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by Bill Gertz

Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa.

Intelligence reports of the stolen jetliners were distributed within the U.S. government over the past two weeks and included a warning that one or more of the aircraft could be used in an attack later this month on the date marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against New York and Washington, said U.S. officials familiar with the reports.

“There are a number of commercial airliners in Libya that are missing,” said one official. “We found out on September 11 what can happen with hijacked planes.”


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ISIS video purports to show beheading of American journalist

The terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Tuesday released a video that appears to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff.

The White House was not immediately able to confirm the authenticity of the video. ISIS had threatened to execute the 31-year-old freelance journalist if President Obama did not withdraw American forces from Iraq.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the administration had been watching the situation closely and has “dedicated significant time and resources to trying” to rescue the American journalist.

He also pledged the new video “will be analyzed very carefully by the U.S. government” and its intelligence services.

“Our thoughts and prayers first and foremost are with Mr. Sotloff and Mr. Sotloff’s family,” Earnest said.

Last week, Sotloff’s mother pleaded in a video for ISIS militants to release her son.

“I want what every mother wants: to live to see her children’s children. I plead with you to grant me this,” she said.


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“World Is Losing Battle To Contain Ebola Epidemic,” MSF Warns Response “Lethally Inadequate”

View image on Twitter

The CDC’s worst nightmare is coming true. Despite reassurances from the government that it was ‘contained’, the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria is accelerating fast. Health Minister Chukwu said that 17 had now been infected and 271 were under surveillance (including most horrifyingly, 72 in Lagos). In addition, Congo is seeing cases increase rapidly, with WHO reporting 53 cases of Ebola (31 dead) and warning, perhaps ominously, that there is no link with the West Africa strain. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the situation in her country “remains grave,” adding “People now don’t see this as a Liberia or West Africa crisis. It could easily become a global crisis.” Furthermore, Doctors-without-Borders warns, “the world is losing the battle to contain the Ebola epidemic.”


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NCAR Monthly Meeting Reminder

Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Lone Star Steakhouse
668 River Hwy
Mooresville, NC 28117

(704) 799-3262
Get Directions

Mark your calendar in advance: NCAR monthly business meetings take place on the first Saturday of every month. For those in attendance, please plan to buy a meal.

NCAR Citizens’ Court Updates

The Latest Information Concerning State Citizens’ New and Ongoing Court Challenges:

Christopher Pierce

Mecklenburg County
Superior Court:  First Appearance (“Cattle call”), September 2, 2014

Jerry Plemmons

Iredell County
Superior Court:  On Appeal, Appearance Date September 16, 2014

Lincoln County
District/Admin Court:  First Appearance, August 15, 2014

Milo Townsend

Stanly County
Superior Court:  Ongoing Appeal, Continued to October 6, 2014

District Court:  First Appearance (“Cattle call”), August 12, 2014

    Admin Court:  First Appearance, August 21, 2014

** Please visit the North Carolina Republic’s Website and Facebook page

If you’re able, please come out and support these citizens and/or consider making a donation toward the NCAR Legal Fund. These donations go directly toward any expenses our citizens have when going into court. No amount is too small! Your help is greatly appreciated. (If you’d like to make a payment by check or money order, please reply to this email for instructions.)

Now is the time for all of us to step up, and get our country back.

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Imagine That…



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A Message from Your pResident

Friend –

Think about where we were five years ago, right around this time.

The pundits were declaring health care reform dead.

Today, now that reform is the law of the land, millions of Americans are better off — without having to fear going bankrupt or losing their coverage just because they, or someone they love, got sick.

That’s because people like you never gave up. You refused to be scared off by cynics or powerful special interests.

I’ll always be grateful for that, as are Americans across the country who now have access to affordable, quality health insurance — many for the first time in their lives.

That’s something I hope you remember whenever your days get long: The work you’re doing has the power to make history.

Thank you,

Barack Obama

Right now, OFA is sending supporters a free bumper sticker to celebrate the power of grassroots organizing. Get yours today.

