to think that they are doing the same to those charged with governing our nation.

The Dems will likely argue that Trump brought this upon himself by repealing Obama-era digital privacy protections, but it’s important to note that the bureau’s surveillance of Carter Page occurred long before Trump repealed this privacy rule. Furthermore, Trump has been vocal about the need for critical infrastructure and cybersecurity.

For all of the lies that the Left-slanted press have spread about the president trying to shut down television programs that paint him in a negative light, the truth is that Trump is firmly against censorship. As a matter of fact, the Commander-in-Chief has demonstrated the value of things like VPNs (Virtual Private Network) to subjugate foreign censorship.

While visiting China, a country that blocks its citizens from viewing content it deems illegal or inappropriate, the president got around the so-called “Great Firewall” to access Twitter. What’s more, he sent tweets @ China’s leaders on the banned platform, sending a strong message that America will not be curbed by foreign countries or attacked by them online.

If the Nunes memo teaches people on both sides of the aisle anything, it’s that privacy is integral for all of us. Legitimate web hosting, secure VPNs with military-grade encryption and other privacy tools are crucial to protecting our identities and retaining our right to privacy.

There have been rumblings among people like California Rep. Adam Schiff that the memo Nunes provided to the White House was materially different from the version he provided to the House Intelligence Committee.

Regardless of whether this is true, it’s apparent that America is being snooped on by the very institutions we trust with our protection.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the NSA has been working in cahoots with major telecommunications carriers, including AT&T, to carry out massive, illegal dragnet surveillance of the domestic communications of millions of average Americans.

Evidence of this illegal activity has been made available by a former AT&T technician, showing that the telecommunications giant installed a fiberoptic splitter at its San Francisco-based facility to copy emails, web browsing and Internet traffic between AT&T customers.

No matter our personal politics, we should all share one core value—liberty. And true liberty provides for our fundamental right to privacy. If the government is going to spy on its own people, then it’s high time we take matters into our own hands and shield ourselves from the vulnerability of being an American in the 21st Century.

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BREAKING: Gravity Works, by Robert Gore

Are you ready for the inevitable?

Why did the stock market fall? The usual suspects are finding all sorts of “causes.” How about this one: when everyone is on the same side of the boat, driven by hope and greed or fear and loathing, the boat capsizes, no matter the economic “fundamentals” or political climate.

Since 2009 the world’s central bank’s have blown up their balance sheets and much of that newly created fiat debt found a home in equity and bond markets and cryptocurrencies. With few interruptions, most asset prices have rallied ever since.

Virtually every stock market sentiment and positioning indicator has, like the stock market itself, gone from new extreme to new extreme for months. Numerous commentators, including SLL, have been warning for months, even years. Pick a valuation measure and stocks, even after the last two weeks, are at peak valuations rivaled only by 1929, 2000, and 2007.


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Media water haulers

In January, 2008, a new face ascended to the Presidency. The media immediately fell in love with him because of his mastery of talking a lot and saying little, but doing it eloquently. Throw in that he was the first black, or more accurately the first mulatto president, and a perfect storm was developed for a national media to stay mum on any excesses that could be linked to him.

CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times amongst others adopted Mr. Obama and protected him like nurturing parents. No matter had badly Obama stepped in his own excrement it was ignored or his messes massaged so as to make them seem palatable. Here are just a few examples.

Conservative organizations applied for 501c3 filing status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Lois Lerner, the Director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the IRS, either took it upon herself or more likely colluded with Obama Administration officials and refused to process applications. One applicant, which was just recently approved, had been waiting nine years for a determination. One would never know there was a problem by listening or reading the mainstream media’s reporting; or more accurately, the lack of reporting on this illegal operation.

The Justice Department refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers when they blocked voting entrances and intimidated voters. During a House Committee hearing Attorney General Eric Holder stated that while the events in Philadelphia were unfortunate, they paled in comparison to what “my people” suffered during the Civil Rights era. The mass media never noticed that AG Holder was supposed to be the chief law enforcement official for all Americans – not just the black segment of society.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with former President Clinton while Mrs. Clinton was under active investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A couple days later she instructed FBI Director Comey to refer to the investigation as “a matter” not an investigation. Director Comey later appointed himself as both investigator and prosecutor and exonerated Mrs. Clinton without impaneling a Grand Jury. The mass media took little notice of Comey overstepping his authority because Mrs. Clinton was their candidate of choice for the presidency.

