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Two Rockets Hit Israel From Syria

Israeli soldiers take up positions on the Israeli-Syrian border, near Quneitra in the Golan Heights, on Jan. 25, 2015.

Two rockets launched from Syria hit Israel on Tuesday, the Israeli military said, prompting a counterattack from Israel amid growing tensions at the northern border.

There were no injuries reported immediately.

The attacks happened just over a week after Iran accused Israel of killing one of its military generals  in a helicopter strike that militant group Hezbollah said killed six of its fighters  as well.

Iran threatened a severe response, but no further attacks have come so far.

The standoff has left Israel’s northern border on an increased state of alert and the Israeli military has sent reinforcements.


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Welcome To The Wreckovery

Moments ago, Caterpillar was added to the great and growing list of bellwether companies that have reported disastrous Q4 earnings misses, when it announced that not only did it wildly miss its EPS estimate of $1.55, reporting only $1.35 in Q4 Adjusted EPS (and $1.23 on a GAAP basis), but worse, slashed its 2015 sales and profit outlook as follows:

We expect world economic growth to only improve modestly in 2015.  The relatively slow growth in the world economy and continued weakness in commodity prices—particularly oil, copper, coal and iron ore—are expected to be negative for our sales.  We expect sales and revenues in 2015 to be about $50 billion.  To provide a better understanding of our expectations for 2015 profit, we are providing our outlook with and without anticipated restructuring costs.  Over the past two years, we have undertaken restructuring activities designed to lower our long-term cost structure.  Additional restructuring actions are anticipated in our outlook for 2015.  In total, we expect the cost of these restructuring actions in 2015 to be about $150 million or about $0.15 per share.  Our profit outlook for 2015 is about $4.60 per share, or $4.75 per share excluding restructuring costs.

And they didn’t even blame the strong dollar. So what was the Street expecting: revenues of $55 billion and EPS of $6.00. Oops, and also the reason why the stock is crashing to the low $80s, down $30 from its recent highs, despite management repurchasing a whopping $4.2 billion in CAT stock in the past year.


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Pelosi: With Hillary Clinton, Democrats can win the House

Rep. Nancy Pelosi says Democrats can recapture control of the House in 2016 by riding Hillary Clinton’s coattails.

“Yes, we can win the House,” the California Democrat said during a sit-down interview in her Capitol office.

“If she runs, she will win the nomination. And if she’s our nominee, she clearly — I mean, the campaign, the joint effort — would be one that could not only take her into office but would [pull Democrats to victory],” Pelosi said.

“There’s opportunity, all kinds of statistics now about if the Democrats have a presidential candidate who … wins by 52 percent — that’s over 20 [House] seats,” Pelosi added. “And so 53 [percent] is a victory [for House Democrats].”



Do you think that even she is starting to believe her own lies? Keep paying tribute so that your government can continue to buy votes to stay in power.

David DeGerolamo

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White House: We Show You How Amnesty Will Help Your State!

The White House is embarking on a public relations pitch to raise awareness about President Obama’s executive amnesty, which the administration claims will provide a boost to the economy and have no negative impact on American workers — a claim which Obama himself has disputed in the past.

To help sell Obama’s unilateral action, which he announced in November, the White House has published a U.S. map which shows how much economic output will increase for each state due to amnesty. The amnesty will provide temporary relief from deportation and legal work status to approximately 5 million illegal immigrants.

The White House is also creating a series of eye-catching flash cards for each U.S. state with the hashtag #ImmigrationAction, which show how each will supposedly benefit from amnesty.

California is the first state the White House is highlighting. Texas is next.


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Navy Seal Blasts ‘Pompous Egomaniac’ Hollywood Liberals for American Sniper Criticism

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Meet the People Who Want Obama to Repeal the Bill of Rights

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Millions of GMO insects could be set loose in Florida Keys

Modified Mosquitoes

Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.

Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood.

“This is essentially using a mosquito as a drug to cure disease,” said Michael Doyle, executive director of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District, which is waiting to hear if the Food and Drug Administration will allow the experiment.


