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RAW VIDEO: Charlotte Police body cam video from Keith Lamont Scott incident

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Deutsche Bank – The 100-MegaTon Bomb Which Will Destroy Europe – With a Little Help from Their Muslim Friends

(Investopedia)  20 September 2016 —  In the aftermath of last week’s announcement of a $14 billion fine levied by the U.S. Department of Justice on Deutsche Bank in connection with the mis-selling of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) during the financial crisis, the bank’s stock price has plunged by about 14%. Deutsche Bank responded by stating, “[It] has no intent to settle these potential civil claims anywhere near the number cited. The graphic below highlights the reality that Deutsche Bank may have to pay triple the amount paid by Goldman Sachs for fraudulent practices bearing on the packaging, securitization, sale and issuance of residential MBS. Having said that, if Deutsche Bank pays the amount of $14 billion, it will still end up paying less than what Bank of America paid.


Is Deutsche Bank Prepared for the Fine?

Given the bank’s market value of about $18 billion, a fine of $14 billion is not a good sign. The bank, which is already battling multiple legal cases, has only around $6 billion in its litigation reserves. Therefore, paying a $14 billion fine would seriously impact the capital structure of the bank. It is important to note that Deutsche Bank has already been struggling in terms of profitability and even reported negative revenue in Q4 2015. According to Bloomberg, “DB has racked up more expenses for litigation and fines since the start of 2008 than any other financial firm.”

And Deutsche will *not* get out of paying that $14Billion fine – because that “debt” is backed by the German gold held at the New York FED.  Which is very likely part of the reason that the NY FED has only released ~90 tons out of the 122+ tons of German gold which they have been holding for decades, which the German government first asked to repatriate from the US 2012 .  In 2013, Germany was only allowed to repatriate 5 tons of gold held in New York, supposedly due to “logistical issues”.  Interestingly enough, in 2013, the Dutch alone repatriated over 122 tons of their gold from the New York facility… so were there really “logistical issues”, or did the FED tell Germany something along the lines of “sure we’ll let you have your gold back after we figure out how much were going to fine you for SEC violations.”

As I observed over 4 years ago  “Deutsche Bank is not just another domino — DB is a Man-Hole cover on the table among the dominoes; when it falls, every other €uro-based entity will be brought down with it — businesses, banks, governments…everything.  The €uro currency, and the Euro-society will evaporate, seemingly overnight. Looking at the bigger picture for a moment – nearly the entire European Banking sector is poised to collapse, even without the 100-megaton detonation which Deutsche Bank’s collapse will cause.  And when the entire economic machine of Euro-land collapses, you can reasonably assume that the shock will cripple US Consumer confidence, at just the same time we will need confidence most — because when Europe falls, all (hungry) eyes will be on us…

On August 1st, 2012, I said that “I believe that we have indeed seen the successful conclusion of the Middle Game between Asia and the West, and the beginning of the End Game has begun, where we see the blockading and destruction of the passed pawn (Iran/Syria?) and the placing of all pieces into active positions (war and martial law).  The definitive mark of End Game prosecution, the win-or-loose moment, is the offensive use of the King (Obama?) and the…frequently sacrificial… use of the Queen (Angela Merkel?) to break the opponent’s defenses…

Europe is going down now – right in front of our eyes.
As I have elsewhere stated, the “banking crisis” and the muslim invasion are not separate issues – they are intimately related. 
In order to prop up Deutsche Bank, the German government will undertake severe “austerity measures” – cutbacks in the “social safety net”  which millions of Germans, and their million+ new muslim “guests”, rely on to keep them fed and housed in comfort.
The Muslims will revolt, inflicting mayhem and murder in the streets of every German city.
This will be the TERMINAL POINT for the German banking sectorthe banks will close all their retail offices, and all but cease servicing their retail customers, and blame it all on “dangerous conditions” caused by the muslims.  Those in positions of power and influence will be taken care of, but all of the bank’s ‘regular customers’ will see their savings confiscated, and accesses to the remaining money in their accounts severely regulated, as it was done in Cyprus.

And fear of the muslim jihadis will prevent most Germans from taking to the streets – as they otherwise most certainly would – to protest against the bank and the German government for taking them down this road to destruction.