Now we are at a crossroads in our country concerning whether top-level bureaucrats within the Department of Justice can use their positions to initiate an investigation on a political opponent. If these aberrations in due process are allowed to occur without dissent and disclosure in the media it will embolden future improprieties and grant license for misusing the power of government. If this abuse of power is allowed to occur without the media reporting the truth, America will become just another third world country run by a Unitary State; we are nearing that tipping point right now.

The mass media has written and voiced more opposition to President Trump in his first year in office than they did to then President Obama during his two four year terms. Obama swapped five leading terrorists for an Army deserter and the mass media took little notice. Obama loaded up a couple airplanes with billions in cash in different currencies and had the loot delivered to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in order to get a nuclear deal and the mass media took little notice. President Obama ordered the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen that had never been charged or convicted of a crime – he was killed in a drone strike in Yemen in September, 2011. Two weeks after the killing of Awlaki, a separate CIA drone strike in Yemen killed his 16-year-old American-born son, Abdulrahman, along with the boy’s 17-year-old cousin and several other innocent Yemenis. The mass media and the Justice Department hardly took note of the two assassinations of American citizens.

Now the House Intelligence Committee has released a “memo” which seems to outline improprieties on the part of the DOJ in requesting a FISA warrant. The mass media immediately hysterically screamed that releasing the memo would compromise national security – no matter the import of the memo, their position regarding compromising national security is a bald face lie.

Now consider that if President Trump expels gas in mixed company, it will become front page news and the talk of CNN and MSNBC for days and we see where we are with regard to media fairness. When the unitary group, which is often referred to as the “deep state,” wields near complete control of the political conversation; we have a problem and national tragedy can’t be far behind.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer in Corpus Christi, TX.

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Regarding the two recent posts about Rule of Law …

I like the meme of Trump holding up the severed head of Medusa … very emotionally satisfying.

And I love the message of personal responsibility manifest in the essay “Citizen of the Republic” by TL Davis.

But restoration of  “Rule of Law” will not solve our societal problems.  Our problems are rooted in the departure of the legal systems of our various legislative domains from the American and English Common-Law.

Statute and ordinance no longer embody ethics and morality, but stand as mere edict (will of man) to be served up by force.

Read the following … read it again … and again:

Memes, Taxes, and Black: Government: If you refuse teo
 pay unjust taxes, your
 property will be confiscated
 If you attempt to defend your
 property, you will be arrested
 If you resist arrest,
 you will be clubbed
 If you defend yourself against
 clubbing, you will be shot dead
 These procedures are known
 as the Rule of Law
 Edward Abbey
Never make the mistake of conflating legality with morality. The majority of man-made law would be considered immoral if enforced by anyone but those wearing fancy blue uniforms or black robes. ~N

To recover our Rightful Liberty, we need to educate our friends and neighbors about the need to eradicate all statute and ordinance and return to common-law.

And perhaps we should go a little further in our personal responsibility than TL Davis recommends:

Individuals are justified in the initiation of violence to stop Common-Law crime or apprehend Common-Law criminals (a justification for vigilantism).

In “James’ Liberty File”:  you will find an interesting essay titled “Natural Law and Natural Rights”.  It contains some insight and phrasing that I’ve never seen elsewhere.


Natural law is that law which corresponds to a spontaneous order in the absence of a state …

… that law, which it is proper to uphold by unorganized individual violence, whether a state is present or absent, and for which, in the absence of orderly society, it is proper to punish violators by unorganized individual violence.

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Patriot Network Summit 2018

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Coming Soon: A Free America

via Wes Rhinier

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A Citizen of the Republic

The citizens of a republic must bear an enormous burden. The weight and future of the nation rests solely on their shoulders. Unlike their many counterparts around the world, who consider themselves to be subjects of the king, or comrades of the state, the citizen of a republic owes his allegiance solely to the rule of law. The law is created by the people themselves through their legislators and other citizens are hired to ensure that those laws are obeyed by all equally.

Despite the fact that many politicians today use the term “democracy” in reference to the political system of the United States, nothing could be further from the truth or more intentionally misleading. The citizen of a democracy owes his allegiance solely to the majority opinion, that is a recipe for all sorts of abuses and tyranny of the majority. The distinction is important. A republic defends the interests of the minority against the will of the majority through the rule of law.


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