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Radical Leftists Win Election In Greece – Future Of Eurozone In Serious Jeopardy

Euro Sign - Public Domain

Radical leftists have been catapulted to power in Greece, and that means that the European financial crisis has just entered a dangerous new phase.  Syriza, which is actually an acronym for “Coalition of the Radical Left” in Greek, has 36 percent of the total vote with approximately 80 percent of the polling stations reporting.  The current governing party, New Democracy, only has 28 percent of the vote.  Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras is promising to roll back a whole host of austerity measures that were imposed on Greece by the EU, and his primary campaign slogan was “hope is on the way”.  Hmmm – that sounds a bit familiar.  Clearly, the Greek population is fed up with the EU after years of austerity and depression-like conditions.  At this point, the unemployment rate in Greece is sitting at 25.8 percent, and the Greek economy is approximately 25 percent smaller than it was just six years ago.  The people of Greece are desperate for things to get better, and so they have turned to the radical leftists.  Unfortunately, things may be about to get a whole lot worse.

Once they formally have control of the government, Syriza plans to call for a European debt conference during which they plan to demand that the repayment terms of their debts be renegotiated.  But the rest of Europe appears to be highly resistant to any renegotiation – especially Germany.


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Training Barricade

One 4×8 sheet of plywood will make two training barricades. Framing not detailed. Highly recommended for carbine training: positions, stances and equipment evaluation.


From the M16/M4 Handbook

h/t DanMorgan76

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Islam: A Proud Tradition of Terrorism Since the Barbary Pirates

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And Yet, We Still Submit…

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Obama Will Not Attend 70th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will represent the United States at the 70th anniversary ceremony for the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp on Tuesday—rather than President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden—while other countries are slated to send their heads of state.

Tuesday’s ceremony will likely be the last major anniversary where a significant number of survivors of the Nazi camp are present. About 300 are expected to attend, and most of them are in their 90s or older than 100. Nazi authorities killed 1.1 million people at the camp, mostly Jews, which was liberated by the Soviet army in January 1945.



Isn’t this how all Muslims treat the people of Judah?

David DeGerolamo

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Eliminating the Confusion of “Patriot Arguments”

One of the most VITAL aspects in this movement is education, both concerning what is true, and also what is NOT true. There exist today, many “patriot arguments” which often believe they are similar to our counter-revolution movement, but with which we have no relation whatsoever. We must be aware of these numerous arguments. They are a danger to the truth, as they both detract from it, and oftentimes give it a bad name. Many of these arguments seek to benefit the individual, though they are not conducive to resurrecting our lawful state governments.

It is important to understand that the North-Carolina American Republic is IN NO WAY associated with any of the following groups or legal arguments: sovereign citizens, individual sovereignty, straw man, birth certificate, birth certificate creates bond, UCC, missing 13th amendment, incorporation of the district, U.S. is a corporation, George Washington constitutional con job, name in all caps / other naming conventions, fringe on the flag, organic states, RUSA, TRAP (The Restore America Plan), refuse for cause, man on the land, anarchy, jural societies, common law grand jury, right to travel, tax protester / tax honesty movement.

In addition to the list above, there are often additional legal arguments which are not addressed by citizens of the North-Carolina American Republic, not simply for a matter of truth, but because these issues do not affect our state or our citizens. The Reconstruction Acts which we challenge precede many branch issues of law on the timeline, and in fact, lay a foundation for such issues to be perpetrated. The North-Carolina American Republic is therefore ONLY pinpoint focused on a single issue — the alleged overthrow of our de jure states by the Reconstruction Acts of the 39th Congress.

To further expound on the above and allow this information to be easily distributed, we have put together the following quick bullet list and printed materials for education and distribution:


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Even if  the S does not HTF, in our society, if you are out and about, there is a small but real possibility you could be shot (see my last post). If S DOES HTF, the potential for death and disability,  which could lead to death, increases dramatically. Shot folks continue to die with the finest, state of the art trauma care, even if they make it to a level 1 center in that critical first “golden hour”.

Gunshot wounds cause death by a number of mechanisms: first, by direct destruction of a vital organ, most obviously heart and brain (although not every brain shot kills, aka Gabbie Giffords. Location and kinetic energy transfer are key. Had Jared Loughner been loaded with 147gr JHP rather than 115gr FMJ,and  shot her in the midbrain the Congresswoman would have died at the scene.). A 36gr HP 22LR behind the ear is an efficient way to kill; enough energy to penetrate the skull but insufficient to exit, so it ricochets. Think Winchester Brainamatic. A penetrating wound to the chest not only destroys lung tissue for oxygen transfer, but more acutely collapses the lung (pneumothorax) or fills the cavity with blood (hemothorax) preventing lung function or increasing pressure in the chest to the point where venous blood return to the heart is impaired. Bleeding (hemorrage) is the next quickest way to die from a bullet. A gunshot to the vena cava behind the liver or the iliac vein in the pelvis are technically difficult to stop even if you were shot in an operating room. Normal adult human blood volume is about five liters. A 1 cm hole in your portal vein draining to your liver (size of your thumb) with normal cardiac output will have you dead in less than ten minutes. Interestingly, bleeding from veins is more rapidly fatal than arteries as arteries tend to go into spasm after injury and bleed during systole (when the heart pumps ) whereas veins bleed during systole and asystole (both parts of the heart’s cycle).  The final, more painful way to die from a bullet is from sepsis (infection) in the abdomen. A bullet passing through the colon or small bowel, full of bacteria, seeds a previously sterile field with multiple types of bacteria and blood and devitalized tissue, perfect culture media for bacteria in the warm incubator that is your abdominal cavity. Urine or bile spilling into the abdomen causes chemical peritonitis,  or inflammation of the belly, that causes a response similar to infection.


