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Great Blue Manatee Of Georgia Spotted By Earl

More at WRSA

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Stalin would be Proud

Banana: meet republic.

The Democrats are doing this sort of pissing-in-your-face obvious fraud in plain sight, and they’re not even shy about it.
And no one even looks shocked any more.
And the invertebrate GOP is nowhere to be found.

I have no further words.
Except: Challenge accepted.
It’s on.

You wanted Venezuela.
You’re going to get Yugoslavia.


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The Broken Clocks’ Minute, by Robert Gore

Sometimes the reasons you’re wrong turn out to be the reasons you’re right.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Old Wall Street adage

Anyone who has consistently sounded cautionary or outright bearish notes during the last nine years of relentlessly rising equity markets has been cast aside. Wall Street is bipolar. You’re either right or wrong, and wrong doesn’t buy mansions and Maseratis. Like that broken clock, the so-called permabears have had a couple of minutes when they were right, far outweighed by those 1438 minutes when they were wrong.

Or maybe it’s all a matter of perspective, and it’s the last nine years that amounts to two minutes. In geologic time nine years isn’t even a nanosecond. Perhaps even on time periods scaled to human lifetimes and history, the last nine years will come to be seen as an evanescent flash that came and ignominiously went.

Markets don’t listen to reasons. They’re exercises in crowd psychology and crowds are emotional and capricious. That doesn’t mean that reason is a useless virtue in market analysis, quite the opposite. It’s reason that allows the few who are consistently successful to separate themselves from the crowd and capitalize on its emotion and caprice.


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Another Example of Why Democrats Crave Power Over the People

Image result for nuclear option senate

The nuclear option in the Democratic controlled House of Representative has been redefined.

David DeGerolamo


California Democrat Threatens “Nukes” If Americans Don’t Hand Over Their Guns

The response from Joe Biggs, a combat veteran to new House Democrat Swalwell’s proposed legislation next year to outlaw military-style semi-automatic assault weapons:

So basically @RepSwalwell wants a war. Because that’s what you would get. You’re outta your fucking mind if you think I’ll give up my rights and give the gov all the power.

To which Rep. Swalwell decided to reply – in a not tyrannical-sounding way at all…

And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.”


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America Is Starting to Lose Again

America is tired of election fraud. But not tired enough to fight it. This last election validates an unwelcome truth. People do not want to make America great again: they want to make it Communist. Ignorance of Communist consequences will catch up to them. Ignorance always has a way to ruin a good thing. As does genocide.

David DeGerolamo

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The Moochelle Reaction to Saving America

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Fox News Sells Out

Jim Acosta’s actions at a White House press conference merited his dismissal. A lawsuit filed against the White House for removal of a privilege is frivolous at best. To now have Fox News join the lawsuit in support of CNN is nothing more than supporting the enemy. I do not remember CNN coming to Fox News’ support when they were attacked by Obama.

The lines are drawn and the media’s support of Communism is now without opposition.

David DeGerolamo


Fox News Joins CNN In Lawsuit Against Trump White House

Fox News said it is supporting CNN’s lawsuit to regain White House reporter, Jim Acosta’s, press credentials, and has filed an amicus brief in the case, Bloomberg reports citing an emailed statement from Fox News president Jay Wallace.


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A Worthwhile Investment for Our Children

America's Remedy - It's time to re-establish the states.
Thrive! NCHE Homeschool Conference

America’s Remedy Accepted For 2019 Homeschool Vendor Hall

I’m excited to inform you today that America’s Remedy has been accepted as a vendor in the 2019 NCHE (North Carolina Home Educators) Homeschool Conference. Roughly 7,000 attendees are expected at this conference, and as one of the largest of its kind in the U.S., this event represents a lot for the exposure of the education we bring, and a big step forward for America’s Remedy. Thanks to generous donors, we were able to raise the funds necessary to secure a great booth location with electricity, as well as two vendor workshops where we can present our educational product offerings to attendees.

We Still Need Your Help!

Again, this is a huge leap toward accomplishing one of our long-term goals of making our historical studies available to the next generation and homeschool parents alike. However, we still have work left to do.