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Lois Lerner Ignored Political Expenditures By Unions

Former U.S. Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman (L-R), IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner and U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin take their seats to testify before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on targeting of political groups seeking tax-exempt status from by the IRS, on Capitol Hill in Washington, May 22, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst    (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS) - RTXZWRA

The official at the center of the Internal Revenue Service tea party scandal once dismissed complaints that labor unions were not reporting millions of dollars in political activities on their tax forms, according to an email obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

In 2007, Lerner responded directly to a complaint that some major labor unions reported completely different amounts of political expenditures when filing with the IRS and the Department of Labor.

At the time of the email, Lerner was the Director of Exempt Organizations at the IRS.

Lerner wrote, “We looked at the information you provided regarding organizations that report substantial amounts of political activity and lobbying expenditures on the DOL Form LM-2, but report little to no political expenditures on the Form 990 filed with the IRS.”

“We believe this difference in reporting does not necessarily indicate that the organization has incorrectly reported to either the DOL or the IRS,” Lerner concluded.


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418 child rapes in North Carolina by illegal aliens in August

August has been a very busy month for illegal alien child rapers in NC.

78 confirmed and probable illegal aliens representing 418 charges of rape against NC children, in one month! All of these individuals have a court date scheduled for, or were arrested for, child rape in August.

This is the tenth month in a row we have been tracking child rape cases in NC. We are approaching 3,000 charges of sex crimes against NC’s children in 10 short months. 

See the August report here!

See all the reports on our website:

Contact your NC General Assembly member and demand they enact and enforce state illegal immigration laws, before your child gets raped by these monsters.

You can find their contact information here:

NC House members:

NC Senate members

James Johnson
President NCFIRE- North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Twitter: @NCFIREJames
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879 (anonymous reporting) 
cell # 910-286-3022
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Microsoft Defies Judge, Refuses To Hand Over Customer Emails

Microsoft looks set to be found in contempt of court after defying an order from a US judge that it should hand over data stored in Ireland.

Judge Loretta Preska, chief of the US District Court in Manhattan, has lifted a stay on her previous order that Microsoft must give email messages held in an Irish data center to US prosecutors investigating a criminal case.

However, Microsoft is refusing to comply. While the judge has concluded that the order itself isn’t appealable, a refusal to play ball by Microsoft could force her to find the company in contempt. Microsoft could then appeal against that finding to continue arguing its case.

“We will appeal promptly and continue to advocate that people’s emails deserve strong privacy protection in the US and around the world,” says Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith in a statement. “The only issue that was certain this morning was that the District Court’s decision would not represent the final step in this process.”


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CDC director raises Ebola alarm

Watch this video

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is much worse than official figures show, and other countries are unintentionally making it harder to control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden told CNN Tuesday.

“We’ve seen outbreaks of Ebola before. This is the first epidemic spreading widely through many countries and it is spiraling out of control,” said Frieden, who recently returned from a trip to the region. “It’s bad now, much worse than the numbers show. It’s going to get even worse in the very near future.”

More than 2,600 people have been infected by Ebola in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria since the outbreak began in December, according to the World Health Organization. More than 1,500 have died.


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Asian Property Prices Are Falling “As If There’s A Global Financial Crisis”

With China’s property developers slashing prices, piling on incentives, and still seeing sales slump; it is no surprise that demand from the top to the bottom across Asia is falling. As Reuters reports, even Singapore’s Sentosa Cove (the man-made island resort billed as Asia’s Monte Carlo) is eerily silent as the billionaires seem to be staying away with prices down over 20-30% in the past year. New mortgage business is down over 40% as “the rential can’t even cover the mortgage anymore.” As one analyst notes, “the tables have turned,” adding rather ominously that, “The way prices have fallen, it’s as if there is a global financial crisis.”