via WRSA and Grid Down Medicine

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Winter Survival Course – Jan. 31/Feb. 1

Guardian556 is teaching a winter survival course in Murphy, NC on Jan. 31/Feb. 1. If you want to attend, please send an email to Alan Kay <>.


Here is a recommended basic list for a lightweight winter pack:

Backpack. Military poncho, shelter sheet, basha, or tarp (big enough to cover your body, but not too big).

Poncho liner, woobie, lightweight fleece blanket or similar.

Grabber all weather blanket, aka casualty blanket (earthtone with grommets around the edges).

Four contractor grade trash bags, ( Home Depot).

Balaclava made of wool or polyprop). One pair of wicking base layer thermals , upper and lower, and one pair of socks in a waterproof bag, (dry bag, macsac, ziplock).

50 feet of 550 cord or tared bank line ( fishing section at Wal Mart).

One pair of gloves fast drying material.

One water filter, Sawyer Mini, ( camping section at Wal Mart $20).

Toilet paper in ziplock bag. One small flashlight or head lamp.

Water bottle, ( I use stainless so I can boil in it).

Fire starting kit, bic lighter, magnesium block,or ferro rod.

Sleep gear (what follows are some that I use):

Military issue modular sleep system / Recon 3 / SOL escape bivy, ( order the od green bivy not the puke orange one).

Some rations, ( I like MRE crackers).

A cutting tool that you are comfortable with; knife, hatchet, machete etc.

NOTE – Bring a note pad and pencil. Come dressed for the weather (layers) . Remember, cotton kills! Also, we will maintain a fire all night and keep extra gear at the ready. You will not be allowed to freeze to death.

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Why Are US Soldiers In Mariupol,Ukraine?

Amid the devastation of yesterday’s Mariupol artillery strikes which killed or wounded dozens, which was promptly blamed by both sides on the “adversary” – and has been proclaimed by both ‘sides’ (more on that later) as more violent than before the truce – an ‘odd’ clip has emerged that appears to provide all the ‘proof’ a US intelligence officer would need to surmise that US military boots are on the ground in Ukraine. As the following clip shows, a Ukrainian journalist approaches what she thinks is a Ukrainian soldier (since he is wearing a Ukrainian military uniform and is carrying an AK) and asked him as they run through the battlezone, “tell me, what happened here?” His response, which requires no translation, speaks for itself.


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Quote for today

“The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered.”