The muslims will do for Deutsche Bank and the German government what their own Politzei would never do threaten and abuse the German people with such force and scope as to force them all to cower indoors while they are looted.  The muslims are a free “blocking force” which the German government will use to control the German people.  There is no other plausible explanation.  This is Angela Merkel playing her (sacrificial) position as the ‘queen’ in this game of economic chess.

And if you think that the United States is not slated to meet the same fate, I would urge you to reconsider; although here in the US the “blocking forces” will be a muddled coalition of BlackLiesMatter, LaRaza, Islamic Jihaddis, and whoever else has an urge to murder, loot, and burn crap in the streets.

The financial Day of Reckoning has arrived.

As the Euro-currency collapses, we will see all of the ‘European Progress’ since WW-II erased, and an irresistible surge in ultra-nationalist antagonism between the former “partners” will very quickly arise.  Numerous such nationalist groups and political parties have sprung up in recent years, and are gaining support rapidly, such as England’s “United Kingdom Independence Party” (UKIP), the “Party of Freedom” in the Netherlands, the “National Democratic Party” in Germany, France’s “National Front”, Greece’s “Golden Dawn”, the “True Finns” in Finland, the “Swiss Peoples’ Party”, the “Freedom Party of Austria”, and many others.  Such nationalist parties are against the Euro in principle, even if the EU weren’t destroying their economies.

In America, the same level of conflict will be driven by divisions of class and race, and while the dynamic will be different here in the US than it will be in Europe, the outcome will be the same.  War, destruction, and confusion that will cover the greatest bank-heist of all time.

Because that’s exactly what’s going on here –
The Greatest Bank Heist of All Time. 

The banksters are stealing nearly half the world’s gold – presently stored in the vaults of various “Central Banks”.
  Look at the slow-motion fight over who will get how much of the spoils – it has been going on since 2009, and has been at a fevered pitch since 2012.  Not only is each group willing to wreak havoc and destruction upon the others to increase their portion of the spoils, but they ALL AGREE that a World War is necessary, to cover the theft and destroy the evidence. Permanently.

And when bankers go to war, the world follows…

Any Questions?



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Obama’s Legacy

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Deutsche Bank: Aaaaaaand It’s gone…

As I have been warning for five years, Deutsche Bank is now meeting its fate.

“German government officials are dismayed by the leaking of a U.S. Justice Department demand that Deutsche Bank pay $14 billion to settle claims arising from sales of mortgage-backed securities during the financial crisis.” – Source

As I have repeatedly warned, “Deutsche is the biggest bank in Germany, and Germany is the largest and strongest economy in Europe, so the consequences of any major damage (or cumulative smaller damaging events) to DB would very likely cascade throughout the Euro-Zone, with terminal results.   Also of interest is that, because DB has such a large footprint in the US real-estate markets (both residential and commercial), the terminal results would be felt here in the US without much delay…By this mechanism, any ‘restructuring’ (i.e. Default) of Deutsche Bank would likely trigger another major round of real-estate devaluation all across the US.

“The reality is quite stark: Deutsche will, quite probably, be the trowel by which we unearth the rest of the fraud and mis-valuation in our own (American) real-estate sector… I believe it is only a matter of time before this happens, and see DB as the probable trigger.” As I stated Here.

“At the risk of sounding hackneyed, I present the observation that, “we have seen these things before”.  Both WW-I and WW-II were fomented in periods of economic difficulty, and in both cases, war was preceded by economic aggression where currencies, tariffs, and preferential trade treaties were the first weapons used.  If the Euro-Zone collapses into a frustrated collection of nation-states practicing individual protectionism, then we will most assuredly see war again on the continent within a decade, if not much sooner.”  And, “America, and the rest of the world, are presently at great risk as a result of all this…the precipitous risk of Europe substantially limits our economic maneuverability at present, and; perhaps even worse, the Euro-drama is a powerful distraction across the worlds’ markets, artificially inflating American bonds and US-denominated Equities, resulting in a false sense of security regarding the US’s own sovereign and market risks, which are far larger than all of Europe’s’, combined.”  Here.

I’m not much for saying “I told you so”, but the day of reckoning has arrived. By spring, Europe will be deeply inundated by the twin disasters of a currency collapse and a surging wave of violent jihad, the likes of which Europe has not seen in over 600 years.

