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What Democrats Want Our Future to Be

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There Will Come A Time

Do you know what news is? Does that term have a meaning? Today, news is really their propaganda or our propaganda, your choice. Their propaganda overwhelms our propaganda. Our propaganda is subject to terms dictated by them, because it has to go through Goolag at one portal or another. Even Blogspot is owned by Goolag.

This is what passes for news. It is a news story on the slipping support for Kavanaugh with likely Trump supporters claiming that the accusations have changed their minds about Kavanaugh. Personally, I think Kavanaugh is too much of a Bushy, Anthony Kennedy Jr., an unreliable vote and someone who will relish the role of steering society through the Supreme Court. Granted, I could be wrong, that is just my opinion. But, why is this a news story, unless it is propaganda designed to dispirit supporters of the president’s choice for the Supreme Court.

The intent of all of it is to delay the confirmation of anyone Trump might choose until the communists can regain control of the process and demand that Trump name someone the communists will approve. There’s nothing else here. The communist propaganda team is busy doing everything it can to ensure that the communists take over Congress, delay Trump’s policies and protect those who participated in the coup in the DOJ, especially the FBI.


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A Simple Proposal

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One of America’s basic tenets is that someone is innocent until judged guilty by a jury of their peers. Unless the FBI, DOJ, assorted intelligence agencies or the pResident deems you to be an enemy of the state. There is a ongoing coup in the federal government that has been exposed. Most Americans are unaware or simply do not care about this fact. But they will.

A simple proposal: if a charge is brought against an individual which is then proven to be false, the accuser will be held accountable, sent to prison and fined. Let’s start with Robert Mueller when Congress passes this law.

David DeGerolamo

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Watch “Lies of Omission” for Free

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Democrats Call To Defy Trump FISA Order Is An Attempted Coup

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Truth ain’t gonna cut it.

Got Ammo???

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More Deep State Unmasked

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The Sides Are Drawn

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America is Headed Towards a Civil War

The people of a nation must have common ideological, economic, political, and social ideas they agree upon or the nation, the civilization, will eventually die. Civil war is coming to the United States. Division, contention, fear, and silent invasion are being used to “reshape America.” The civil war that will emerge in the United States will not be like the previous one. This war will be for the mind and heart of the United States. It will be for the soul of the United States. What will we do when this occurs and what will be rebuilt.


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Righteous Rage

The Rule of Law is Dead


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FBI, DOJ To Defy Trump Order; Redactions Planned As Top ‘Deep State’ Dems Demand Insubordination

Trump ordered the DOJ to release the text messages of former FBI Director James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, now-fired special agent Peter Strzok, former FBI attorney Lisa Page and twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Also ordered released are specific pages from the FBI’s FISA surveillance warrant application on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, as well as interviews with Ohr.

The DOJ and the FBI are expected to submit proposed redactions to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence – which will prepare a package for Trump to sign off on.

“When the president issues such an order, it triggers a declassification review process that is conducted by various agencies within the intelligence community, in conjunction with the White House counsel, to seek to ensure the safety of America’s national security interests,” a Justice Department spokesman said in a statement. “The department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are already working with the Director of National Intelligence to comply with the president’s order.”

The agencies are likely to cite national security concerns over revealing classified “sources and methods” pertaining to the Russia investigation – which will put them in direct conflict with Trump’s order. Trump, as president, has the power to override the agencies and declassify material on his own.

Trump’s order to release the documents comes after months of requests from GOP lawmakers, while the DOJ has repeatedly denied their requests for more transparency.


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Deep State

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And Her Breath Was Funky

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If Hillary Is Correct …

If Hillary is correct, the firings will drain the swamp. Or at least start. I had hoped that the swamp drain would have been further along than it is now. Instead, the New York Times proudly proclaims the Deep State actors as heroes. This will not end well if it does not end soon.

David DeGerolamo

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Will World War III Be Fought By Robots?

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