h/t Don

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Banker Suicide “Hit” Parade

1) David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal working at the Dow Jones news room
2) Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG
3) William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank
4) Ryan Henry Crane, age 37, JP Morgan
5) Li Junjie, 33, Hong Kong JP Morgan
6) Gabriel Magee, 39, age JP Morgan employee
7) Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investments
8) Richard Talley, 57, was the founder and CEO of American Title (real estate titles)
9) James Stuart Jr. 70, Former National Bank of Commerce CEO was found dead in Scottsdale, Ariz
10) Jason Alan Salais, 34 year old IT Specialist at JPMorgan since 2008
11) Autumn Radtke, 28, CEO of First Meta, a Singapore-based virtual currency trading platform
12) Eddie Reilly, 47, investment banker, Vertical Group, New York
13) Kenneth Ballando, 28, investment banker, Levy Capital, New york
14) Joseph A. Giampapa, 55, corporate bankruptcy lawyer, JP Morgan Chase
15) Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, voormalig topbestuurder ANB/AMRO, Laren, Nederland
16) Juergen Frick, 48, CEO Bank Frick & Co AG, Liechtenstein
17) Benoît Philippens, 37, directeur BNP Parisbas Fortis Bank, Ans, België.
18) Lydia…, 52, bankier Bred-Banque-Populaire, Parijs
19) Andrew Jarzyk, 27, bankier, PNC Bank, New York
20) Carlos Six, 61, Hoofd Belastingdienst en lid CREDAF, België
21) Jan Winkelhuijzen, 75, Commissaris en Fiscalist (voormalig Deloitte), Nederland.
22) Richard Rockefeller, 66, achterkleinzoon elitebankier John D. Rockefeller, Amerika
23) Mahafarid Amir Khosravi (Amir Mansour Aria), 45, bankeigenaar, zakenman en derivatenhandelaar, Iran
24) Lewis Katz, 76, zakenman, advocaat en insider in de bancaire wereld, Amerika
25) Julian Knott, Directeur Global Operations Center JP Morgan, 45, Amerika
26) Richard Gravino, IT Specialist JP Morgan, 49, Amerika
27) Thomas James Schenkman, Managing Director Global Infrastructure JP Morgan, 42, Amerika
28) Nicholas Valtz, 39, Managing Director Goldman Sachs, New York, Amerika
29) Therese Brouwer, 50, Managing Director ING, Nederland
30) Tod Robert Edward, 51, Vice President M & T Bank, Amerika
31) Thierry Leyne, 48, investeringsbankier en eigenaar Anatevka S.A., Israël
32) Calogero Gambino, 41, Managing Director Deutsche Bank, Amerika
33) Shawn D. Miller, 42, Managing Director Citigroup, New York, Amerika
34) Melissa Millian, 54, Senior Vice President Mass Mutual, Amerika
35) Thieu Leenen, 64, Relatiemanager ABN/AMRO, Eindhoven, Nederland
36) Geert Tack, 52, Private Banker ING, Haaltert, België


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The Spark Ignites?

The war in Ukraine has escalated with the Putin backed “rebels” on the offensive in a major campaign. So why are the media and our “leaders” ignoring this conflict?

David DeGerolamo

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Feinstein Shows How “Lowly Paid Lawmakers Leave Office Filthy Rich”

California Senator Dianne Feinstein, vice chairman of the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, is demonstrating how lowly paid lawmakers leave office filthy rich, according to a newspaper columnist that writes about the senior Democrat’s most recent scandal.

Like many of Feinstein’s past scandals, this one involves her enormous influence as a veteran federal lawmaker translating into big bucks for her husband, real estate mogul and investment banker Richard Blum. The U.S. Postal Service is selling 56 buildings and Blum’s commercial real estate company, CBRE, stands to make about $1 billion in commissions, the news report says. A few years ago CBRE was selected as the sole real estate agent for the huge deal, most likely with the help of his powerful wife.

Here’s a line from the article, which appears in a New York paper this month: “This feat of federal spousal support was ignored by the media after Feinstein’s office said the senator, whose wealth is pegged at $70 million, had nothing to do with the USPS decisions.” It’s not surprising that the mainstream media swallowed the unbelievable denial since Feinstein is the prototype of the liberal politician that seldom receives any real scrutiny. We’ve seen evidence of this in the mainstream media’s ongoing love fest with President Obama.


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Restoring Religious Freedoms in King, NC

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We must stand up for Judeo-Christian culture and values

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Ann Barnhardt: I’ve Been Through the Innerwebz on a Post with No Name

Just to go on record, I am now praying every day that Pope Francis be removed from office, in addition to praying for the salvation of his soul, and I say that here publicly without any qualms or hesitation.  The sheer quantity of damage he is doing to souls is unprecedented and I don’t see how a person who has the least concern for others (charity) can not be desirous of the soonest possible end to this ongoing catastrophe of a papacy.



A pope who is more concerned with global warming than the Lord? Who would have thought it?

David DeGerolamo

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Greece goes to the polls, and Europe holds its breath

Photo: Pinelopi Gerasimou/The Monkey Cage

Greece just completed one of its shortest electoral campaign periods which — for the first time since 1964 — occurred right after the winter holidays. The polarized climate was coupled with the resounding absence of any concrete proposals for a wide array of issues such as pensions, public administration, national security and foreign policy — with the exception of Greece’s relationship with its creditors. Despite the single-issue campaign over Greece’s debt and its relationship with the Troika, the intentions of certain parties remain vague and even obscure. Parties instead invested in manipulating symbols and tapping into voters’ emotional world, including references to Greece’s civil war after World War II. This was expected given the conditions in the economy and the underlying cleavage in dispositions: on the one hand, the disillusionment, anger and need for change; on the other, a preference for stability and fear of the unknown.

The Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) has been consistently leading in the polls. The incumbent New Democracy (ND) appears still hopeful that the undecideds will side with it, but a reversal seems unlikely. To Potami(The River), at the center of the political spectrum, Golden Dawn, at the extreme right; the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK); and the Communist Party of Greece (ΚΚΕ) will all likely make it into the Parliament. Independent Hellenes (ANEL), an anti-memorandum right wing party, and the Movement of Democrat Socialists (KIDISO), founded by the former prime minister George Papandreou and son of PASOK’s founder, are polling close to the 3 percent threshold and may enter the Parliament, as well — though this appears more likely for ANEL. Finally, it is unlikely that Democratic Left-Greens and Popular Orthodox Rally (both junior coalition partners in the pro-memorandum governments from which they later defected from) will make it into the Parliament.



Do not think think that the events happening in Europe will not have an impact here. As the world transfers their money into dollars and precious metals for safety, the price of the dollar on the world market impacts our exports and inflates our stock market. When the petrodollar collapses, you will see 40% of your wealth evaporate over the course of a few days as Europe’s Euro has collapsed.

David DeGerolamo

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Racial Profiling


h/t Jim D

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De-Dollarization Complete: Iran Abandons US Dollar In Foreign Trade

Since last May (and likely long before) when the topic of “de-dollarization” was first uttered in official circles (and not just tin-foil-hat-wearing blogs), the rest of the world (un-isolated as they are) has been warming to the idea that perhaps – just perhaps – it is time to de-dollarize (more or less depending on the despotic region in question). From currency swap agreements to bi-lateral trade agreements to selling US Treasuries and greatly rotating USD reserves into gold, the world’s nations (small and large) appear less and less comfortable holdings dollars in this tempestuous world. Among the supporters of that first “de-dollarization” meeting were China and Iran and while the former continues to work down its exposure, the latter – Iran, according to Tasnim news agency, has almost entirely eliminated USDollars from its reserves and is no longer using dollars in foreign trade.


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Obama will travel to Saudi Arabia for King Abdullah’s funeral

President Obama will forego a visit to the Taj Mahal during his visit to India in order to travel to Saudi Arabia for King Abdullah’s funeral, the White House announced early Saturday morning.

Vice President Biden was initially scheduled to lead the U.S. delegation, but he will instead now remain in Washington and Obama will add the stop onto his return from India, where the president is embarking on a three-day trip to foster economic ties with the nation.

“President Obama and the First Lady will travel to Riyadh on Tuesday, January 27 in order to pay respects to King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the family of the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement.



Will your pResident bow to the new king of Saudi Arabia? It is a shame that Obama will miss the Taj Mahal for this “event”.

David DeGerolamo

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War Is Exploding Anew in Ukraine

Unexpectedly, at the height of the Ukrainian winter, war has exploded anew on a half-dozen battered fronts across eastern Ukraine, accompanied by increasing evidence that Russian troops and Russian equipment have been pouring into the region again.

A shaky cease-fire has all but vanished, with rebel leaders vowing fresh attacks. Civilians are being hit by deadly mortars at bus stops. Tanks are rumbling down snowy roads in rebel-held areas with soldiers in unmarked green uniforms sitting on their turrets, waving at bystanders — a disquieting echo of the “little green men” whose appearance in Crimea opened this stubborn conflict in the spring.

The renewed fighting has dashed any hopes of reinvigorating a cease-fire signed in September and honored more in name than in fact since then. It has also put to rest the notion that Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, would be so staggered by the twin blows of Western sanctions and a collapse in oil prices that he would forsake the separatists in order to foster better relations with the West.


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Your pResident


Sorry for the language. Sometimes reality requires a WTF moment.

David DeGerolamo

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Iran Has Ballistic Missile That Poses Threat to United States

Iran has produced an intercontinental ballistic missile  — an act that poses a threat to the United States due to its expanded range, according to a report.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Iran has a missile measuring 27 meters in length (88.5 feet) on a launch pad just outside its capital city of Tehran. The missile had never before been seen in public, reports the Post.

“The missile and the launch pad indicate that Iran’s ballistic missile program, which is an integral part of its nuclear weapons program, is moving forward at full throttle,” the Post writes.

“The expanded range of Iran’s ballistic missile program as indicated by the satellite imagery makes clear that its nuclear weapons program is not merely a threat to Israel, or to Israel and Europe. It is a direct threat to the United States, as well,” according to the newspaper.