China’s property plunge continues…



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Luhansk effectively falls to Russia


The Ukrainian army has lost the battle for the airport of Luhansk. Ceasefire talks in Ukraine collapsed ending hours after Kiev was compelled to order its army to withdraw from a key eastern airport in Luhansk after coming under a serious assault from separatists fighters reportedly backed by a Russian Panzerbatallion that included an army tank column. Luhansk is the furthest province of Ukraine and it appears that the invasion has begun. It will be spearheaded by the separatists  maintain that it is not a direct Russian invasion. The fall of Ukraine is not out of the question. However, this will be the flash-point for all hostilities ahead.


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Obama’s Perceived Enemies List Is On A Collision Course With Reality…



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Important Change! Deadline is now the 9th: 6th NC PATCON October 1st – 6th 2014

Due to extenuating circumstances, the deadline  of the 18th must be changed to the 9th, so please submit now.


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Worry about YOUR community and YOUR family and YOUR friends.

The following article is from Mosby so be forewarned about the language.

You may not agree with his assessment but it is the best wake up call I have seen in a while. The enemy is at our gates. More importantly, our Statist government has unlocked the gates for them to enter. Here is the one essential aspect that was left off his list: Got Faith?

David DeGerolamo

h/t WRSA

Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows….with an important postscript

The “revolution” will only be achieved through the development of relatively small, extremely tight-knit tribes and bands of people, capable of existing within or without the socio-economic mainstream, who spread their message, face-to-face, to individuals and groups with whom the mainstream has lost credibility of intimidation. This autonomy—the collective independence—is the only thing that poses enough of a “threat” to the mainstream status quo, to be effective.

Ultimately however, for that autonomy to be effective, it has to be….real.

You can blame liberals all you want, but doing so is intellectual cowardice. “Statists gonna state.” It’s the nature of the beast. We have LET them achieve their aims. It is only through tribal efforts at the local level that we can reclaim our values. There is no possible agreement between the values of traditional western liberty and the Statist. In rebelling against this, we have to be willing to recognize—and accept at the visceral level rather than the intellectual level—that it is a total war against us.


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ISIS Terrorists Interested in Obama’s Open Border w/Mexico



h/t Matt Bracken

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An Important Analogy to Remember



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Texas for America

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Obama: We’re Just Noticing The World is ‘Messy’ Because of Social Media

The excuses continue to flow from President Obama.

Obama blamed social media and the nightly news for creating the sense that “the world is falling apart” during a Friday evening fundraiser.

The Hill reports:

Acknowledging “the barbarity” of Islamist militants and Russia “reasserting the notion that might means right,” Obama, though, dismissed the notion that he was facing unprecedented challenges.

“The world’s always been messy … we’re just noticing now in part because of social media,” he said, according to a White House pool report.

“If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart,” said Obama.

The president acknowledged that conflicts in the Middle East posed difficulties, “but it’s been challenging for quite a while,” he said.


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UK terror threat level raised to ‘severe’

The UK’s terror threat level has been raised from “substantial” to “severe” in response to conflicts in Iraq and Syria, Home Secretary Theresa May says.

The new alert level rates the risk of an attack on the UK “highly likely”, although Mrs May said there was no evidence to suggest one was “imminent”.

It is the second highest of five possible UK threat levels.

David Cameron promised new legislation would make it easier to take passports from those travelling abroad to fight.

The home secretary already has the power, under the Royal Prerogative, to withhold a passport if it is in the public interest to stop somebody travelling.


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The pResident Needs to Get a Clue

It has been eight months since ISIS took Falujah. And Obama still has no strategy? I am confident that our intelligence and military communities have a strategy. So his declaration that the US has no strategy means he will not approve of a plan in which he may be held accountable. I wonder how much longer our gutted military will be complicit in the destruction of our country? The enemy is at our gates. England knows it. ISIS knows it. And soon, the people of the United States will understand the consequences of a pitiful child holding the office of the Presidency.