We came within $200 of our $1000 fundraising goal for October, but we have big goals for the conference. I’d like to give you a quick rundown. Here are a few of the projects we’re working on:

  • • DVD Restock for our flagship 2-disc DVD set, A Nation Overthrown. View a short clip from this 4-hour, 48 minute video series here.
  • • Companion Workbooks are an expansion we’re working on for the 8-page student quiz currently included in the ROM portion of our DVD set, A Nation Overthrown. We would like to offer this new product as a convenient, printed companion for the DVD set that homeschool parents can utilize in their teaching.
  • • Book Launch – America’s Remedy is in the proofing stage for a new book which details John Ainsworth’s journey of research and discovery. We’re very excited about this publication and would like for it to be available, in print and eBook, by the time of the conference.
  • • Pocket Guides are another new product offering we’re excited about. Read the story of America’s rebirth in dependence on March 2, 1867. Learn the fifteen violations of the Constitution wrought by presidential actions, Civil War, congressional actions, and Reconstruction. Now imagine reading about these topics, and more, with the convenience and share-ability of a pocket guide.
  • • Christian State Constitutions Poster – While this poster displaying excerpts from our antebellum Christian state constitutions has been available at our table and referenced in a number of our presentations, it has never been offered to the general public as a purchasable item. We would like to add this to our product lineup.

For our upcoming expenses we’re looking at about $3000. We’re setting our goals high and we’re excited to see what we can get done. To make this manageable, we’re breaking this goal into three fundraising phases:

December / January – $800

February – $1000

March – $1200

With the conference in May, having our funds by March will give us the time needed to secure our supply orders.

Once again, we ask for your help in order to support this educational work. If you would consider donating $50, $100, or $250 to help us reach our goals, please visit our home page and click the “DONATE” buttonin the right-hand column, just under John’s photo. Or to donate by check or money order, please send an email to me at with your intent, and mail your check or money order to the address below:

Cliff Muncy

PO Box 422

Tobaccoville, NC 27050

If you know of others who might like to be a part in providing this educational opportunity for America’s next generation, please share and forward this email. Sharing will certainly share the load.

Thank you for being such a vital part of this exciting mission, and I look forward to updating you on our progress in the weeks and months ahead.

In Liberty,

Cliff Muncy, Director of Media

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The Truth Behind the Caravan

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Israeli Tanks Prepare Imminent Gaza Offensive After “Green Light” For “Major Retaliation”

Commenting on Monday’s flare-up of rocket fire after a prior Israeli commando raid into Gaza territory to assassinate Hamas leaders, the Jerusalem Post observed that Hamas’ retaliation included “the most amount of rockets ever fired into Israel in 24 hours.”

Various international reports have cited over 300 rockets and mortars fired into Israeli, which began with a sustained barrage of about 100 within the first hour of the launches alone. What’s been dubbed as a “revenge” attack on heels of Monday funeral prayers for slain Hamas commanders killed by Israeli special forces were quickly met with widespread airstrikes on the strip, including on a Hamas television broadcast building, and some 70 targets in total across the strip.

Meanwhile there appears preparations for what could be a major war and full Israeli invasion of Gaza underway as tank units have been observed mustering at entry points into Gaza.


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The Ballot Box Is No Longer an Option


Do you really want to hear about voter fraud in yet another election? The reason this problem persists is simple: Democrats know that Republicans are impotent to counter their fraud. This election was important for another reason. I believe this was the turning point election for Socialism.

What more could President Trump have done for a Republican blowout? The economy is booming. The stock market is booming. The United States is respected around the world. The military is being rebuilt. Unemployment is low for all groups and there are a record number of job openings as manufacturing is being reborn. I realize that some of this is smoke and mirrors but people are not voting for opportunity; they are voting for government welfare and workfare. And they are voting for power.

Our options are limited now to the cartridge box.

David DeGerolamo

h/t WRSA for the image

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I’m Here, At This Point

I don’t want to divide up the country.  I don’t want to occupy New York City or San Francisco.  I just want to take the minority of outraged Radicals and build a monument to freedom with their skulls.

You might want to Read This…

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