Iran has been steadily improving its ballistic missile capabilities, despite ongoing talks  between the Obama administration and Tehran to keep the country from acquiring nuclear weapons. Tehran insists that its nuclear enrichment program is for domestic use only, and wants sanctions imposed on it by the West lifted. The administration favors the lifting of  sanctions in return for a deal.


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Obama Has Sentenced Whistleblowers to 25 TIMES the Jail Time of All Prior U.S. Presidents COMBINED


The Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined.

This administration has also obtained much longer jail sentences against whistleblowers than previous presidents.

ACLU legislative counsel Gabe Rottman noted last October:

The Obama administration has secured 526 months of prison time for national security leakers, versus only 24 months total jail time for everyone else since the American Revolution.

(So – as of October – Obama had thrown whistleblowers in jail for 22 times longer than all other presidents.)

Today, whistleblower Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months in prison.

So now we’re up to 589 months for whistleblowers. That’s 25 times more time meted out against whistleblowers by Obama than all other presidents combined.


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The Reconnaissance and Surveillance Patrol – Part 1

Our RON (Remain-Over-Night) is hidden well up the mountain in a draw, deep in the tangled nightmare of a laurel thicket, known to the locals as an “Ivy Hell”. The name speaks for itself.

Andy spotted the potential location as the four of us patrolled slowly following the spur northwest, first in a diamond formation then later, as the trees and vegetation thickened, into a Ranger file formation, down from the ridge line of the mountain behind us.

Andy was walking point and, as the compass man, reading the terrain and keeping us on course. Al, the second man in the patrol, was keeping the pace count. Andy noted, as he frequently looked back, that Al was maintaining a good interval far enough back to be just barely visible to Andy.

Passing the large laurel thicket about 500 meters down in the draw he stopped, turned to Al, and made eye contact with him. Andy slowly raised his support hand to shoulder level, palm open, fingers pointed up, and moved them in a tight circular motion, then pointed to the thicket. Rally point.


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Cruz Files Bill to Ban American Islamic State Fighters from Returning to U.S.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) will file legislation on Friday to ban American citizens who fight alongside the Islamic State (IS) and other terror groups from returning to the United States, where they pose a significant terror threat, according to sources in the senator’s office.

Cruz, who first proposed the legislation last year, seeks to strip those Americans who travel abroad to fight with IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS) of their U.S. citizenship rights and stop them from coming back stateside.

The bill, known as the Expatriate Terrorist Act (E.T.A.), tightens and updates existing regulations by which a U.S. citizen effectively renounces his or her citizenship.

Cruz said that he is filing the bill partly in response to President Obama’s Tuesday State of the Union address, which he described as “detached from reality” on the foreign policy front.



So much for due process of law.

David DeGerolamo

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White House Won’t Meet with Netanyahu

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Peshmerga cuts IS Mosul supply line – ministry

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What Does the Future Hold for European Jews?

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Muslim call to prayer blasted out over UCLA

As we know by now, after the powers that be at Duke University decided to allow the Muslim call to prayer to be broadcast from the university chapel, they later changed their mind.

But fighting creeping Sharia requires constant vigilance. It should be noted that this intrusive prayer already blasts over the campus of UCLA – a publically funded institution I might add.

This is an act of Islamic supremacism.

If Muslim students at UCLA can’t figure out how to tell time or keep track of when they need to pray, that’s their problem. The call to prayer is something that is blasted over loudspeakers in Muslim majority countries and Muslim enclaves around Detroit. We’ve already heard enough “Allahu Akbar” for a lifetime.


h/t Roger K

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Life in a Small Town


What do you call someone whose defense in a slander case is to state that Dr. Eichenbaum’s character is in question for associating with me and attending PATCON?

I guess that I have to get in line and file a lawsuit also.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Chris T

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Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World

Former Vice President Al Gore and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon are pushing for $90 trillion in spending to ban cars from every major city in the world and make them more dense.

Gore and Calderon presented a report from the Global Commission on the Economy & Climate (GCEC) and argued that fighting global warming will require making cities more compact and wholly reliant on public transit. This is the only way to make sure urban areas don’t contribute to global warming, the two politicians argued.

Calderon and Gore argued that $90 trillion is going to be spent anyways in the coming decades upgrading cities around the world. They argue that it should be spent on making cities more climate friendly.


h/t Roger K

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Democracy … evil with lipstick

The tyranny of mob rule will never respect the smallest minority – the individual human.


Originally posted on WRSA

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