David DeGerolamo


ISIS Sends 2nd Beheading “Message In Blood” Video; Warns Kurds “Huge Mistake Joining Hands With America”

Just hours after hours after another video purporting to show the mass execution of up to 250 Syrian soldiers in the desert, The Independent reports ISIS has released a video apparently showing the beheading of a Kurdish man in Iraq as a warning to Kurds fighting the group in the country. The video, entitled “A Message in Blood” ends with the victim beheaded and the fighters warn others will face the same fate should Kurdish leaders choose to continue an alliance with the US.

Image from the latest beheading clip:


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NC Governor McCrory Unveils Operation Rebrand For Common Core

Last weekend, NC Superintendent Atkinson tipped her hand on the rebrand strategy for Common Core in North Carolina. This week on the same program, NCSPIN, Governor Pat McCrory repeated the same statements.

In the initial part of the conversation, McCrory made a weak dodge on testing and should be called out — all major tests are Common Core aligned. Hasn’t his Teach For America Alum and Education Advisor, Eric Guckian, told him that yet?

The NCSPIN host confirmed with Governor McCrory that the Governor has been “a big supporter of Common Core”. McCrory answered, ” I am a supporter of Common Core but I also recognize the testing aspect needs some revision and change.”


h/t frLarousse2


It never ceases to amaze me that people believe that voting will change anything. The people who have enslaved us will never release us. But keep voting those R’s and D’s and someday….

David DeGerolamo

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Bill Whittle: Welcome Home


As a smart man reminded me last week that we cannot revolt against our country for one simple reason. The country is us: WE THE PEOPLE. This simple premise has be stolen from us for one simple reason: WE LET THEM.

Are you tired of paying tribute so that half of the country can “vote” for our slavery? Does anyone believe that our founding fathers would recognize this police state without the rule of law? Got trials? Got rope? Or will we restore the Republic of Bill? Which is really the Republic of the united States.

David DeGerolamo

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California Drought Squeezes Wells

With groundwater levels falling across the Golden State—causing dried-up wells, sinking roadbeds and crumbling infrastructure—the state legislature is considering regulating underground water for the first time.

Californians have long battled over rights to rivers, lakes and other surface-water supplies, but the drought is finally shifting the focus to groundwater, which accounts for about 40% of water used in normal years—and up to 60% in drought years, as other sources dry up.

“Groundwater was kind of out of sight, out of mind,” said Lester Snow, executive director of the California Water Foundation, a nonprofit policy group in Sacramento, and former director of the state Department of Water Resources.


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Ann Barnhardt: The “Gone Concern Buffer”, aka Seizing Your Bank Deposits

This came across the transom a couple of days ago, and has covered it here, but this REALLY needs to be pushed and publicized.  You’ve GOT to get your wealth out of banks – most especially the big ones.  This is truly sinister, and straight from the mouth of the Vice Chairsatan of the Fed, Stanley Fischer, and a speech given on August 11th at “The Great Recession–Moving Ahead,” a Conference Sponsored by the Swedish Ministry of Finance, in Stockholm, Sweden, as posted on the Federal Reserve Bank’s official website.

Additional steps have been taken in some countries. For example, in the United States, capital ratios and liquidity buffers at the largest banks are up considerably, and their reliance on short-term wholesale funding has declined considerably. Work on the use of the resolution mechanisms set out in the Dodd-Frank Act, based on the principle of a single point of entry–though less advanced than the work on capital and liquidity ratios–holds the promise of making it possible to resolve banks in difficulty at no direct cost to the taxpayer.As part of this approach, the United States is preparing a proposal to require systemically important banks to issue bail-inable long-term debt that will enable insolvent banks to recapitalize themselves in resolution without calling on government funding–this cushion is known as a “gone concern” buffer.

