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NAACP pushes Gov. McCrory to reverse course on Medicaid and unemployment

The so-called “Moral Monday” movement is back. The NAACP and other protesters made a fresh push Tuesday for Governor Pat McCrory and Republican lawmakers to reverse their decision to block Medicaid expansion and cut unemployment benefits. Despite the new demands, … Continue reading

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Barber: “We’ve Got to Repeal Stand Your Ground in North Carolina”

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Rule of Law or Rule of Man?

America has reached a crossroads: are we a nation of laws or not? Obama has assumed dictatorial powers by unilaterally declaring health care legislation will be postponed by one year. Without any legal backing by the legislative branch. George Zimmerman … Continue reading

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Police: 120 arrested in largest Moral Monday protest yet

State Capitol Police said 120 people were arrested Monday following the largest NAACP-led demonstration yet against the policies of the Republican-controlled North Carolina legislature. The eighth week of what the civil rights group calls “Moral Mondays” brought the number of … Continue reading

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More than 80 arrested at NC NAACP demonstrations

North Carolina Republicans are pushing back harder against weekly protests as another group of demonstrators aligned with the state NAACP face police charges. Many in the group of 84 people arrested Monday at the state legislature were clergy who say … Continue reading

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‘Moral Monday’ protests just the price of government

Over the four weeks of “Moral Monday” protests at the North Carolina state legislative building this spring, 153 people have been arrested. Five others were arrested during a May Day protest. The arrests have all started much the same way, … Continue reading

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NAACP protest at legislature ends in arrests

More… h/t Randy D

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Whose State Constitution?

The North Carolina State Constitution is illegal. I know it, the state government knows it and the NAACP knows it. Tyranny wrapped in democracy has taken away our Liberty. David DeGerolamo

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Voter ID Attacks Begin in North Carolina

The usual suspects are organizing their efforts to stop voter ID legislation. It appears that there are three sides to this issue: 1. People who oppose any efforts to validate one vote per person. These people want to use voter … Continue reading

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This Is How America Will Lose

I received the following email today from a “Tea Party” leader in North Carolina. I did not edit the misspelled words or content.  Please read my thoughts after this request: The NAACP is making this election a completely racist endevor.   If … Continue reading

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Highlights From the SEIU Bus Tour



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The Jasmine Revolution Comes to North Carolina


The following videos outline the first wave of the Jasmine Revolution in North Carolina. Most people do not realize that SEANC  is controlled by SEIU. Forty-two percent of the state’s 130,000 union members are represented by SEANC. Although I never … Continue reading

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Looking for a Cause

The February 21st SEIU bus tour supporting labor unions in Wisconsin brought out an interesting point at the Raleigh site. Like most organizations with no set purpose or leadership, the speakers needed a cause to justify their continued existence. They … Continue reading

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Workers’ Rights Are Human Rights


What a productive way to spend a day by standing right in front of a crowd of people chanting “Workers’ Rights Are Human Rights”. However, this enlightening experience continued as the speaker in the following video explained why North Carolina must satisfy … Continue reading

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Rev. Barber Outlines the People’s Budget


The Rev. Barber headlined the SEIU bus tour supporting the Wisconsin unions in Raleigh on February 21st, 2011. You can hear the counter protesters in the background of his speech voicing their opposition to an assault on our freedom. His … Continue reading

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