And why do I bring up jihad every time I mention Deutsche Bank?  Because the two are intimately linked.  Deutsche Bank is as powerful in Germany as the FED is in the US – and they are fully aware that as the money pinch gets tighter and tighter, all those muslim “refugees” will riot and murder in the streets.  This will be the TERMINAL POINT for the German banking sector – the banks will close all their retail offices, and all but cease servicing their retail customers, and blame it all on “dangerous conditions” caused by the muslims.   Continue reading

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Concerning Obama’s birth certificate:

1. The birth certificate on is a forgery. An analysis in Adobe photoshop or a more detailed analysis is simple:
“The analyses presented below reveal without a doubt that the Long-Form Birth Certificate of Mr. Obama is a fabricated, fake and forged document.
The publication of such a blatantly fake document about something so basic as the birthplace of Mr. Obama, should raise great concern about the suitability of the person who is holding the reins on the most powerful country of the World.”
2. Concerning the initial lawsuit:

Continue reading

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Jason Chaffetz Makes FBI ADMIT That They Covered Up Hillary Clinton’s LIES

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The Appalachian Messenger – September 16, 2016


This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
The Choice, Part Three: One or the Other

Samuel Culper
Ultimate ACE Startup Guide

You Must Be Able to Survive 90 Days

John Meyers
Village Praxis: Controlled Pairs vs. NSR’s

Click here for the September 16, 2016 edition.

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The Appalachian Messenger – September 9, 2016


This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Samuel Culper
SHTF Intelligence – Getting Started – Part Three

T.L. Davis
When Black Lives Don’t Matter

Robert Gore
The Choice, Part Two: The Biggest Challenge

Click here for the September 9, 2016 edition.

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Changing America by changing its people!

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The Appalachian Messenger – September 2, 2016

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

T.L. Davis
Imposing Liberty

Samuel Culper
How To Use The U.S. Energy Mapping System

Robert Gore
The Choice, Part One: The Technology

Click here for the September 2, 2016 edition.

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The Thing That Keeps the FED Up At Night…

20150927credit-divergenceForm Zerohedge – If St. Louis Fed’s James Bullard is the Fed’s hawk who infamously flipped to uberdove several months ago, than Boston Fed’s Eric Rosengren has become his mirror image: a former dove who has become increasingly hawkish, and who is warning that keeping rates low for long is “not without risks.” Yet, in a speech overnight at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Beijing, China titled “Observations on Financial Stability Concerns for Monetary Policymakers“, Rosengren voiced the same concerns about a building asset bubble as Bullard did last Friday just before Yellen’s speech, when he said that “I think we are on the high side of fairly valued, I could see the process getting away from us, maybe tech stocks, maybe others.”

Rosengren started off cautiously with a warning that Fed’s mandated goals – stable prices and maximum sustainable employment – are likely to be achieved relatively soon, and “keeping interest rates low for a long time is not without risks.” As a result, important questions confront monetary policymakers in the United States, including when and how quickly to continue normalizing interest rates.

However, unlike Bullard who focused on tech stocks as indicative of bubbly forthiness, Rosengren noted that in the United States, a potential side effect of very low interest rates has been rapid price appreciation in the commercial real estate sector, adding that if the U.S. economy were to weaken, and underlying occupancy rates and rents became less favorable, a large decline in commercial real estate collateral values could lead to losses for banks. This scenario, while not his prediction, would have downstream effects on credit availability to firms and households.

Rosengren warned that “investors may be engaged in excessive risk-taking” in the commercial property sector, which if coupled with an economic shock would set off events that threaten financial stability.


Continue reading

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A Call to Prayer by Sheriff Christopher


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Poland Says, “NO!” to Muslim Invasion

Germany, France, and the Czech Republic are not far behind, even though the so-called “leaders” of Europe have created the problem in the first place, and the “news media” refuse to report on actions taken by the French, German, Czech, and Polish people to deter muslims from being “re-settled” in their communities. The people of Europe are actively fighting back against the invasion of their homelands by muslims, and they have every right and responsibility to do so, just as they did 500 years ago when the muslim horde was turned back at the gates of Vienna.

May God bless and prosper them in their fight against the muslim horde which threatens to destroy the heart of Western Civilization.

Soon, we will be fighting the same battle to preserve our society, here in America.


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The Appalachian Messenger – August 26, 2016

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Samuel Culper
DHS to Roll Out New Orwellian Intelligence Program

T.L. Davis
There Is A Line

Ann Barnhardt
Toldya: Cattle Futures Market Disintegrating, Delinking From Cash

Click here for the August 26, 2016 edition.

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