“Bailing-in” is what happened in Cyprus last year.  Remember that?


h/t WRSA

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The Road To World War 3: Russia And Ukraine Are Now Engaged In A Shooting War

Russian Tanks - Photo by Yana Amelina

Russian soldiers and Ukrainian soldiers are now shooting at each other in eastern Ukraine.  Could this conflict ultimately lead us down the road to World War 3?  This week, a very robust force of “tanks, artillery and infantry” has opened up a “third front” in the Ukrainian civil war in a part of southeastern Ukraine that had not seen much fighting yet.  Exhausted Ukrainian forces are suddenly being pushed back rapidly and many outsiders are wondering how the nearly defeated rebels were able to muster such impressive military strength all of a sudden.  But it really isn’t much of a mystery.  The tanks, artillery and infantry came from inside Russia.  In recent days, Ukrainian units have captured ten Russian paratroopers and there have even been funerals for Russian paratroopers that have been killed in action back home in Russia.  Even though it has become exceedingly obvious that Russia is now conducting a stealth invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is still choosing to deny it.  But if he did publicly admit it, that would be even more dangerous.  Barack Obama would be forced into a position of either having to do something about the Russian invasion or look weak in the eyes of the public.  And as the Russians have already shown, they are more than willing to match any move that the Obama administration makes.

There has already been much written about who is to blame for all of this, and I am sure that much more will be written about who is to blame in the future.  The western world is blaming “Russian aggression” for the mess in Ukraine.    In return, the Russians point out that it was westerners that funded and organized the groups that violently overthrew the democratically-elected government of Ukraine.  To the Russians, the current government of Ukraine is made up of neo-Nazi terrorist usurpers that are attempting to brutally oppress millions of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.


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The Virtual ACE


by Sam Culper

One great thing about you learning intelligence through the Culper Institute is that we can now start doing practical exercises via the web.  The common denominator of all students is that they’ll all have at least the same basic understanding of the intelligence process. This standardized training and understanding of intelligence means that we can all move forward and start tackling intelligence projects because everyone will be on the same page.

Enter the online Analysis & Control Element (ACE), or the Virtual ACE.  Earlier this year during Poseidon Compass, we did a trial run of the Virtual ACE and identified some things that worked and some that didn’t.  We’ve worked out a few kinks, and I think we’re finally ready to start running live, practical exercises.

That means we’re taking volunteers… Now, we’ve done this sort of thing before, had a lot of volunteers and only a few people committed to stick it out.  So to volunteer, you must be a graduate of IA 101: Introduction to Intelligence Analysis, which is free to complete.  Lesson One is already published, and Lesson Two will be posted shortly.  The future desperately needs intelligence collectors and analysts, so please continue to learn.

All ACE team members will be assigned to a cell and given an objective.  We can discuss these things on the ACE Forum, run through some structured intelligence techniques, and eventually publish a finished intelligence product.  Maybe we can get some Virtual ACE challenge coins minted and sent out for everyone who sees out the product to the end.


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Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon From Missouri Oath Keepers

Ferguson police pointing weapons at man with hands up

This is an Assault on the Bill of Rights

There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. - Marine General Smedley Butler – Two-time recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Governor Nixon:

The events in Ferguson have shown us daily that the looting and violence by a few is not being stopped, while the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition government for redress of grievances is not being respected. The current riot control tactics of the local police, rooted in outmoded techniques developed in the 1950’s – and only made worse by the ongoing militarization of our police – are failing the people of Ferguson, giving them a false choice between rampant looting on the one hand, and hyper-militarized police and curfews on the other (which also fail to stop the looting, leaving the mistaken impression among many of the American people that even moremilitarization and curtailment of free speech and assembly is needed).  Our local boots on the ground, made up of retired police officers, military veterans, and intelligence workers (with critical input from current serving Missouri police officers) have answers that could provide the people of Ferguson the relief they need and deserve while respecting their rights.   It is time to change a losing game.


h/t Moonbranch Botanicals

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ATO Says Over 1000 Russian Troops In Ukraine, “Extremely Worrying… Dire Situation”

According to this report, the rebel forces in Ukraine are flying a variation of the Confederate battle flag.

David DeGerolamo


Hot on the heels of Ukraine’s claims of ‘invasion’ and retraction of said claim, NATO is once again stepping in with strong claims about Russian ‘incursions’:


While NATO statements in the past have caused dramatic weakness in stocks (or been entirely shurgged off), it appears this time markets are taking their concerns more seriously as the officer states Ukraine’s forces are in a “dire situation”.


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Andrew Klavan: How To Speak Leftist and Other Thoughts

Extra Credit:

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Chris Hedges on Overthrowing the Corporate Fascist State


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Early Check Out: The World Gets Crazier and Obama Goes Golfing


And yet, we keep going. Or we get more time to prep and train:

David DeGerolamo

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The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil

by Brandon Smith

Government engineered false-flag terrorism is a historically established fact. For centuries, political and financial elites have been sinking ships, setting buildings on fire, assassinating diplomats, overthrowing elected leaders, and blowing people up, then blaming these disasters on convenient scapegoats so that they can induce fear in the public and transfer more power to themselves. Skeptics might argue whether certain calamities have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be false-flag events, but no one can argue that such tactics have not been used by the establishment in the past. Governments have openly admitted to creating bloody and catalyzing tragedies under false pretenses, like Operation Gladio, a false-flag program in Europe supported by European and American covert agencies which lasted decades, from the 1950′s to the 1990′s.


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Obama Bombs

Seeing the lack of enthusiasm to his “delivery”, I would say to the pResident: don’t quit your day job. Unfortunately this pretender never has had to do real work for a job in his life. And we are suffering the consequences of racist and entitlement voting in what is left of our country.

David DeGerolamo


h/t Roger K

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What If Putin…

Putin does not have to do any physical actions in order to take control of Europe economically. Winter is coming. The German economy is collapsing due to its self-imposed Russian sanctions. What if Putin requires that all energy sold to Europe this winter must be paid in rubles or yuan?

Our petrodollar will collapse along with our economy. Putin wins without firing a shot.

David DeGerolamo


The Nail In The Petrodollar Coffin: Gazprom Begins Accepting Payment For Oil In Ruble, Yuan

More on this long awaited first nail in the petrodollar coffin from RIA:

The Russian government and several of the country’s largest exporters have widely discussed the possibility of accepting payments in rubles for oil exports. Last week, Russia began to ship oil from the Novoportovskoye field to Europe by sea. Two oil tankers are expected to arrive in Europe in September.


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WHO Worker Ebola Infections Mount: Sierra Leone Lab Shut, Senegal Doctor Flown To Hamburg

There is reason to be concerned “about whether the proposed resources would be adequate,” warns a Harvard professor as the World Health Organization ‘battle strategy’ draft calls for more than $430 million to bring the worst Ebola outbreak on record under control. This morning we hear of yet another health worker infected – and being flown home to Hamburg for treatment from Sengal and the WHO has shut a lab in Sierra Leone after health workers became infected. A glimpse at the following 3 charts should have the entire world throwing money at at them…


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Ebola outbreak: Nigeria closes all schools until October

Children at a school in Maiduguri, Nigeria - May 2014

All schools in Nigeria have been ordered to remain shut until 13 October as part of measures to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

The new academic year was due to start on Monday.

But the education minister ordered the closures to allow staff to be trained on how to handle suspected Ebola cases.

Five people have died of Ebola in Nigeria. The West Africa outbreak has centred on Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, killing more than 1,400 people.

It is the largest ever outbreak and has infected an estimated 2,615 people. About half of those infected have died.


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Damascus Friday Sermon: ISIS Was Born from Hillary Clinton’s Filthy Womb; Bashar Will Rule the World

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Obama’s America


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ISIS Holding Young American Woman Hostage in Syria


The Islamic State militant group is holding hostage a young American woman who was doing humanitarian aid work in Syria, a family representative said Tuesday. The 26-year-old woman is the third American known to have been kidnapped by the militant group.

The Islamic State group recently threatened to kill American hostages to avenge the crushing airstrikes in Iraq against militants advancing on Mount Sinjar and the Kurdish capital of Irbil.

The 26-year-old woman was captured last year while working with three humanitarian groups in Syria. A representative for the family and U.S. officials asked that the woman not be identified out of fear for her safety. All spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the issue publicly.


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